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"A Sit Down"

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The Carnage crowd greets the Universal Champion with a parade of boo’s. He steps out, white suit on as well as the Crimson Championship firmly around his waist, no smile, simply a look of disdain toward Brad who stands center in the ring. He begin marching to the ring, looking like he means all business tonight. 


He would roll straight into the ring before getting right in Brad’s face, neither man showing any forgiveness from past disputes. Flynn would walk past Brad before climbing up the the top turnbuckle and throwing the Universal Championship high above his head. Finally he’d request a microphone before beginning to speak. 

You really are an idiot. Because despite all these battles, despite everything we have put each other through, you really don’t know me at all. You look at me as your ultimate enemy, a man who has been handed everything that YOU deserved. Here’s the thing buddy, I’ve earned every damn thing I’ve gotten to this day. You? You’ve earned everything you have received. Every win and every loss. However not even this truly shows just how ignorant you are. 

I am a man who grew up never knowing who his parents were. A man who was raised by Richard Jackson in his personal fighting dojo where from day one I was specifically designed to fight. However for some reason Brad you are so god damn stupid, that you see me even as a pampered child just as much as you see me as a pampered champion. Brad you haven’t learned, in fact you’ve only slipped deeper into the delusion of who I am. I’m the very best. It’s not luck, it’s fact and by now you should know this. 

You don’t beat a man ten times in a row by just luck. You don’t have a three-Hundred and Three day title reign, simply ONE WEEK away from becoming the LONGEST REIGNING CHAMPION IN BPZ HISTORY, BY LUCK. From day one it was about the pay check Brad. I don’t work for free, I’m the god damn best in the world. And you try to paint this picture that over time I’ve changed into this evil man, however I’ve always been this man Brad. And you, you have always been the man who every time we face off, you paint this narrative that you are the knight in shining armor ready to conquer me, the evil king. However every time I have to show you that you are nothing more then a delusional idiot. And idiot with an ugly ass wife at home, and two little retards running around wishing that anyone else was their father. 

And let us not forget how this relationship started Brad. You were the man who found himself in the Authority upon my arrival ready to be groomed as the next big thing. However some random kid from the streets showed up, kicked your ass a few times and sent you straight to the gutter. You’ve never liked me. From day one you’ve been jealous of my success. You never respected me, you envied me. I became everything you were suppose to be. However I did so by simply being better, but you don’t see to understand this.

And it seems now Brad, I’m going to get the oppertunity to yet again teach you a few lessons of the food pyramid. A pyramid where “The King of Carnage” rests firmly on top, and the rest of that pathetic locker room wallows at the beneath me however at the very bottom Brad, taking their own place as they prey to everyone is you. Because you Brad, are the worst super star in BPZ history. That’s not a joke, it’s a fact. You ducking suck. Your whore wife is ashamed to be married to you, and your little retards want me to be their dad, which maybe even I’m done with you for an eleventh time, I will atleast get to be their grandfather, because I’m going to make you my boy. 

So Brad you wanted to talk, and now I’ll fully allow you to say to me I’m person what you want to say. However I promise if if don’t like it, I will gladly bring the Massacre one week early. 

Flynn lowers his microphone, the fans in complete shock following Flynn’s verbal run down of his challenger.


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Brad has the most baffled look on his face before he holds onto his chest and sits back a bit, pretending to be taken back by his arch rivals words.

"Flynn, I'm so...... not surprised by all that. Because you, like every other mam who faced me in the past two years cannot come up with something the last guy had said. Me, I can come say everything new about the guy before me, but unoriginality from all of you wins this battle. But you know what, I'll play your game. "Oh Mr. Flynn. You hurt me. You win. Good game. God almighty everyone from Slim, Nate, Ark, and so on, go show why he deserves his ass to be kissed!" Oh bite me you fuck. You see I've dealt with a lot, but your shit is one I'm done with. And you were raised by Richard? In a home right? My home was a FUCKING CARDBOARD BOX YOU IGNORANT SHIT! I was homeless while you had a bed you sack of burning dog shit! And news flash, my parents died too. So you using that on me is you trying to gain pity from my pity. 

