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BPZMania III Match Card Predictions

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Now we are still a month away from BPZMania III, however, many people are already getting their storylines and plans in order for the biggest show in BPZ's calendar. So far there is one confirmed match for this show and that is  the main event of BPZMania III, and that is Slim vs Smith (c) for the BPZ World Heavyweight Championship. I don't see anyone taking either mans spot in this match, and I'm happy for that because this match seems incredible by name alone. One of the best and biggest names on the forums today versus one of the greatest of all time. My mouth is almost watering at the thought of this match write up, no matter who wins, it's going to be phenomenal. This match would also make HISTORY as Slim would be the first man to main event BPZMania not only twice, but two years in a row.

What are some matches that you think will take place at this years BPZMania? And what are some matches that you would like to see and or take part in this year?


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Just gonna be honest... this one doesn't feel like something big is going to happen.

Slim will probably beat Smith, Slim will probably retain IC, Ross will probably win mitb. It is very predictable

The only thing that would make this PPV big, is if we get some big money match like Flynn vs Summer II or maybe Necce and FD vs a team with big names that can make a good feud with necce and fd,

the only other way I can see BPZ Mania 3 being big, is if Brenden has a 1v1 match, which... will never happen.

But I'm super hyped for Mayhem though, that PPV looks good.

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11 hours ago, Necce said:

What at thoughtful and relevant statement that adds so much to this conversation and thread.

Thanks, fueling spectulation

Bold predictions: 

George vs Josh will happen on the preshow because no one cares about it anymore.

The finals of the Tag Tournament will be Slim and Flynn vs Hollow and Kazma.

Slim will challenge for the Universal Title instead of World, sending the forums into a state of shock and craze as all the mods get pissed off he has loopholed the rules, and Bailey will try to block the move but will be unsuccessful

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BPZMania 3 Card (My prediction)

World Championship:

Smith(c) vs Slim (confirmed)

Universal Championship:

Flynn(c) vs Necce (confirmed)

Premium Championship:

Brad(c) vs Hollow vs Storm vs Summer

Intercontinental Championship:

FDS(c) vs Ross vs Josh vs Prince 

Money In The Bank:

Brad vs Bailey vs FDS vs Razor 

Tag Team Championship Match:

Slim and ? Vs Flynn and Ross vs FDS and Jon

US Championship: 

Bart(c) vs Akki vs George

NXT Championship:

Julius(c) vs Storm vs Red Arrow 

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 BPZMania III Predictions: 

BPZ World Championship: Smith (c) vs Slim (Main Event)

Carnage Universal Championship: Flynn (c) vs Necce (Co-Main Event)

Money in the Bank: Brad vs Jonathan vs FDS vs Hollow vs Andrew Richards

Intercontinental Championship: FDS vs JoshsNow vs Prince

Tag Team Championship Match: Slim & Nate vs FDS & Jonathan

Bailey14 vs Echo Wilson

BPZ United States Championship: Bart vs ?

BPZ Premium Championship: Brad vs Hollow vs Storm

Evolve Global Championship: Slim vs Bart

NXT Championship: Julius01 vs Storm

Winners in italics and underlined

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Tag Team Championship Match: Slim & Nate vs FDS & Jonathan

Bailey14 vs Echo Wilson

BPZ United States ChampionshipBart vs Echo Wilson

BPZ Premium Championship: Brad vs BiC vs Storm vs Echo Wilson

Evolve Global Championship: Slim vs Bart

NXT Championship: Julius01 vs Storm

World Championship: Slim vs Smith


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World: Julius vs. BiC [MITB Cash in, Nate v Julius]

IC: Ross vs. Red Arrow

US: Bart vs. Storm

Debut of the Divas Tittie... i mean title: Sheridan vs. Keeley

Tag: Slim & Flynn vs. Kane & Akki vs. The Commonwealth vs. The Beacon of Dope

NXT: Flynn vs. Brad

Debut of the shitty title: Brenden vs. Bailey [Blowjob finish]

Global + MITB: Slim vs. Smith vs. Nate 

Universal: Flynn vs. no one

[in other words:::: NXT takes over BPZMania III]

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my predictions: 

World Title: Smith vs Slim 

Universal Title: Flynn vs Necce

Global Title: Slim vs Bart

Money in the Bank: FDS vs Brad vs Bashka vs Flynn

IC Title: FDS vs Josh vs Ross vs Prince 

US Title: Bart vs Echo Wilson vs George vs Akki 

Premium Title: Brad vs Storm vs Bic 

Tag Team Championships: Slim and Nate vs FDS and Jon 

NXT title: Julius vs RedArrow vs Storm vs Marker

Bailey14 vs Echo Wilson



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