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Sit down Interview with Universal Champion Flynn

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We find ourselves in a small interview room with none other then Ross Cirkman, BPZ’s latest backstage personality who today has been given the task to interview the current longest reigning champion in BPZ, the Longest Reigning Universal Champion Flynn. The camera cuts over to Flynn sitting down in the room, title across his shoulder before giving the interviewer a smile. 


Ross: “Three-Hundred-and-Six Days and counting. How does it feel?” 

A wicked smile appears across the face of Flynn, giving a small snicker before looking down at his crimson gold. He’d take a deep breath before finally speaking.

Flynn: “How does it feel? How do to think it feels? To be the current longest reigning champion on this roster. To be the greatest champion to ever grace this title, and to create a legacy with it that no one will ever be able to follow. Not just this, but to be this close, THIS CLOSE to becoming the LONGEST REIGNING CHAMPION.... in BPZ History. So you want to know how it feels? Natural. Just another day in the life of the King.” 

Ross: “Well I must say it definetly was not always an easy road getting to this very moment. You’ve defeated countless challengers, a number that now goes into the double digits. From Ark, to Gill, to Devlin Rhodes, to Xavier King, even your current challenger Brad, has already previously failed to win that championship from you last year at Summerslam. What is your opinion on all of these challengers you’ve defeated and is there a certain one that you can agree was your toughest challenge to date.”

Flynn: I study all of my challengers. In the ring, out side of the ring, who they hang out with, what they eat I learn their every thought and then, I break them. It’s a consistent process however to have overcome so many, knowing the grueling schedules us BPZ stars are put on, it’s truly an incredible feat. Not only this, but to be the man who’s carried this brand for so long, and to be the man that for so long called himself the king of Carange and to have backed it up so profusely, and so unquestionably is an almost humbling moment.”

“Now to specifically pick one challenger among what is nearly twenty at this point, is possibly impossible. I have been through Wars with this championship, Wars with challengers of all types. However, there are two men I must say, feel like hollow victories. Echo Wilson, I never beat you for his championship however I do believe one day soon, I’ll get that oppertunity. And Ross, you pushed me to the point where even I had to take the easy victory and that is something I’m not proud of, however maybe one day I’ll get the oppertunity to truly put you down.”

Ross: “Now onto your next challenger, Brad, who you have had countless issues with for years now, what are your opinions at this point in your career in Brad, and where will this defense rank amongst your past defenses?”

[colo=crimson]Flynn:[/color] “Brad sucks. Brad has still yet to win a match in the year 2018, while I have yet to lose one. That tells you exactly how far apart on the totem poll we are. Brad doesn’t even deserve this oppertunity he had to black mail me for it. Is that the type of champion this brand needs? A man who failed to win his shot countless times so instead he cheated his way into one. He couldn’t beat Necce, or Jonathan at Survivor Series, no he had to beg me for a shot. Even when challenged by Bashka, he tucked his tail between his legs and ran, in fear of losing his oppertunity to someone just as pathetic as he is.”

“As to where this ranks? At the very bottom. This is, And will go down as, my weakest defense to date. And this is all because of the easy victory I will have over such a weak, undeserving challenger. One FKO, that’s all it will take to put him down. And then? I’ll look forward to BPZ Mania where I will go on to much more important matters. Next question please.”

Ross: “I’d like to now move on to your current Tag Team with none other then Slim, “The Public Enemy” as you call yourselves. Why have you chosen this as your name and why now have you both chosen to unite following such a controversial history with one another.” 

Flynn: “Slim and I, we respect one another, and we knew together, we are the stronger then we are apart. We already have history as Tag Team Champions and so it’s not liek it was too hard for us to come together as a team. The reason you might be wondering, and my partner has now explained many times, is simple. We, are the very best yet have yet to be recognized as so. We are consistently disprescted by BrendenPlayz and at this point, we are sick of it. We want to be shown and given what we deserve, two very shiny, very bright, Hall of Fame rings.”

“Not only this, be we are tired of being blamed for holding our respective rosters down. We are the best and we sit at the top because we deserve to. Slim is the definitive face of EVOLVE whether Nate or anyone on that show like it. And I am the KING OF CARNAGE whether Bailey likes it. And no one can take that away from us, no matter how much they truly want to. And that, makes us Public Enemy number one.”

Ross: “Speaking of Bailey, what is your current relationship of your former mentor, and the man for many months until recently backed you as the face of Carnage? Has the heat between you both now settled down or is there still some real beef there waiting to be explored?”

Flynn: “When I was traded to Carnage, it was because EVOLVE could no longer handle me. And so, I was placed here on Carange where my talent was not only recognized but backed. Bailey kept a deal with me, that as long as I brought prestige, numbers, and fans to Carnage, I’d receive the respect I deserve. I to this day, keep my promise however upon my partnership with Slim, Bailey broke his. You see, Bailey has steered away from interfering in my title matches because he knows eventually I’m going to make sure he CAN’T interfere in my title matches, permanently. There’s nothing he can do besides pray that men like Brad or George eventually just get lucky, and that’s just not going to happen.”

”However at any point in the future, if Bailey would like to apologize for the disrespect he’s shown his champion, the man who brough credibility to his show where it before did not exist, then feel free to. However until then, as long as he stays out of my business, I’ll stay out of his own. It’s not a public understanding however it’s soemthing him and I both soundly understand and hopefully will respect.”

Ross: “Back to your tag team with Slim, you are both currently in the Semi-Finals of this years Tag Team Classic, soemthing that you infact won last year with Nebakos. Do you see yourself going on to win it for the second time and what are your opinions on your Semi-Finals opponents, two men you have recent history with in Ropati and Peter Whilchester, the Commonwealth?”

Flynn: “Slim And I like I said are the greatest, most unbeatable unit this place has ever seen. So of course I see myself going on to the finals and yet again becoming Tag Team Champion. However to win it for a second year in a row, with a different partner only shows the type of diverse competitor that I am. I’m not just the greatest singles competitor ever, I’m the greatest tag team competitor ever. No one, and I mean no one, has won a more diverse amount of matches then I have.”

“As for the Commonwealth, I’ll look forward to getting my hands on Ropati for the first time ever, and yet again destroying Peter. Not only this, but I’ll get to do so with my best friend all by my side. The Commonwealth and whoever does make it to the finals, doesn’t stand a chance.”

Ross: “Well I believe that is all we have time for however if you have any final statement you’d like to make please feel free to do so. Thank you for an excellent interview Flynn.”

Flynn: “Saint Valentines Day Massacre, I do what I do best, I dominate in all stages of commotion where I yet again defend what has become the most prestigious prize in BPZ, and I seal my ticket to the finals for the second year in a row in the Tag Team Classic this time at BPZ Mania. All hail the king.”

Flynn stands up, shaking Ross’ hand before the camera slowly fades to black.


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