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SmackDown LIVE Discussion: March 13th 2018

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  • Shane McMahon to make a WrestleMania announcement
  • Asuka to make her first SmackDown LIVE appearance after challenging Charlotte Flair
  • AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura’s Road to WrestleMania begins
  • How will Randy Orton deal with the target on his back?
  • How have The Bludgeon Brothers changed the SmackDown Tag Team division?


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This should be an exciting SmackDown. It'll start to shape up what we should expect from SmackDown's WrestleMania matches in terms of the build. It'll be interesting to see what direction Shane and Randy will be going heading into Mania since they both have a few options. I think it's obvious that Zayn and Owens will both interrupt Shane's segment but I'm hoping Ziggler does as well and that Shane does end up facing Ziggler like the rumors said. As for Randy, I see Mahal and Roode stepping up to him, and maybe even Corbin. Like Prince said in chat, it'd be cool if the US title had a ladder match after so many forgettable matches at recent Manias.

I'm excited to see how the tag division will pan out after the brutal attack at Fastlane but I'm most excited to see how the build for the matches that have already been made (Nakamura vs Styles & Asuka vs Flair) will pan out as they sound absolutely amazing already.

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Smackdown's opening segment and match was enjoyable to watch especially the Match between Rusev and AJ, they have good chemistry in the ring and hopefully can have a feud down the line. Nakamura's character was perfect here, waiting for the right time to save AJ while also scouting his weaknesses. Really did enjoy the Tag-Team match that followed with the Bludgeon Brother's showing their badass mentality brutally beating Big E and Jimmy Uso. I can't wait for this to pay off at Wrestlemania and this match could definitely be a show stealer. Asuka's promo was a bit awkward although Charlotte was good. Asuka's ability lies in the ring and WWE should build up this Story on Asuka's in-ring dominating style rather than her talking skills. The US title picture is very lackluster and the match also wasn't great. I see where they are going with this but only a Bobby Roode heel turn would make me invested in this feud. Carmella vs Naomi was filler and was fine. The closing segment was great especially with the brutal and sickening beatdown of Shane McMahon. I loved how Owens and Zayn attacked the referee's who were helping shane and Shane's selling needs to be applauded. I still don't know what form of match will take place at Mania but this made me excited for it.

A good opening segment followed by a great tag segment, after that Smackdown did drop off a bit but the Closing segment brought it home 

Overall- 7/10

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Good way to kick off the show, a good promo and Rusev Day are helping the Styles/Nakamura feud. The Bludgeon Brothers are being booked great, and a Triple Threat tag match looks good. The US feud is also looking like a triple threat, with Jinder now beating Roode and Orton. The women's confrontation was great, followed by Carmella getting a big win. The ending was strange but good at the same time.

Hour 1: 4/5. Match of the Hour: Bludgeon Brothers Vs The Uso's. Star of the Hour: Shinsuke Nakamura. His feud with Styles needs to up the intensity but the fans already want to see it. Anyway, a good segment following his solid match with Rusev last night

Hour 2: 3/5. Segment of the Hour: Zayn/Owens attack. Star of the Hour: Sami Zayn. Amazing promo and he was the man of the segment

Overall: 4/5. Segment of the Hour: Zayn/Owens attack. Star of the Hour: Shinsuke Nakamura

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