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Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling | Trish Stratus

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Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 17
Week Two, May 2019
Leisure Plex, Ontario
Show Rating: 44

Joseph Sposto

Segment One:
AIIk35f.jpg MwwvjlS.jpg
Courtney Rush and Silvie Silver kick off tonight's event, each with a microphone in hand. They firstly welcome the fans, before quickly turning their attention to The Beautiful People. Silvie expresses that she is beginning to grow tired of their antics, and them in general. She has had to deal with the likes of Angel Williams and Beautiful Beaa for close to a year now, and she bluntly states that The Beautiful People are holding her back, that she wants to compete against the best, and people like Ashley Lane are simply not that. Courtney Rush expresses similar views, saying that their bullying antics and constant beatdowns are childish, and they should be able to accept the fact that she is simply better than the three of them combined. Before she can continue, however..

H3Pe2bL.jpg tIg2aAW.jpg
Two thirds of The Beautiful People appear at the ramp, and they're quick to tell Courtney and Silvie to simply shut up. Ashley first reminds the fans that she is pregnant, so stressful situations, such as Courtney's constant whining, is not good for her child. Beautiful Beaa then insinuates that Courtney and Silvie's presence is upsetting Ashley's unborn child, and Ashley sympathetically nods her head to the statement. Beaa then announces that she met with general manager Portia Perez earlier, and that at the next event, she, Ashley and Angel will once more do battle with Alexia Nicole, Courtney Rush and Silvie Silver. However, the match shall be under elimination rules, meaning that all six women will have a fair chance at competing. Tonight, however, it shall be the two of them, competing against the two women in the ring. Ashley and Beaa slide beneath the ropes, as the referee signals for the match to begin.

Rating: 41

Match One:
H3Pe2bL.jpg [&] tIg2aAW.jpg [vs.] AIIk35f.jpg [&] MwwvjlS.jpg
These four women are fighting for much more than the sake of their job titles. Courtney and Silvie are sick of their opponents stance on wrestling, and especially annoyed with how they and Alexia Nicole have been treated over the past several months! Ashley and Beaa would much rather get their hair done than compete, and see Courtney and Silvie as nothing more than ugly women that are beneath them. The match was fairly competitive. Courtney and Silvie tactically kept Beaa isolated in their corner, unwinding their frustrations on the young lion whilst the pregnant Ashley Lane could do little more than watch. This only made Ashley all the more frustrated, so when Beaa was capable of crawling to her corner and tagging her partner in, Ashley Lane exploded into action. She threw Silvie Silver aside, and held a fairly competitive match with Courtney Rush, eventually hitting the guillotine drop for the pinfall and win.

Winners: Ashley Lane & Beautiful Beaa
Rating: 34

Match Two:
0D9WAGv.jpg [vs.] SYIQaIu.jpg
In a bout that was rather disappointing considering which talents were in the ring, Alexia Nicole and Angel Williams were still capable of impressing, although the history between the two women, and the groups they represented, had the audience on their feet when the heat steadily began to pick up. Angel was much larger, and dominated for longer portions of the bout, but Alexia Nicole has something of a cult following in Ontario, she was easy to get behind, and Angel grew frustrated as she worked her way back into the bout against the veteran wrestler. Alexia was rapid between the ropes, although somewhat without concentration. At one point she essentially walked into a lifting reverse STO, however her feet managed to stray between the ropes before the count was made. Eventually, she recovered, hitting a wheelbarrow stunner to end the bout just shy of the nine minute mark.

Winner: Alexia Nicole
Rating: 46
[This match was rated on eye-candy.]

