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Angelo Caito


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As Carnage kicks off with it's final show before Saint Valentine's Day Massacre, Brad is sitting on a equipment crate, holding his head as a interviewer slowly approaches him.

Interviewer: “Brad, may I get a word about last week's attack on you by Flynn?”

Brad looks at the interviewer and chuckles.

“A word? Okay, I got a few words. Last week, I showed Flynn up at his own game. I got inside his head and twisted his own words of me. Something he does very well. However, for the first time ever facing me, he senseness the realisation that he can be defeated by me. I sense it in his eyes. I sensed it in his words. Each breath he took, was breaths of a man who realised that his reign.. is over at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

The two times he came close to defeat, he got lucky or he was involved in a double DQ. This time, he's not getting that lucky when I trap him in the middle of the ring with the Walls Of Fakers, hear him scream for me to stop. “Brad! Please Brad!” and then to see him submit to me, only for him to watch my hand raised with the Universal Championship high in the air, and the announcer saying “Here is your winner, and new Universal Champion, Brad!”. Your world will crumble. Your kingdom will fall. You will never and I mean ever be the same again. As for your little kick to my nuts, must of been fun for you to do something involving nuts since to me you lost yours. An eye for an eye with that Codebreaker at the Rumble? Not close. My Codebreaker was because I do know you Flynn, and if I didn't, you would of struck first then and there. An-”

Brad stops in his tracks as he sees something in the distance. He tells the interviewer to scram or else he will go on the Wall. Quickly the interviewer leaves and Brad looks back over and smirks. From behind the camera comes Jonathan as the crowd roars on. Both men stare at each other as a “YES!” chant fills the arena as both men chuckle at that.

“Mr. Jonathan. How may I be of assistance?”

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