Video Start FDS in pictured sitting on his chair in his workshop. He wears a white mask with the eyes stylized so that they look like they’re bleeding. FDS is holding the intercontinental championship in one hand letting it hang off of his knee. He’s looking down at his feet, whispers can be heard in the background spouting things like “you’re not good enough” , “you’ll never make it here”, “Just give up”, “Get the hell out of here you loser”. The Camera flashes showing loss after loss for FDS. As The Rainmaker, As the Greatest Man That Ever Lived, As FDR, As FDSlater. FDS then looks up at the camera, he removes the mask, the camera flashes briefly appearing to make FDS look like FDSlater for a split second but then the evil, Insane, Demonic look of FDS returns. You’ve been saying i’ve lost my edge. You’ve been saying after two losses in deathmatches which were both within a month of each other, I’ve gone soft. I’ve lost my evil side. I’ve lost the driver that made me into the most hated man in BPZ. FDS starts laughing, getting louder and more sadistic for every moment he laughs, FDS then stands up and he then throws his chair out of frame and he flips the table with all his equipment over and then he picks up the mask he was wearing and then looks at it. He then places it on the ground and stomp on it shattering it. FDS then falls to the ground laughing after destroying everything in the room, the intercontinental championship right next to him. FDS finally sits up and looks at the intercontinental championship. I’m already booked for 3 matches at BPZMania. And i’ll probably have to fight 4 times so I guess i’m gracing you all with my presence four times that night so why do we go through each of those and we see what they mean to me. Let’s start with this Grand Title match. It’s full of people I can’t wait to torture. Let's first take a look at BIC… we have a long history don’t we buddy? Difference is in every other scenario you’ve had a chance to run away… this time you’re locked inside of a cage with me and I really don’t care if you try to stay inside your pod because I will break the fucking door down and I will legitimately bust your face into the door so that you go away for another few months so we don’t have to see your rich boy ass trying to tangle with actually decent wrestlers. Then there’s the “Defending Champion” Bart who didn’t even fucking win the belt, he got handed it and now he’s suddenly Slim’s partner against myself and Jon at mania that’s really quite cute if you ask me. It’s like when an older brother just gives his little brother a toy because he’s done with it. Jon I have no problems with you at this point and to be honest we need to be on the same page going into this tag title match so I don’t really care about what you do in this match. As for Sameer… What has he even done lately? Who did he even beat? FDS pauses and breathes Then there's you. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you. Ark. After what you did at the Rumble I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to tear apart piece by piece. Limb by Limb. See with the other 4 men Ark, they aren’t my focus in this match. I just want you. I just want to take you apart piece by piece and if it means I have to go through 4 other guys so it's just me and you. Then fine. I will. And I will break you into millions and millions tiny pieces until no one recognizes you. Now I briefly touched on it but lets into some detail about this tag team title match. It’s funny Slim, how you got turned on by the man you did beat last year at BPZMania II costing him the one thing he craved more than anything: The Biggest moment of his life. Yet it comes to you as a surprise that he  turned on you? And What’s to stop Bart from doing the same? He doesn’t care about you. All He cares about are those belts. Thats how me and Jon are different to you two. We may fight at times but we both have a common goal: Beating the living shit out of our opponents. But i’ll touch more on our tag title match when I see the two of you in person. Now that brings me to the Money In the bank ladder match. FDS stands up slowly and he smiles into the camera as he gets up almost zombie like as if he’s just been through a war. His smile is sadistic and terrifying. I don’t care about who’s in this match. I care about only one thing in this match and that's Taking that briefcase. So bring your “legends”, Bring your “monsters”, bring your “best” they won’t be enough to stop me. For years I have sat in the shadows and plotted waited for my opportune moment to strike and now that Money in The Bank Contract means one thing to me, it means i’m one step closer to controlling everything in this company and how beautiful it will be when I defeat every single man in that match and I stand above every single one of you as you bleed out while I make my ascent and crown myself the king of this chaotic landscape. Now that just leaves one more thing. FDS leans down and picks up the Intercontinental Championship. He holds it up to the camera. This belt. I currently have no challengers for this belt. So let me make this quite simple. Evolve next week, If you want a shot at my belt at BPZMania III then show up. I don’t give a fuck if your on carnage, jump the barricade, buy a ticket, I don’t care just be there and make your challenge known… and then i’ll let you all know what you’re stepping into. So to all my opponents at BPZMania, in all 4 of my matches, I have one last thing to add and it’s simply this: I. WILL. MAKE. YOU. SUFFER. FDS puts his finger up to his mouth and shushes the camera. The camera flashes to an image of FDS covered in blood smiling before Flashing back to FDS shushing the camera. Cut to Black