Segment Two:
NOg6lU6.jpg i1yJTBE.jpg
Former Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling Champion Candice LeRae stands beside Trish Stratus, current CEO and former general manager of the promotion, in penultimate segment of the night. Candice admits that she could have done better in her second title match against Nicole Matthews, and that in spite of Portia's constant cheating, she may not deserve another title opportunity if the chance came around. She did announce, however, that she wanted revenge against Nicole and Portia, the group known as the Canadian NINJAS, and hopefully she would be able to get that tonight. Trish Stratus sympathises with Candice, she understands that if Candice does not want another opportunity at the championship, then there's not much she can do in that regard. Stratus, however, is quickly growing sick of Nicole and Portia's antics, and announces a tag team match, Candice and Trish, against Nicole and Portia. Stratus insists that, if she and Candice are able to win, not only should Candice have a rightful opportunity to win the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling championship once more, but Portia Perez should return to her position as announcer, and should be incapable of getting in the ring whilst Nicole Matthews remains champion.. Trish Stratus is also putting something on the line, however. Should Nicole and Portia win fairly against her and Candice, then Portia can have Stratus' current position of CEO of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling! Candice perks up at this bombshell announcement, and asks why Trish would do that, but all Trish does is smile, and assures Candice that everything will be okay.

Rating: 44

Match Three: 
WAeX1V7.jpg [,] 2pA3k81.jpg [&] i1yJTBE.jpg [vs.] LNxR0lQ.jpg [,] xes7Zvw.jpg [&] yv8YNyS.jpg
The dominant Cat Power, and the recently rekindled Canadian NINJAS perhaps felt a little uneasy coming into this bout, off the back of Stratus' announcement, but also that in regard of their talents, they must have been considered the underdogs against the legendary Trish Stratus, the dangerous Ayako Hamada and the inaugural Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling champion, Candice LeRae. Cat Power and Ayako Hamada, two women in the midst of a brutal, hard-hitting feud began the bout, and Ayako quickly took control with her superior speed and agility. The babyface trio seemed to have a well-orchestrated plan, for when Cat was able to tag out to Nicole Matthews, she was met with a perky Candice LeRae, as Ayako had tagged out too. Candice took control with some high flying spots, however Nicole Matthews was able to level her fairly quickly, kicking her legs out from beneath her, before connecting with a vicious rolling cutter, sending Candice writhing in pain across the ring. She tagged in Trish Stratus, and the audience instantaneously heated up, for these two women competed in a brutal match some nine months ago, a match which was one of the best the revived promotion has produced! Trish was able to take control of the bout, attacking the tiring Nicole Matthews, hitting a perfect roundhouse kick, but only managing to hold Nicole down for the two count. Once Matthews managed to pry Trish off of her, she rushed to her corner, and Trish Stratus met Portia Perez in the ring for the first time. Portia was scrappy, but the chemistry between her and Nicole Matthews proved too much for Stratus in the end. Once Portia managed to thrust her into the corner, Matthews wailed down kicks, before Portia held Stratus up, for Matthews to perform a rolling cutter from the apron! The move was barbaric, it contorted Stratus against the ropes, and once she unravelled three it took little effort from Portia Perez to meet her with a superkick, grounding her and picking up the victory for herself, Cat Power and her partner in crime Nicole Matthews.

Winners: Cat Power, Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez
Rating: 54

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Cat Power exclusive interview with CBC Sports, says Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling is revolutionary
Written by Allison Danger on May 18th, 2019

Cat Power, a rising popular figure on the Canadian wrestling scene, recently held an interview with international news outlet CBC Sports, where she talked about everything from her upbringing to her current runs with women promotions SHIMMER and GLOW. She spoke in depth about legendary performer Trish Stratus, how Portia Perez helped her transform her character in the ring, and how her feuds with Courtney Rush and Ayako Hamada have helped her evolve as a performer. The interview was quite the success, and will surely put a larger spotlight on the already popular Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

The six woman tag team match which was the main event of the latest Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling show was a great success, according to those in attendance. The fans were red hot for the combination of Trish Stratus and Nicole Matthews fighting, and Portia Perez gaining a shock victory over the iconic CEO. It has apparently put the result at the next show in great doubt, with fans unsure of who shall take the victory and in consequence, take over the reigns of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. With the entire card announced, it is to be expected to be the first Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling sell out show, with many excited to see the likes of Candice LeRae and Trish Stratus in action.

