As Storm's titian tron hits, the crowd explodes with excitement, Storm comes to the ring very slowely with eyes only set on the ring and very seriously with only one goal in mind and that is the Nxt Championship.   The Marker, stop coming out here and trying to impress the people that can only be impressed by me. Its not just that, none gives a shit about you going to the gym that is a routine we all do every day as professional athletes. It is obvious that you need some attention struck upon you, showing in your promo that you are working out. Come BPZManiaIII, you can try to break my fingers and break my bones but the fact of the matter is you wont be able to, you wont be able to break me down. I am so sick of you. I was sick of you the moment you stepped foot in BPZ. The more focused i get, the more vicious I get and to be honest Marker these people dont give a shit about you. They dont care about me either they just care that I put my body on the line and if you mess up even just one little mistake they tell you you fucked up. Marker you can come to the Orange Bowl and try to win the Nxt Championship, but you wont you are piece of crap and thats all you will ever be. I will decimate you at the sound of the bell, not knowing what hit you. You think im a joke, you know im the most dertimned and serious I have ever been and I will punk kick your skull off! Now Nxt Champion the almighty Julius, no more games, play time is over and its time to witness the viper that will slither his way to victory less than a month from now. You know that I will beat you and Marker and everyone in the back knows it and most certainly I know it. So , come to the grandest stage of them all be a ogd, and I will be the best and that is all I need. But you know you need much more than being able to pick me up and slam me down. You need something called technical skill and that is exactly what you lack and that is why come BPZManiaIII you will no longer have gold around your waist and you will be exactly what I have been telling you and the whole world, you are a mortal just like everyone else.  If you dont believe me you will soon realize this fact at the upcoming ppv and JULIUS MARK MY WORDS THE STORM YOU KNEW BEFORE IS DEAD AND SO IS YOUR TILE REIGN COME MANIA! Storm drops the mic, and proceeds to head to the mic will no move of a muscle. As the lights turn off, the titantron turns on, with Storm appearing to be at a house, which has to be Julius' house which he has not been at because of his lengthy schedule as Nxt Champion. As Julius' house is set on fire and is burned straight to hell there seems to be noone that can stop the viper.