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Nate Long

Monday Night Raw Discussion: March 12th 2018

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The time for talk, it seems, is over. Live on Raw, Roman Reigns and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will meet face-to-face, but they may be trading more than just insults. What will happen when The Big Dog and The Beast Incarnate step into the ring, four weeks before WrestleMania?

  • The Big Dog and the “entitled” Universal Champion meet face-to-face
  • Can Bayley and Sasha Banks mend their fractured friendship?
  • Braun Strowman is a Monster Among Men and a Maestro Among Monsters
  • Will Ronda Rousey regret putting her hands on Stephanie McMahon?
  • When will “The Ultimate Deletion” take place?

Source: WWE.com

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PWInsider.com is reporting Ronda Rousey has not been seen backstage at RAW in Detroit today, despite WWE announcing she will appear on the show every week.

Additionally, it was noted that there has been no sign on Brock Lesnar or Paul Heyman backstage today either.


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Another pretty good RAW which set up some more storylines on the road to Wrestlemania. The Reigns, Angle, McMahon promo at the beginning was good and it had a sense of realism which makes us more intrigued when the eventual  Lesnar and Roman confrontation occurs. Banks vs Deville, with Deville's in ring work really improving was fine but the more intriguing aspect was Bayley leaving Sasha to be attacked by Absolution hopefully pulling the trigger on the feud. MIZ TV wasn't that exciting as we basically know what was going to happen before it even happened, although Miz was very good on the mic and the match between Balor and Seth was good. The highlight of the show in my opinion was John Cena's excellent promo on the Undertaker, calling him out and challenging him at Wrestlemania. He brutally got stuck into the Undertaker which was excellent and made the match a box office attraction and a must watch come April 8th. Asuka vs Mickie was good but why is Asuka on RAW, she should be on Smackdown after Fastlane. The Nia Jax angle was again great making us feel sympathetic towards Nia which should lead to Bliss vs Jax at Wrestlemania. Now the main event could be seen as questionable having Braun Strowman defeat all the tag teams, but it provides intrigue heading into next weeks RAW.

Overall - 8/10 

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Just gonna say I love Reigns and Cena's promos last night. Roman Reigns being the against-Lesnar has helped his reactions and is making for compelling TV, i can't wait till Brock shows up next week. Cena, on the other hand has set the perfect retirement match for The Undertaker by challenging his ego and such. RAW is doing amazing heading into Mania and I can't wait to see SD's response.

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