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Bpz Academy

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Bpz Academy

I am your host Micheal Rooney and i am here tonight to let you know all the news and  updates of all that is happening all around the world in Bpz kayfabe, Personal, Diaries , Graphics and so much more. My guest tonight is one of the contenstants for Evolves triple threat match for the #1 contendership for Evolve's Global Championship. 

John: Welcome Arrow what does it feel like being on top of the mountain right now in Evolve.

Red Arrow: It feels so overwhelming, I have worked day in and day out to get to where i am today and no one will stop me at The  Last stand. 

John: What about youre two opponents Bart and Akki they are very tough do you think you can overcome this challenge.

 Red Arrow: They are nothing but what i have overcome my whole career in Bpz, obstacles and i will reign supreme and will become the #1 contender for the Global Championship.

John: Well Arrow that is all we have time for until next time peace out.

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I am your host of Bpz Academy Micheal Rooney and i am here with another episode of BPZ Academy and my guest this week is George.

Bobby: Welcome to the show what is your strategy heading into your U.S. Title defense against Akki and Bart at SDVM.

George: Look i dont need a strategy, I have beat Akki before, and i am better than Bart. So, so,so why would i even need a strategy. All i need to do is do what I do best, and be the best pro wrestler BPZ has ever seen. I carry Carnage week in and week out. I am the reason for the viewers Carnage receives. So when i walk into St. Valentines Day Massacre, with the fans booing me, and I walk out with the United States Championship over my shoulder. Then remember this moment, where I told the world , I didnt need a strategy then I went out and proved it. 

Micheal: If you win the title who do you want ur next opponent to be?

George: When I win. I dont care. Anyone can try and step up against me.Bart can try and lose again, same goes for Akki. Maybe Ark will realize he has no business being the Global Champion, and when he loses against Slim he will be knocked back down to planet earth. Or maybe, we will see Echo Wilson. The man who cost me my place in the tag team invitational. Anyone can step up, but we all know the outcome, they will just be knocked right back down to the ground.

Micheal: What are your goals in the future?

Good the future, finally a reporter who knows what to talk about. All i hear is in the past this, in the past that. But the future. What a wonderful place, right. The Commonwealth with the Tag Team Championships, me as United States Champion, so much glee and bliss about it. So, what are my goals in the future. All i wanna do is keep on doing what i am doing and that is being the best wrestler BPZ has seen.

Micheal: Thank you for your time George.

George: No problem.

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Welcome back to Bpz Academy I am your host Micheal Rooney and my guest today is the #1 contender for Flynn's Universal championship.

Micheal- What is your strategy for your Universal Championship against Flynn?

Brad- Out smart Flynn? You see that's where many go wrong. He uses his words to twist there minds and go "maybe i cant". Me? I know I can. This goes around, Flynn got lazy, uncaring, and he tries to so quickly to go for the kill on me by saying what others have, but he failed. I will out smart Flynn at Saint Valentines Day Massacre and win my Universal Championship to be the first guy to hold both brand titles.

Micheal- If you win, who would you want your challenger to be?

Brad- My first challenger? Anybody who steps up first.

Micheal-  Whats your Mania dream match?

Brad- Uh, good question finally. Only took you three tries you stupid idiot! Anyway, my dream match is Tamer vs Brad vs Necce vs Jonathan in a fatal four way match. No titles, just a hard hitting match.

Micheal- Last question, if Flynn wins how will you rebound?

Brad- He wont win. But if he does, than ill do what I do, earn my chance again. But you gone and pissed me off and you know what happens when you piss me off? Do you? You know what happens? You just made the wall! (Brad takes a picture and walks off yelling idiot!

Next weeks guest Echo Wilson

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Micheal- What is your strategy against Julius and Red Arrow at SVDM?

The Marker- My strategy is breaking the legs and arms, vital parts of the body, they will need for a wrestling match nd in taking them out of the match.

Michael- If you win who's next?

The Marker- I'm not focused on that, I'm more focused on here and now and that is the Nxt Championship.

Michael- That's good, but in the future very soon BpzMania 3 will come what would your dream match be?

The Marker- Nate would be a cool opponent, but right now I would like to face Bart. 

Michael- Until next time this has been Bpz Academy next time the guest will be Prince

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