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Storm epic universe mode

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Image result for Smackdown

Image result for Naomi tewImage result for natalya tew

This match began with Natalya showing her Hart dungeon skills against Natayla, with a combination of strikes to the skull, working on the legs and various leg submissions. Naomi did not give up though, she fought through it and started to hit here 10 kick combo and then rolled up Natalya But Natty would kick out at 2. Natalya would then go for the sharpshooter and lock it in tight. Naomi started to crawl to the ropes and got there. She got up straight away and hit a Rear View for the 3 count.

Naomi defeats Natalya via a Rear View


Image result for Elias samson tewRelated imageRelated image

These are two bitter rivals trying to be the U.S. Champion and Elias has done that but we know that Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry want that title as well. The match begins with Elias showing his aggressive physical ability against Bryan, striking him with multiple blows to the skull. Over the course of this entire match Elias was on top of Bryan, one step ahead of him at all times. He would now go for his finisher move "Drift Away" but Bryan would reverse, striking for the Champion's knees and would hit the famous "yes kicks". Bryan would lean back into the corner and go for the Running Knee but Elias would reverse and go for the rollup for the 3 count. After the match Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry would attack both competitors.

Elias defeated Daniel Bryan via a rollup


Image result for brock lesnar tewImage result for Curt Hawkins tew

This match started with Lesnar running straight for Hawkins in the corner and hitting multiple suplexes. Lesnar would taunt, directly to the back to Balor. Hawkins got up and went to hit Lesnar but Lesnar ducked and hit an f5 for the 3 count.

Brock Lesnar defeated Curt Hawkins by an F5.


Image result for Finn balor  tewImage result for Heath Slater tew

The match started with Slater getting some offense but that just turned into Balor getting more rage in him and striking Slater with multiple kicks and punches to the chest and skull. Balor would end the match quickly with a 1916 followed by a Coup De Grace.

Finn Balor defeated Heath Slater by Coup De Grace.



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Much better presentation Storm. But Natalya vs Naomi for the 3rd week in a row? And Naomi wins easily again. Anyway US is being built up well and I honestly have no idea what will happen but I think it should be a singles match not a multi man match. Easy wins for Balor and Lesnar, won’t pretend I’m shocked to see Lesnar beat Hawkins. Great show Storm and I’m excited for more 

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Image result for nxt logo 2018



Image result for ec3 tewImage result for chris hero tew

EC3 vs. Kassius Ohno: This match was amazing, two big men brought it to this first round match, Kassius Ohno started this match with many powerful powerhouse matches but Ec3 after a few moves would fina weakness in the leg and target that for the majority of this match. EC3 would go for the One percenter later in the match but Ohno would duck and roll EC3 for the win.


Image result for kyle o'reilly tewImage result for the velveteen dream tew

Kyle Oreily vs. The velveteen Dream: Kyle Oreily used his legs and fists to his advantage in this match and Dream seemed to be not able to catch up. Kyle would continue the attacks, and now go for the boston crab but Velveteen Dream would make it to the ropes, and then get up and hit a clothesline followed by the purple Rainmaker for the win.


image.jpegImage result for Akam tew  Image result for eric young tewImage result for Sami callihan tew

AOP vs. Sanity: As Sanity make there way to the ring, we are shocked with Young's tag team partner and he is the newest signee for Nxt, Sami Callihan. This match was an awesome one with Sami carrying this match against both Aop as he want sto prove his skills. This was a quick one with a few big moves by Callihan and hits the Headlock Driver for the win for Sanity.


Stay tuned for the next episode of Universe mode where we have Raw.

Image result for ricochet tewImage result for will ospreay tew

We will have these two debuting on Raw and much more with a new general manager with Angle sadly leaving, tell me what you thought!

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