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War of Worlds

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Hollow's voice booms over the Carnage arena after his teams loss at Saint's Valentines day Massacre

"Saint's Valentines day massacre, what a joke you made it.  Those sheep were ours for the slaughter and you call yourself a God King.  You call Hollow just a man when you are just so much less.  Hollow thought you were the one that could handle his madness.  But you lied to him because you are nothing more than just a sheep hiding wolf's clothing.  You lied, and Hollow was blinded by the success of the first rounds. Beating the likes of Mr. 14,  BPZ and Bashka.  I guess also Ark as well but you made me believe that you were the one that could match Hollow and make us the most dangerous alliance that this universe has seen.  You made a fool out of Hollow and that will not stand.  Calling yourself a God King what blasphemy."

The darkened Carnage arena turns on with Hollow standing in the middle of the ring.

"With your lie Kazma you made your declaration you sealed your fate, for you and all of your cosmic council.  You made a war will be your end.  This will be your swan song, as it will be your end!  Hollow's Mad World versus the Cosmic council.  Hollow will breach the Cosmic castle and bring it down like the castle of glass that it is.  At World at War, we will have a war and this chapter written by the Author of Madness shall be called the War of Worlds!  Kazma you will enter Hollow's Mad World and you  will not survive the onslaught that is coming your way.

You the God King, you have no power over Hollow, for what is a God if nobody believes in him.  As for being a king.  Your kingdom of fools will soon crumble under the might that is Hollow!"

Hollow walks and sits on a turnbuckle

"One, two Hollow is coming for your

Three, four you better shut your door

Fix, Six you might need to find some sticks

Seven, Eight it is too late

Nine, Ten. 

The War of Worlds has Begun!"

Hollow walks up and grabs the nearest camera

"Kazma you better remember this, because you will never forget the name of Hollow!

Now Run!"


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A small little cackle comes from an unknown destination. As Hollow looks around a bit, the voice speaks.

“Ohh Hollow, you truly are a creation in this realm.”

Hollow sees Poidust walking down the steps of the arena crowd.

“But you see, there is one problem.”

His smile turns into a straight face.

“You are an evil, that no one in this plane of existence can defeat. Because you see, you aren’t if this world. You are something, sick, twisted, demented. A few years ago, a man Poiunight walked into this building to make a name for himself. Fast forward a few years, he ended up being the final piece I needed.”

He hops over the barricade, and then jumps back on it, playfully sitting.

“Why do you think I allowed Kazma to be your partner in Tournament Of Tag Teams when I’ve made it very clear, these titles mean nothing to us? Has the thought occurred to you in, I would like to assume, the three cells of your brain? I wanted him to scout out something for me, someone specifically.”

He hops of the barricade and walks right over to the steps, stomping his way very dramatically. He does a little pose as he climbs the steps and enters the ring.

“You are the one that started this all. You are the one that has been foretold to be the enemy of the Cosmic Council.”

He gladly walks over to him, putting his arm on his shoulder. As he leans in Hollow to whisper to him, Poidust screams in his ear and says

“You are the Vessel of Evil!”

The crowd begin to chant “What The Fuck”

Poidust then backs away from Hollow, Bowing before him, and saying.

“And if you want a match at the event where the worlds will engage in war with eachother. You will have it. And if you would like it against Kazma, you are more than welcome to. But here’s a little thing you should know. Why go for the pawn, when you can go for the master?”

He then pats Hollow in the face as he walks away, but while they are both staring away from each other, Poidust speaks one last time.

“And if you chose me, let’s make it, a Cosmic Castle Match!”

The crowd cheers as Hollow turns around and is greeted by the cat like hiss of Poidust, followed by his pose and then he walks away, staring at Poidust. As Poidust looks on at the Hollow, Kazma shows up from behind, attacking Hollow. He hits Hollow with the GTS with ease. 

As he is about to walk away and join Poidust, he stops and looks at Hollow, then pulls his thumb across his throat and then yelling out, along with the crowd, “Full Of Fear” And then locks in the Fear Lock, and as the crowd signals for it, Kazma snaps Hollows arm, an homage to his friend.

As Kazma gets up and the refs come in to help and he grabs Hollows mic and says, in his Japanese accent,

“We will want you decision by next week.” 

Kazma sits in the corner, as he begins to meditate as the refs check on Hollow.

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