Japanese wrestler Ayako Hamada recently sustained an injury in Mexican wrestling promotion AAA. Whilst it hasn't put her upcoming clash with Cat Power in doubt, it brought speculation to the future of her career as she seemingly cannot escape constant fatigue and injury. The fan favourite recently took to social media to assure fans that her clash with Cat Power is still on, and that there is no doubt in her mind she is still in her prime, and is simply powering through an unlucky spell. 


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Predictions for Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling
Week two, June 2019

Ayako Hamada [vs.] Cat Power

- Total Elimination Match
Alexia Nicole, Courtney Rush & Silvie Silver [vs.] The Beautiful People [Angel Williams, Ashley Lane & Beautiful Beaa]

Candice LeRae & Trish Stratus [vs.] The Canadian NINJAS [Nicole Matthews & Portia Perez]
- If The Canadian NINJAS win, Portia Perez gain control of GLOW


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Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 18
Week Two, June 2019
Leisure Plex, Ontario
Show Rating: 49

Joseph Sposto

Match One:
WAeX1V7.jpg [vs.] LNxR0lQ.jpg
Ayako Hamada and Cat Power have been at one another's throats since the turn of the new year. The graceful Ayako challenged the dominant Cat Power, and whilst she hoped for an elegant battle at their last meeting, the match ended in disqualification when Cat was tempted into a rage. Cat continued to take her aggression out on Ayako in the first couple of minutes of the bout. Using her size to her advantage, however taking a rather unique approach in keeping Hamada grounded, opposed to throwing her around, frustrating Hamada more so than damaging her form. Power's tactics seemed to work, however, for once Ayako wiggled free she really could not get the ball rolling, she was incapable of hitting much offence, and the match quickly fell into Cat Power's favour. Near the end of the bout, Ayako worked her way into making the bout a more open contest, hitting vicious kicks, and almost submitting Power with her indian surfboard deathlock. After this, she continued to put Cat on the back foot, she hit an impression tornado DDT and it seemed she was closing in on a victory. She attempted to apply the deathlock once more, however Cat had learned her lesson, breaking free of Hamada's impressive grip, transitioning the move into a devastating fujiwara armbar. Ayako's recent injury problems perhaps played into the finisher, she barely managed to reach the rope and once she found her feet again, Cat Power planted her with an STO, securing an impressive victory against the Japanese veteran. 

Winner: Cat Power
Rating: 46

Segment One:
WAeX1V7.jpg LNxR0lQ.jpg
Cat Power was relieved to gain the victory, and it showed on her face. Notorious for beating and bullying her foes once a match has ended, she instead shook off the referee and resided in the corner of the ring. Hamada eventually found her feet, as Cat Power looked on. She realised the situation and was cautious, however Cat stumbled to the middle of the ring, looked Ayako up and down, and extended her hand. The audience adored this showing of sportsmanship from Cat, Hamada was very reluctant at first, but she indeed shook Cat Power's hand, admitting defeat however reconciling with the resident powerhouse of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. The two embraced, before Cat headed up the ramp and disappeared behind the curtain, Ayako soaking in the audience for another minute or so before doing the same.

Rating: 42

Segment Two:
SYIQaIu.jpg H3Pe2bL.jpg tIg2aAW.jpg
The atmosphere in the arena quickly dampens, as The Beautiful People, consisting of Angel Williams, Ashley Lane and Beautiful Beaa made their presence known. Stomping to the ring before their total elimination bout against Alexia Nicole, Courtney Rush and Silvie Silver. Angel Williams is the only woman with a microphone in hand. She begins by saying that Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, is not very gorgeous at all. The champion is a goth, Candice LeRae is a nobody, and Cat Power is ugly. However, she makes the point, that they're known, they're stars. The same cannot be said for the three women they are about to do battle with. Alexia Nicole is a geek, Courtney Rush is a weirdo, and nobody even knows who Silvie Silver is. Angel continues by stating that she should have been the inaugural GLOW Champion, and that after tonight she'll finally be free of the shackles, free of being dragged down by three losers, and she, Ashley and Beaa, shall rise to the top of the company. Angel finishes by stating that it's time to make GLOW gorgeous, and that begins tonight, by beating and bruising three ugly women who have no right to stand close to her.

