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Last Stand Press Conferences

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Guest Smith

Smith watches, being held back by security, as his former tag team partner strolls off the stage. After Ross has left the sight of everyone, the security guards let go of Smith who looks down to where he was previously sat. Still somewhat agitated, he collects both his championships off of the table and walks to the front of the stage. He looks across the reporters and then simply sits down with his legs hanging off the stage. He begins to speak, ignoring the questions thrown at him by the reporters.

Figments of my past shall forever haunt me but it's the light of the future that I depend on. Believing in hard work, believing in integrity, believing in determination and most importantly, believing in myself is what got me to where I am today.

FDS. It's time you stop bullshitting and face reality. You've been stuck chasing the Intercontinental Championship for years. You're playing games that I was three years ago. It's about time for you to realize what you need to do to take it to the next level. Spinning from an affluent nob to a psychotic nob will only give you momentum for so long.

I respect you as a wrestler, as a person and an opponent. However, tomorrow, when we're stood face-to-face, you're right. I'm not going to see you as the person who once saw me as the rising star of this company. I will see you as the man I want to push me to my limits. I've seen you in stipulation matches before and when most would become afraid, I became inspired. That's why I challenged you to a deathmatch, that's why I want you to beat the living hell out of me, because if you didn't notice by now, when my back's pinned against the wall, and it looks like all is said and done, that's when I rise, that's when I perform at my best.

Tomorrow, I plan on showcasing the boundaries that I'll push, I plan on illustrating the extremities I can reach, I plan on exhibiting who the fuck I am.

Smith looks as though he's finished but then looks down at his arm that is wrapped in a sling once again due to FDS.

Even if I have to do it with a broken arm.

Smith edges himself off of the stage, landing on his feet. He then walks out through the crowd with his head bowed and doesn't look back once.

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Prince walks up onto the main stage as it is his turn to be questioned by the reporters, he glances at them all and nods before sitting down and wiping some fluff off of his suit. He inspects the glass he is about to drink from and shakes his head before taking a sip before beginning to take questions regarding his match with Sameer.

Reporter #1: What was your reasoning to call Sameer out for Last Stand out of everyone else on the Evolve roster?

 Sameer had been lingering on my mind for a long time now, we both came into this company around the same time and yet we both are at very different positions within our career - where he is seen to be more successful than I.

Looking at the belts and accomplishments, sure you can say that. I know that as an individual competitor I am MUCH better than Sameer and I've just waited for the day I was able to prove it. I felt this was the appropriate time as I want as much momentum as possible heading into BPZ Mania and I know I can get the job done against him and end this comparison between us.

Reporter #2: You mention there about BPZ Mania, so how are you hoping to be involved this year?

Ultimately my goal is to be involved in the Intercontinental Championship bout, wherever that is as the champion or as the competitor. The tag team championship is something else that I'd be looking to challenge for along with Bart. Basically, you can say that I'm very ambitious as to what I want achieve this year having never truly had a BPZ Mania moment but that's going to change...mark my words.

Reporter #3: Some would you're using Sameer as a scapegoat for problems and lack of opportunities that are down to your own doing, your response to this?

Prince looks at the reporter with an intense glare, before smirking slightly and clearing his throat. He breaks contact by looking down for a second and clears his throat before proceeding.

Ha. Well...what I would say to that is, and this is putting it lightly for those kids in the Slim shirts who have snuck in at the back , those people don't know what they're talking about. I don't see what I myself as someone with "problems" because I don't have numerous title reigns. I am a firm believer that good things come to those who wait, I've waited and waited and looking at me these past months you understand that they have been beginning to add up.

I've become one of the most consistent assets here on Evolve, working the opener all the way to the main event. Wherever you put me, I strive to not just play my part but steal the damn show...I don't cry and moan over my position I just learn to deal with what is given to me and make the most out of it which a lot of people in this building tonight will never understand. All that Sameer is to me is just another of those ignorant fools, I could of called out what...half the roster over the same reason? No, I chose him. He and those "people" shouldn't see me as using him as a scapegoat, they should be privileged that I kept some relevancy on his name.

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