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Emperor Nate

Introducing Team EVOLVE

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EVOLVE begins with the General Manager Nate Long kicking things off. He does his usual shtick and gets the crowd hyped for the show. He grabs a microphone looking to speak.

Holla, holla ladies and playas! I don't come out here that often anymore so it's feels great to be out here tonight. And me being out here tonight comes with great reason. I will be officially announcing the team of EVOLVE that will be facing Carnage at the Bragging Rights event in March. And within this team I have tried my hardest to assemble the best team possible, in terms of playas who have great skill in da middle of this ring, fresh new faces wanting to make there mark and also others who carry great pride and honor within this brand. This great team consists of the following so yall better listen closely. The Marker...RedArrow...Sameer...Jonathan... And last but certainly not least, I bring to you now the captain of team EVOLVE, Akki!

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After Nate's announcement, the camera cuts to the entrance stage as "Believer" by Imagine Dragons blasts through the arena speakers as the team's captain Akki makes his appearance clear as he bursts on to the stage with the crowd cheering him on. Some nagger chants in the mix but mostly hard clapping cheers, as Akki looks on at the crowd before coming down from the ramp and walks his way to the ring. The cheerful Akki quickly enters the ring as he was named team's captain a couple of days ago, Akki jumps on the top rope and gets handed a microphone before standing in front of Nate. 

The chants keeps flowing around the arena as Akki starts posing for the fans making the chants go louder and louder. With Bragging Rights only 1 week away, Nate looks quite happy with Akki's recent performance. As for now, all the team needs is some partnership, they can all succeed under one condition, that is to work together. Akki circles the ring as the chants calm down and puts the microphone up his mouth and starts speaking

First things first, I would like to thank Nate for giving me the opportunity to lead this team to victory. But that's not all we're gunning for, I will not only lead it to victory, but create one big force that will tear down Carnage, and show how its worthless piece of trash show can be taken down easily without the talks of Bailey. My advise to the team is to stay alert at any moment, cause after invading Carnage for literally two years, they could do the same. Now, I would like to shoot a warning shot, it's right up there... if you look closely, I mean, It's not hard to miss. 

Akki stops talking as a picture shows up on the titantron. The Marker & Red Arrow tries to throw the Carnage Production truck over, he succeeds as the titantron goes back to normal. Akki laughs out loud as the crowd reacts with a mixed chant. Nate looks surprised and quite impressed. Akki puts the microphone back up to his mouth and starts to speak.

 Related image

Nate, that's what I call a warm up. I'm sure Marker and Red are okay, and I'm sure the Carnage production truck is not. Now the second thing I wanted to address is that if we want to win at Bragging Rights, we have to target their main man. It's not Brad, It's not Monda, it's Ropati. Pretty sure he's the captain, so what I want Nate, is a a force that can go through him as quickly as we can. Eliminate him, and then we can work on the other's pretty easy. 

As for the third thing I wanted to address is, that we need to be a good ally team, let's not get Carnage in our head, to do that, I made Jonathan our co-captain. Now that everything seems quite fair, I would like to announce the next member of Team EVOLVE!

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The Marker comes out next as he looks around the Arena as he shakes hands with with Akki and Nate and now he pick up a microphone and speak

Marker: Nate, thank you for this opportunity for me to shine and the others aswell, but now on to pressing matters. At The Bragging Rights PPV in the Main Event it will be Team EVOLVE vs Team Carnage 

(The fans start booing as hear the brand Carnage and start chanting "F**k Carnage") 

Marker: Yes Ladies and Gentlemen indeed, F**k Carnage, but I'm not here for the chanting, I'm here for pride and so are the rest of our group and we are going to beat Carnage no matter what it takes to beat them and I am itching to face every single one of them, but most importantly Julius. You see I want the NXT Championship so badly around my waist but at SVDM guess who took that away from me, that right Julius, when the dust is settled for the PPV I'm coming after you at BPZMania for the Title. As for the other oppenents that we have I'm gonna tear you guys apart one by one, little by little and we will be victory. 





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As "Written In The Stars" by Tinie Tempah explodes throughout the arena the Evolve Arena, Sameer steps out on to the stage looking throughout the arena from the fans to his teammates in the ring and his GM Nate. As he starts to walk to the ring he smiles at the crowd then climbs on the turnbuckle to hype up the crowd, He then receives a microphone in the ring.

First off I just wanted to say that I am very honored to be in this match and repesent Evolve in the main event of Bragging Rights. I can't wait to beat the shit out of all the carnage members on their team and see Bailey's dreams of carnage being #1 ruined because that's all they are dreams nothing more and nothing less. If any of the carnage members of this team are watching I want to make it clear that you will LOSE there is nothing you can do to change the outcome of this match.

I have beaten 3 out of the 5 people in this match. The other 2 are no threat to me nor will they ever be. Julius is just a big man with no brain and Ropati is just well Ropati nothing but a lower mid-carder at best. But Nate I have to say one thing that you did wrong was add Jonathan to this match I mean do we even know if this man is going to show up before the match yet alone the match. He's not reliable, Time has passed and still no show from him. But anyways We will see what happens soon.

I just want to get my point out to one man in this match. Now this man thinks he is now some superstar because he now holds a title and that is Brad. Honestly this dude is one of the biggest jobbers I have ever seen in any company and after many title shots he finally get a title win but on the same night he gets destroyed by Flynn within seconds I just want to say to you Brad in this match I'm going to show you that you are one of the worst to step into this company. I will destroy you limb by limb. Anyways I would like to I'd like to announce the next member RED ARROW!

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Red Arrow makes his way out to the ring, glaring at each of his teammates

He stares at Akki and Marker, both of whom he has a history with

Arrow sits down in the center of the ring

"I cannot wait for Bragging Rights. At Bragging Rights I will finally get my hands on opponents and get the feeling of destruction that I have so desperately been craving. After St. Valentines Day Massacre, where I should've destroyed Julius and kept my NXT Championship, I have been waiting for my next time to strike. I lost everything, I was nothing. But when I was told I would be in this match, I started working. And now I am ready to show why Evolve is the superior brand. When I chose to come back, I picked Evolve over Carnage for a reason. I know they are superior."

"If anyone on Carnage thinks they have a chance against me, let alone a team full of Evolve's finest, they are gravely mistaken. We will destroy you and pick apart Carnage. We will show everyone why Evolve is the superior brand. I have been scouring, watching every man on Team Carnage. They don't know, but I know every one of their weaknesses. Their strengths will become nothing once we take control."

"Julius, you can't beat me. Everyone saw at St. Valentines Day Massacre when you weaseled your way into a championship by avoiding me, the true threat. Ropati and Monda are nothing, they are pathetic. Even Brad, the 'new champion' is a coward. The whole Carnage team is a group of cowards. Evolve doesn't have cowards. At Bragging Rights, when we kick your asses, we will show why Evolve is the superior brand.



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