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Nearly a year ago now, when I came back here I was excited. I have been gone since October 2016 and I thought it was a fresh start for me. It was like I was a new member again. Slim and Prince both asked me to come back so I did and I thank them for doing that.Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to have had the great experiences I have had here on the forums since then. Which for the most part have been great. From August 2017 to mid December 2017 I was really enjoying being a part of the forums. Sure I was nowhere near as good as other people were. In fact I was probably the worst person on the whole forums. But I was having fun. Discord was funny, everything was enjoyable. Then going into 2018 something changed. I wasn't enjoying being here, I was starting to feel more depressed everyday, I have problems outside of the forums I was trying to escape from by going to the forums where I would get taken the piss out of. Not just that though, I was starting to feel singled out. Mods were reprimanding me on my behaviour in chat but when someone else did the exact same thing some of them wouldn't care. This was all at the same time of more stuff outside of the forums in my life being complicated. Everyday I would feel more and more depressed, people would try and help but they had now clue how it felt. You can't just say oh talk to me whenever you want to. Because if I really did tell anyone how I actually felt inside, you wouldn't care. If you now take in mind everything I have just said, I think it wouldn't be a big shock to most of you to when I say that I am leaving the forums. But quickly before I go I want to thank some people.

Akki. Akki was probably my best friend on the forums. He was one of 3 or 4 guys who could actually make me laugh. Although we had our ups and downs as friends, with times where we would be at each other's throats constantly, and times where we would go around raiding random discord servers. But no matter what was happening, whenever I would see Akki in chat he would always make me laugh. Whether it was him not knowing what a t-shirt is, or his dog that always used to bark whenever Sameer spoke in chat. But there is also one or two last things I want to say about Akki. For me Akki was one of the most mature people on the forums. When he made jokes he always seemed to know the right time to stop. All that isn’t the only reason I want to thank Akki or all the things I want to thank him for. Another thing I want to thank him for is for rap. Akki showed me a way I could subtly let my feelings out to everyone. I had saw his songs ‘NWH’ and ‘Like A’ and I thought I could do it myself, so I did. But I guess I am cursed here or something as event that turned into a way for me to take digs at other members of the forums and for other members of the forums to take digs at me. Overall though, thanks Akki.

The next people I want to thank are the Commonwealth. This might be a bit nostalgic for those who are reading this further on in the future and just remembering this group now. But Ropati and Yelich, they helped me a lot. Not only did they make me not leave the forums in late December, they helped me improve the quality of my posts greatly, and the quality of my kayfabe. Good luck to you guys in the future, hopefully you can get a win for the Commonwealth and thanks.

Next up I wanna thank Josh. Before I joined the Josh-Tourage with Josh I was seen as a guy who was going to win a title in a dead division. If you compare that to when the Josh-Tourage split up, I was the second longest reigning NXT Champ in history, had almost won the Tag Team Championships twice and was set for a big feud. I feel like as well as the Commonwealth. Josh gave me the confidence to post the amount of times that I was. He helped me be able to keep 4 or 5 diaries updated. Not just that though he also helped me have the best night of my career. Me and Josh was the hottest feud going into Night Of Legends, where not only did I manage to beat him, the Commonwealth was born. Sorry for bailing on the rest of our feud going into mania, but thanks Josh.

Now I am going to speed the pace of this up a bit. I wanna thank Nate and Smith now. I feel as if they kinda knew what sort of mood I was in all the time, whether it was Nate being lenient to me in chat when he could tell I was pissed off. Or both of them messing around with me on PS. Thanks to you both. And also R.I.P. Donkey.

Ark now. Although it might not seem like me and Ark were friends, I counted us as friends. He allowed me to do BPZ Whatculture which was what I probably enjoyed doing the most. So on behalf of Jimmy The Jabroni, thanks.

Brad and BiC now. I am putting these guys together as they both kind of did the same thing for me. They both were always open to me and funny at times. Whether it was me and BiC’s legendary Gucci Gang discord DM (Where we posted Gucci Gang 500,000 times) or Brad managing to always come into chat at the right time to be able to just put “O”. Thanks guys.

Now I wanna thank the man of many names, Kazma, Poidust, Poinight, Enlightenment. Whatever you wanna call him. Poi was a good friend for me. We did used to talk in DM a lot. It was mainly him opening up to me about his problems and me doing the same. He made me realise that there are much worse things that can happen to me in my life. So for that thanks Poi.

Last person I wanna thank is Brenden. The creator. Thanks for making the forums an enjoyable place for people, whilst it didn’t end great for me I can tell why people enjoy their time here. Thanks.

Overall, I don’t know if I will come back here one day. I don’t know if I will ever talk to any of you guys again. I might come into chat every now and then just to say hello and see how people are doing. But I don’t know if I will be posting again here in the future, not ruling it out. Just not sure. George AK out.


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George know i havent been here long but you were the first guy that came to me when i was gonna leave and even the first day telling me what to do and how to work if you have to go i respect that but if you can just please stay i will miss you so much bro

Your my number one mate on my top 10 

Please stay in touch ,wag1



your friend, Storm

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George, you were one of the first people I met when I came back about the same time you did. You helped me so much man, I’ll never tell you how grateful for you to listen to me in the time we’ve known eachother. The only thing I regret is that I wasn’t able to ever have a match with you. But anyway, your a great dude and even off I’m not your best friend, you’ll always be mine. I’ll miss you so much man. 

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