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“The Hive”


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The Cosmic Castle remains in tatters as we enter. Inside the living room, we see that Kazma is watching a laptop, and on it are the videos of both FDS and Necce during the first two rounds of the tournament. He smiles and nods as he puts down the laptop, and begins to speak in his Japanese accented voice.

“Ohh, Ohh, FDS and Necce. Your recent words against me were what I assumed to be showing everyone that I’m just a man.”

He laughs

“I’m no man. And I’m especially not that halfwit that Poidust was able to convince he was important. I’m not Poiunight, and your belief that I am even just showing your ignorance and arrogance. Which is all fine and good, but you have to prove your arrogance. Why do you think I call myself the God King? Because I am good, not because I’m arrogant.”

He gets up and sees that outside, Hell Spawn is setting up what looks to be a ring right next to the graveyard. He then goes to the kitchen and notices Epsilon staring at the wall with the equation on it. Kazma shakes his head.

“You claim that I am a crazy man. That I will not be able to defeat you. And you are wrong about both those statements.”

The lights in the room begin to flicker as bells go off. Kazma sighs and walks away, as a mad giggle begins. Poidust stops Kazma, puts his arm around him and the two walk back. Poidust then speaks in his unique voice.

“The humans are known as FDS and Necce. You say we are all the Same man, but we are all just as crazy. However, there is something I’m here to prove to you.” 

Poidust rips off Kazma’s mask, revealing a man of Asian heritage, with a burn mark across his face. The man begins to freak out, but not before Enlightenment touches the mans burned face, to which he calms down too. Poidust nods as Enlightenment’s annoyance is visible. Poidust then takes his mask off, revealing a tired Poiunight. As he breathes for a minute, he then speaks,

“Necce, FDS, I wanna make this clear. As much I would love to hurt you two, I’m not the one you are facing. And hell, that coward right there isn’t the one your facing either.” 

He lifts up Kazma’s mask to the camera.

“This is the man you are facing.”

Poiunight then puts the mask back on Kazma’s Vessel, who at first struggles but then succumbs to the mask. Kazma, returned, cracks his knuckles as Poiunight And Enlightenment walk away.

“You are humans attempting to prove you are more. You said you don’t want to be God’s, but deep down, everyone wants nothing more than to stand above others. At least I am true enough to know I want to stand above all, and that is why I am the God King, and come to the Day of Satur, you will know why specifically. And I don’t care what happens to Hollow, but you two...”

A katana then materializes in Kazma’s Hand as he swings it diligently. And then, slashed the floor, almost as though he was beheading someone.

“Will know I am the God King. And he is about to deliver the God Kings justice.”

He then kneels, plunging the sword into the ground, making the sword disintegrate. As the camera pans away to him, we return to Epsilon, who continues to study the equation. Walking away, we see that, among all the equations, there are many letters. When the screen goes black, many of the letters stay on screen but are rearranged, with the words saying,

“Iactandae iura”

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