Rating: 40

Match Two:
0D9WAGv.jpg [,] AIIk35f.jpg [&] MwwvjlS.jpg [vs.] SYIQaIu.jpg [,] H3Pe2bL.jpg [&] tIg2aAW.jpg
Considering the match stipulation, and the talent between the ropes, this bout did by no means overstay its welcome, for it barely lasted over ten minutes. All six women were given their opportunities to shine, however it quickly became apparent that The Beautiful People had evolved from the first meeting of these two teams. They were more intelligent, more focused. Angel Williams controlled the bout in the opening stages, using her veteran experience and height to out muscle Silvie Silver. The bout spilled to the outside, and whilst Ashley Lane kept Courtney Rush and Alexia Nicole distracted, Angel and Beaa were able to hit a devastating double powerbomb on Silvie Silver, making it easy to roll the blonde into the ring and eliminate her early from the bout. Alexia and Angel then fought an open bout, however Alexia was able to catch her opponent off guard, for when Angel attempted to counter the wheelbarrow stunner which had put her away a month earlier, Alexia fell only to roll her up and eliminate her, a lovely move from the young lion which caught all in the arena off guard. Alexia's small victory was short lived, for Angel recovered and beat her down before being escorted from the ring, however Beautiful Beaa was able to simply walk into the ring and pin the fallen Alexia, leaving Courtney facing a two against one situation. Unfortunately for Courtney, the numbers game was too strong, whilst she did have a golden chance to eliminate Beaa, Ashley Lane eventually ended the bout with a guillotine drop, picking up the victory for The Beautiful People, and making Angel's comments pre-match seem all the more true.

Winners: Angel Williams, Ashley Lane & Beautiful Beaa
Rating: 59
[This match was rated on eye-candy.]

Match Three:
2pA3k81.jpg [&] i1yJTBE.jpg [vs.] xes7Zvw.jpg [&] yv8YNyS.jpg
A fantastic main event from these women, a feud that has been transpiring for almost a year between the four of them. Trish and Nicole have been wanting to settle their annoyances with one another since their first meeting nine months ago, whilst Portia Perez's involvement in Nicole's title matches have caused Candice some grief. Nicole and Candice began the bout, and in spite of Matthews playing a typical methodical game, Candice continued to bounce back and irritate the current Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling champion. The fan favourite was in no mood to lose to Nicole Matthews again, and was willing to sacrifice her body to make that point clear. The match eventually opened up, notable spots including Matthews attempted to hit a rolling cutter, only for Candice to reverse by jumping against the ropes and hitting an out of nowhere springboard reverse frankensteiner! The two women, perhaps the most credible in the ring in terms of wrestling talent, carried the majority of the bout. Candice eventually tagged in Trish Stratus, who continued to put Matthews on the back foot, using her stamina and advantage of having been fresh on the sidelines to run circles around the tiring Matthews. Nicole eventually slithered to the outside of the ring, keeping Stratus grounded, using the barricades and posts of the ring to her advantage, taunting Stratus into potentially getting disqualified. Both women had to slide in eventually, and when they did Nicole was quick to tag in Portia Perez. The crowd cheered when the two women met, two women who had been feuding over the future of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling for three months now, both wanting to control the future of the company. A number of near falls accentuated an open bout, Portia missed a superkick and Stratus capitalised by hitting an excellent exploder suplex, a move not yet seen in her arsenal. She lined Portia Perez up for the roundhouse kick, but Portia ducked! She tied Stratus up and attempted to hit a double underhook facebuster, but Trish squirmed out of the move! Both women turned to face one another again, but Trish Status was quickest to the trigger, hitting her roundhouse kick to secure the future of her company, and the win for herself and Candice LeRae!