Yes Flynn. I'm full of self pit. Why deny what's known? But even though, I do teach my kids not to.... and speaking of my kids." Brad scoots up in his chair and gets in the face of Flynn. "If you call my wife ugly and my kids retarded again... you won't make it to Saint Valentines Day Massacre... period. Because you will be put six feet deep at my hands. That's a promise. There are two rules that us men go by. One: You don't "duck". Brad rolls his eyes. "You never fuck with a man's girl. And second, you don't fuck with a man's kids. Because that's when I will say screw the job, jump out of this chair, and Choke you like Richard did for all those years, and no, unlike him, you won't be calling me daddy then as you gasp for breath. Think I won't? Then come test me bitch. 

And you're right. I was suppose to be where you were. I was suppose to be a former World champion. But you beating me didn't cause this Flynn. It was me infact. You remember, I had a memorable attitude backstage, you know first hand about it Flynn. I wasn't the nicest guy on the roster, I was the man y'all wantef fired. My attitude lead to many things. Almost being terminated, not getting a contract, losing every single friend I had, and worse." Brad undoes his wrist tape and tosses the tape to the ground. He lifts his arm up. Camera zooms in and sees scars on his wrists. "My actions. My choices. My environment. The things I've done, the things I've put people through, you can never understand and you never will Flynn. I've been honored to live this long, you don't understand that. That Wall Of Dumbasses? It's for ignorant fucks like you. I act how I am because of you guys. And no, I am a loser, and that's fine. Because I rather go home knowing I tried then going home taking what's not mine Flynn. And my life, even on you, I don't wish my life I had on anyone. But the best part is, is I can take it down on you. And that's what I'm going to do Flynn."  

Brad lowers his mic and the have a stare down as the crowd starts chanting "Fight!" over and over again as Brad looks at them and smriks. He looks back at Flynn and pats his cheek.

"Little man, at Saint Valentines Day Massacre, you will make the wall, after I break your back and make you humble you cunt, and it'll be..... Glorious. And if you swing, make it count. Because if you don't, you won't make it to Massacre, ya dig?"

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Flynn ponders everything Brad ha stated before finally raising the microphone to his mouth. He looks to speak, however quickly haunts, before swiftly kicking Brad where the sun does not shine. 


Brad falls to his knees where Flynn using his foot shoved him to the mat. Flynn would stomp his boot over Brads skull before kneeling down, now screaming at his challenger. 

Let’s get this straight and stop waisting everyone’s fucking time. You are awful. No good, a loser, we know this. I’m unbeatable, the KING OF THIS PLACE. So you think, after nearly a year on top, a year of beating everyone that stood in this ring with me for this title, I’m going to just allow you of all people to take it from me. Brad you aren’t even considered my rival, but more of a pest to me. 

Let me also stress this, I don’t give a fuck about your backstory, in fact I don’t give a fuck about you what’s so ever. You want something the last guy never said Brad? The truth, allow me to give it to you. You are your own worse enemy. You screw yourself over by consistently making the same mistakes and consistently choosing rather then by accepting your own mediocrity and working to get better, you believe you are at the height of your game, the best in this business when you aren’t. You don’t get better in fact Brad as the years have gone on, somehow you have gotten worse. Despicable. 

So Brad, I swung and damn did I make it count. Consider that little cheap shot payback for your own at the Rumble. However this, this is something I want you to carry into the Massacre you will soon receive.

Flynn would quickly stomp on Brads skull several times before lifting him up by his throat. He’d scream several insultes into the face of Brad before finally putting him down with one fatal FKO.


Flynn would place his boot over Brad before lifting his Universal Championship high above his head, ready and poised for yet another Universal Championship defense.


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