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Number Six

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BPZ is mere days passed from Bragging Rights which saw Carnage clean sweep Evolve seven to zero in the event with Team Carnage beating Team Evolve, Andrew Richards defeating Ark Universe, Necce defeating FDS in a brutal Deathmatch, Echo Wilson defeating BiC, Prince defeating Bart, Ross making a upset win over the BPZ World Champion, and Flynn winning a brutal Three Stages Of Hell match vs Slim. The Carnage crowd is alive and well as the opening pyro for Carnage kicks off and the show's new theme song "Home" by Machine Gun Kelly plays as fans cheer on for another action packed night. 

The crowd cheers as "Cult Of Personality" hits the PA system as the presence of the victorious Team Captain makes his way out onto the stage with a smile ear to ear. He's dressed in a white t-shirt that says "Love To Hate Me, But You Hate To Love Me" with blood stain designs on it, a blue denim skinny jeans, white Jordan's, a smartwatch, and sunglasses. He has the Premium Championship over his shoulder as he embraces the reaction he got. He spreads his arms out and yells "Drink It In Maaaaaaaaaaan" before walking down the Carnage ramp. He slides under the bottom rope and stands in the middle of the ring as he raises his championship in the air as he smirks at the crowd's reaction of cheers. Brad lowers the belt and puts it around his shoulder again as he goes and grabs a microphone from Hannah before thanking her and he steps back in the middle of the ring and waits as his theme song dies down.

"Welcome to... Carnage... Is.... BRRRAAAAAAADD!"

The crowd roars as Brad smiles ear to ear again. A "Brad!" Chant breaks out, leaving the champion to stop from talking and chuckles as he gives all the fans a few bows in appreciation for the support.

"At Bragging Rights, Carnage did exactly what we said we were going to, and that's give Evolve what they gave us last year, a CLEAN SWEEP!" The Carnage fans roar as the word "Clean Sweep" comes up and a loud "Carnage!" Chant rises. "That's right, at Bragging Rights, me, Monda, Julius, Commonwealth, Andrew Richards, Echo Wilson, Necce, Prince, Ross, and Flynn did what we said we were going to do, and that's embrass Evolve and show why we are the number one brand. And before this event, we were the best anyway. Because unlike Evolve, we got die hards for this business. And those die hards went to war and walked out winners. And the night after, we all celebrated like there was no tomorrow. But I overheard something that caught my attention. Bailey was running down his "Top Ten Of Carnage". So here I am thinking I proved myself to be in that group, so here is his top five. Ross, Flynn, Echo, Prince, Necce. And I got confused and asked, "So where am I on your list?" His answer? "I don't know, maybe Number Six?" Number Six..... Many would be happy with that... not me." Brad lowers the Premium Championship from his shoulder and places it on the mat. He begins to pace the ring. "Number Six... Number Six..... Number Fucking Six!! No!

Me carrying a fucking build to a five vs five is a Number Six? Me being this brand's Iron Man, you tell me to fight two, three, four, or even five matches in one night, and you'll hear me say "How long you need out of me for each match?" But that's Number Six? Or watching pussies like Commonwealth get their chance to shine because they were the reason I got pinned? Or the fact that I could of beaten anyone in the matches from that shit brand Evolve and proved that I'm more than some jobber who gets lucky, but I'm Number Six? Or I'm the first man here who grew balls to your authority and stepped right in your face and challenged you? Me shutting up that loud mouth flash in the pan Sameer wasn't enough? Or the man who is so bored with his life so he decided "I want to break away from this shit and go for a good brand" in Akki and watch him have to resort to him drawing our logo on a truck with a fucking black shaprie then spray paint over it. Or have me ruin the careers of two up and comers in Marker and Red Arrow because you wanted to see my killer instincts again. And when I did, it must of been a "six" out of ten. 

I've been called a veteran because of my longevity here, and because I've done whats best for business. But, that makes me a Six. You know what Bailey, maybe being a six to you is complimenting me. It's not. To me, it's the biggest disrespect you've shown me in ages. Now, you lit my fire again. Now, it's time to show that I'm more than a Number Six for this brand. I'm going after each and every one of your men, and it lasts when I get to your top five. Prince, Ross, Necce, Echo, and Flynn. You all, are dead men, ya dig? And my mission does not stop till I get my goals, being number one, and taking that Universal Championship. Priemum is a start, Money In The Bank is next, then World Title, and finally Universal. Because I'm going to do what nobody has ever done and win every active championship in this company, and there ain't a damn thing any Stupid Idiots in the back can do about it. We are in the era of Smith? The era of Slim? The era of Flynn? Now, we are entering a new era. My era. Bailey, you'll see why I'm not no Number Six."

Brad tosses the mic  into the corner and scoops his title belt from the ground and raises it in the air and yells as the crowd roars as "Cult Of Personality" plays. Brad is extremely determined to show he's better than what he's put as, and with the momentum Brad has, who can stop him?


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