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John Trenton Interviews "The Gentleman"

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Kicking off Carnage is JoshsNow whom is staring at a clip as John Trenton approaches him. The clip is GeorgeAK's return promo

John: Josh, what are your thoughts on this

Josh: I'll be honest, I'm surprised. I thought the attack would render him unable for Mania but instead he is fit for Mania and only has minor brain damage. Anyway, what's all this about Yukanda and inserting. I think the doctors need to insert some more morphine into him. 

John: Ok, well that addresses the situation of George. So is the Mania Match on?

Josh: As of now, yes. 

John: My next topic then, the Intercontinental Championship. FDS won after beating you and Slim. Do you plan on challenging for that belt at Mania. 

Josh: FDS bested me and I can't deny that. At Mania I will prove myself by beating George. Then FD, or whomever holds the belt, will face me in a duel and will fall down to the Gentlemen.

John: Now upcoming is the Bragging Rights PPV. I have checked the match card and you aren't on it.

Josh: No, that must be a mistake. I was told I was on Team Carnage by Bailey. Surely Bailey wouldn't kick me off the team

Josh looks distressed as Flynn walks past, holding his belt. Josh beckons him over.

Josh: Flynn, why am I not on Team Carnage. I am one of the biggest stars

Flynn  laughs and then realises Josh is being serious

Flynn: Josh no offence, but when was the last time you won a singles match

Josh: September

Flynn: Exactly. You've got too big of an ego. When was the last time you won a blowoff match. You had 10 partners turn on you last year or something. You haven't proved yourself yet. Sorry kid

Flynn walks off, leaving Josh in anger as he stares at Trenton

Trenton: No more questions

Trenton walks off as Carnage goes to commercial break, leaving JoshsNow looking depressed

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