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Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling

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Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling 06
Week Two, June 2018
Fight Factory, Ontario
Show Rating: 38

Portia Perez

Segment One: 
Nicole Matthews opens the show with a microphone in hand. It quickly becomes apparent that she is in a boastful mood, claiming she defeated a team consisting of Alexia Nicole, Candice LeRae and Silvie Silver all by herself. She states she did not need the help of the narcissistic Angel Williams, or the past it veteran Victoria, and that whatever roadblocks general manager Trish Stratus continued to put in her way, they would continue to be smashed down. Nicole Matthews insists she is the best technical wrestler on the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling roster, and that she would eviscerate Alexia Nicole if they were situated in a one on one bout tonight. Nicole goes on to say that Trish paired Alexia with Courtney Rush, not only to water down her own natural star quality, but to protect Alexia, which once again shows favouritism by the ill disciplined CEO of GLOW. Nicole Matthews finishes by stating regardless of who if placed on her team, or who she is pitted against, she will continue to prove that Trish Stratus is hypocritical, and that she is the best wrestler on the independent scene today.

Rating: 42

Match One: 
JKJI35Z.jpg [&] cdeqrr1.jpg [vs.] UsFenYU.jpg [&] tZ1VXdl.jpg
Despite what Nicole's rant would have you believe, she and Cat Power seemed to be working on the same team, with a joint goal of squashing their rivalries with the fan favourite's of Alexia Nicole and Courtney Rush, women who, despite their similar troubles, were not gelling as a unit! The ever dominant Cat Power easily handled the young lion Alexia in the early stages of the match, however found herself matched by the talented Courtney Rush! The finish came when Nicole Matthews attempted to use the ropes for leverage after hitting a sharp rolling cutter on Courtney, only for Alexia to point such out to the referee from her corner. This lead to a confrontation between Alexia and Nicole, with the latter turning around into a immediate F-5! Alexia rushed to the ring to down Cat with a simple dropkick, and the referee counted to three, handing the victory to the team of Alexia and Courtney twelve minutes into the match!

Winners: Alexia Nicole and Courtney Rush
Rating: 29

Segment Two:
A pre-recorded interview aired on the television screen next to the rampway's entrance, and the face of Gorgeous Ladies Of Wresting champion Candice LeRae was met with loud cheers of approval from the audience. Candice firstly thanked general manager Trish Stratus for making the match that would close this event. She expresses her delight of being the inaugural GLOW Champion, something she has yet to do since defeating Angel Williams in the tournament final three months ago. She was relieved to survive the gruelling tournament, and to now be the representative of the newly revived Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Candice states she knows that this promotion is the next step in the women's evolution currently taking place in the wrestling business, and that she would wrestle any woman regardless of their experiences who opposed such a view. She lists of her accomplishments, including being the face of intergender wrestler, before warning Victoria that her short run with Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling ends tonight, and that the show will end with Candice LeRae having successfully defended her championship for the first time.

Rating: 51

Match Two:
Y86F2LR.jpg [vs.] FDhFrlj.jpg
Silvie Silver was out for vengeance in this bout, for two months ago Angel orchestrated an attack on Silvie and her then tag partner Courtney Rush, only for Silvie to chase her and Cat Power off! Angel claims she deserves a rematch for the GLOW Championship under more favourable surroundings, unfortunately Silvie was quick to express how much she disagrees with that statement. The dislike between these two was appreciable, the bout turned ugly with stiff shots, with both women crashing to the mat at one point after a series of forearms! Silvie's toughness exceeded Angel's, however her experience did not. Angel managed to wiggle free of an attempted backbreaker from the fitness model, hoisting her around and planting her with a lifting reverse STO, ending the bout at the nine minute mark.

Winner: Angel Williams
Rating: 54
[This match was rated on eye-candy.] 

Match Three: 
HCLrBxX.jpg [C] [vs.] PtatBlx.jpg
These two women punched and kicked absolute lumps into one-another, in this high stakes bout that almost exceeded the twenty minute mark! Candice was determined to successfully defend her championship at the first time of asking, whilst Victoria, still feeling scorned by general manager Trish Stratus, was fighting to validate her claims, and also for her brief Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling career! This spectacle was an all out war from the ring of the bell, and the more experienced of the pair had the upper hand for the majority of the match. Victoria's iconic strikes could not keep down Mrs. Wrestling, however, and as the time went on, Victoria's fatigue began to show. The bout ended as Victoria seemingly had Candice up for the sitout inverted front powerslam, however Candice managed to bounce onto the ropes, dropping the vicious vixen of GLOW with a swift single knee facebreaker! Nobody could envision what Candice had planned next however, as she ascended to the top ropes before hitting a stunning, elegant moonsault, draping herself over the former WWE Women's Championship, cementing her first championship defence as a success, but also bringing Victoria's brief run in Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling to a demise.

Winner: Candice LeRae
Rating: 45
[Candice LeRae makes defence number one of her GLOW Championship.] 

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An incredible show Sheridan. Shocked you eliminated Victoria so quick, I'm guessing she was either on a short deal or you'll put her in some other role. I would have Williams go over her first and now Williams beat Silvie in such a good match I'd give her a rematch. Candice's promo skills and Williams match skills could put on an incredible match. I'd move Nicole and Rush away to other feuds, such as feuding with Beau and others. Anyway, an amazing show Sheridan

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