Winners: Candice LeRae & Trish Stratus
Rating: 57

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Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling personal review.
Week Three, June 2019.

Stories Completed:

rMtn3UF.jpg [,] Sjti8GR.jpg [&] sefPY6U.jpg [vs.] Tj9aCG0.jpg [,] uno9Lis.jpg [&] XpsBCb5.jpg

WAeX1V7.jpg [vs.] LNxR0lQ.jpg

NOg6lU6.jpg [&] aFBaPTg.jpg [vs.] B2xPAuC.jpg [&] yv8YNyS.jpg

Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling notes and thoughts:

Canadian NINJAS tag team chemistry, alongside the popularity which Candice and I have, made for a really special main event, one I'm sure was our highly praised, non-sexualised match of the revived era. The six woman tag team match, where Portia Perez picked up the victory, did a world of good despite the attention being on five other women as well as herself. She initially had low popularity, however now she is classified as an upper midcarder, where as three months ago she was classified as a lower midcarder. This, alongside Candice and Nicole, the two best women we have in the promotion at the moment was bound to make a great main event, one that surpassed the brutal match Nicole and I had nine months ago. This means that now, whilst Nicole Matthews is still champion, Portia Perez can neither compete in the ring or be at ringside alongside her. She is capable of having her own singles matches, but this essentially means the Canadian NINJAS are dead for now, meaning Nicole will be more vulnerable in championship matches.

Ayako Hamada approached me a week out from her bout with Cat Power, telling me that she will be retiring in three months time. Since she has recently picked up some rather gruelling injuries the decision makes sense, and I did not attempt to help her reconsider her choice. Aside from myself, she is our oldest competitor, and whilst she hasn't began to decline, if she feels it is time for her to retire then who am I to stop her. Ayako understood that this meant she was probably going to lose to Cat Power, who, thanks to this victory, has also shot up to upper midcard status alongside Portia Perez.

The year long feud between Alexia Nicole, Courtney Rush and Silvie Silver against The Beautiful People is finally over! I had to give Angel especially the victory, for she has lost a lot of matches since the turn of the year. Furthermore, IMPACT Wrestling recently cleaned out their Knockouts division, letting both Angel Williams and Ashley Lane go, so I am suspicious that they'll be coming in for women like Candice LeRae and Nicole Matthews soon. It was important to establish The Beautiful People as the victors. Alexia and Courtney can take a loss at this point, due to how strongly they started the new year. It also adds credibility to our only faction at this moment in time. 

Other notable news:

World Wrestling Entertainment are in a strong position at the moment, their WrestleMania 35 was a success, the highlight matches being Hideo Itami against Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles defeating Sheamus for the WWE Championship, and Cesaro defending his Universal Championship against Roman Reigns in the main event. John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton were nowhere in sight, signalling a potential changing of the guard for the future. 

OOC notes and thoughts / The future of GLOW:

As most of you who follow the series know, this was the final episode of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. I am considering continuing the series, however in a totally different, twice a year format, giving a detailed update every six months or so as to what is going on in the series. Having one show a month to begin with is rather challenging as a series, for you make very little progression in contrast to your writing, and it takes years before you can run weekly shows and not lose money. I therefore believe giving a detailed overview of the promotion, twice a year, can still keep the series alive, without the detailed shows and predictions however, and give a general update to how successful Gorgeous Ladies could become. I would like to hear everybody's thoughts on this, @JoshsNow and @Julius01 especially for they have followed the save since the beginning of time. Thank you all for making the four months of this diary very fun. It has been a great way to settle me into BPZ. 


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