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Saint Valentines Day Massacre BPZ NXT Championship: RedArrow (c) VS The Marker VS Julius

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What a night of action we have had so far tonight and up next the action doesn't stop with a Triple-Threat match for the NXT Championship, with Champion RedArrow facing off against The Marker and Julius in what will sure be an action packed match. Tune in here tonight at St Valentines Day Massacre because it's coming up next.


Marker is the first man to enter the match, fresh off a win against WWE234, he will be looking to carry that momentum into the biggest match of his young career tonight. He brings an exciting brand of professional wrestling and is truly the dark horse in this championship match tonight.

Out next, is the former NXT champion Julius, and i can tell you right now he is not in a good mood and that could definitely spell trouble for his competitors in the match tonight. Losing the title at the Royal Rumble Julius would definitely love to recapture the title he lost from one of his bitter rivals RedArrow


And here he is the NXT Champion himself RedArrow, who has been in sublime form since returning in December winning his first title at Royal Rumble PPV while also reaching the final six of the Royal Rumble match itself. He is odds on favourite tonight to walk out of here tonight still your NXT Champion

RedArrow hands over the title to the referee which means that we are underway in this match tonight and both Marker and RedArrow immediately rush to the bigger Julius and deliver a flurry of rights and lefts to the midsection before they double clothesline Julius to the outside. RedArrow and The Marker lock up with The Marker transitioning into a head lock to slow down the pace, something that the NXT champion will not like. The Marker then releases the hold and delivers a neckbreaker to the NXT Champ. The Marker starts taunting and the cheers start coming in, but on the outside Julius starts to stir and he makes his way onto the ring apron. Marker tries to knock him off but is hit with a big right hand which sends him to the ground. Julius gets back into the ring and picks up The Marker and goes for a powerbomb but The Marker evades and rolls to the outside of the ring. He again starts to taunt but his met with a wild clothesline from Julius which puts him flat on his back but just as Julius turns around RedArrow delivers a tope suicida to the amazement of the crowd.

Image result for tope suicida gif

RedArrow then picks up The Marker and rolls him back into the ring. He goes for the Bow and Arrow but the Marker is very quick to put his hands on the ropes. RedArrow then goes for a leg drop but misses and The Marker gets up and delivers a standing dropkick and then goes for the cover 1.. no kick out at 1 by the NXT Champion. The Marker heads to the top rope but is pushed off by Julius who gets back into the ring and delivers powerbombs to both RedArrow and the Marker he then Roar's to the crowd who respond with boos. Julius then goes over to The Marker and goes for the Vice grip but The Marker slips through Julius' legs and has the ankle lock locked in will Julius tap? No Redarrow breaks up the hold and continues kicking The Marker head. He then throws The Marker outside and lays him on the announce table. The crowd start to cheer because they realise what's coming next but Julius intercepts RedArrow with a missed clothesline which then allows RedArrow to deliver a step-up Enziguri which leaves Julius down and out. He then puts Julius on the announce table and heads to the top rope. He can't be thinking of this there's no chance.. He did it REDARROW onto both Julius and The Marker through the announce table and the crowd explode into a "Holy Shit" chant as all 3 men lay lifeless on the outside

RedArrow is the first man to get up and drags The Marker back into the ring. As RedArrow tries to get back into the ring Julius grabs a hold of his leg and drags him down before delivering a powerbomb onto the ring apron

Related image

The Marker then goes for a suicide dive to the outside but it is countered into an END OF DAYS onto the floor

Image result for Baron Corbin end of days to rusev gif

The "God among men" stands tall and rolls RedArrow back into the ring. He goes for the cover 1..2.. Kick out at 2.5 and we are still going. Julius goes to the outside of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring. He goes back into the ring he sets it up on the turnbuckle and lies RedArrow on it. He goes for the spear through the table but RedArrow evades it which sends Julius crashing through the table. He rolls Julius up 1..2.. The Marker gets there for the save at the last minute and both men starting going at with fists

Image result for Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens gif

The Marker then evades one of the punches thrown by RedArrow and delivers a big Knee to the head of RedArrow knocking him down to the ground. He goes for the cover 1..2..2.9 no RedArrow got his foot on the ropes and The Marker cannot believe it. He then goes to the top rope looking for the God's Burden (Kinshasa) to RedArrow but it's intercepted by Julius who delivers a running Powerslam to The Marker, he then goes for the cover 1..2.. NO The Marker kicked out at 2. Julius goes to pick up RedArrow but he slips behind Julius and again locks in the Bow and Arrow, surely he will tap there is no way of getting out of this. Julius is struggling to get to the ropes and finally gets there. RedArrow frustrated that he couldn't put it away goes to the outside and delivers a Brainbuster on the ring apron to Julius 

Image result for Brainbuster on ring apron

RedArrow rolls back into the ring and superkicks The Marker leaving him down and out, he again goes up for the RedArrow but The Marker rolls to the other side of the ring so RedArrow couldn't reach him. He gets off the ropes and goes for a slingblade but The Marker moves out of the way and delivers a detonation kick. 1..2.. RedArrow is again out at 2, what a match. The Marker sees Julius starting to stir and runs at him and delivers vicious slaps and knee to Julius who just pushes him away. RedArrow then runs at Julius and delivers knee and forearms who again just pushes him away. Both The Marker and RedArrow run at Julius and deliver a double superkick before they both celebrate in the ring. The Marker leaves his hand out for a hand shake but RedArrow just flips him off and delivers a superkick. RedArrow then taunts and climbs to the turnbuckle he is going for the RedArrow on Julius but No The Marker caught him in mid air with a Mona Lisa!!

Image result for Airborne into RKO gif

Oh my God the crowd is going wild as The Marker sets up for the Nail in the coffin (Ripchord Knee) on Julius but as he spins around it is reversed into an End of days!! 

Image result for baron corbin end of days gif


Winner and New NXT Champion Julius

What a match these three men put on, this right here ladies and Gentlemen is the future of BPZ and i can't wait to see what's next in this thrilling rivalry for the NXT Championship. 

Julius stands in the ring dazed as the referee gives him the title. Julius surveys the damage and then raises the title in the air




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