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Premier League Weekly Review

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Premier League Weekly Review 2018/19: Game-Week 2

 JoshsNow: Ok welcome to the Premier League Weekly Recall Show
JoshsNow: Joining me is my co host Kieron and our guest Marker
 JoshsNow: Mark, welcome to the show

The Marker: Thank you for having me Josh and Kieron

JoshsNow: No problem
JoshsNow: So let’s start by reviewing the league result
JoshsNow: We’ll start with the one I just want to get out of the way
JoshsNow: Brighton 3-2 Manchester United


JoshsNow: What were your thoughts on a disappointing United performance
 Vioxx: What is there to really say?  As a team, we seem to be very dejected, whether because of injuries or the manager it isn't currently clear
JoshsNow: Listen I’ve been an anti Mourinho fan since Day 1
JoshsNow: And I honestly think that the reason we have no leaders in the squad is because who is going to want to play under Mourinho?
The Marker: Yep, that definitely happened, Let get this out of the way, United was really awful in this game and Brighton absolutely hammer them down and it very disappointing for a Team like United to lose to some team like Brighton, Alot of the players thought they did really bad including Pogba, I feel soon enough Mourinho is gonna get sacked, he isn't at his best like the first season and everyone says that it is Third season syndrome for Mourinho and I can't doubt that
 JoshsNow: I agree with Mark when I think that this is his last season
JoshsNow: So what changes to the squad do you think he should make

 Vioxx: I think the Sanchez move really had a poor ripple effect in the squad, for example
 Vioxx: I went to the Manchester United VS Stoke City game in January and Martial, while motivated, was an absolute monster
 Vioxx: Now, after everything which has happened he seems like he doesn't want to even wear the badge

JoshsNow: When as a 21 year old, your manager shows faith in you by replacing you with a 30 year old on 550k a week
JoshsNow: Its no surprise he’s feeling demotivated
JoshsNow: Also I’d be starting Smalling and Jones following the defensive performance

 Vioxx: Personally, although Bailly had a poor game I would rather play a Bailly and Smalling/Jones. The pair together just screams a 5-0 thumping against Spurs
JoshsNow: I am a Bailly fan
 JoshsNow: But he just can make that one mistake in a game

 The Marker: Mourinho has influenced alot of people in a negative fashion and that what you wouldn't want in the dressing room including the people we mentioned and when those guys are your best players on the team, they will 100% turn against you
The Marker: It what happened with Willian, Hazard and countless other people(edited)
 Vioxx: That's what really worries me, this season we could be ending 10th in the league like Chelsea did in the 2015-16 season
 JoshsNow: It’s the Mourinho style
 JoshsNow: He leaves Team in a worse state than when he got to them

 Vioxx: Even stylistically its poor from a fans perspective under mourinho
Vioxx: Inside Old Trafford nowadays its complete silence 70% of the game  with a lot of people not turning up for games which don't involve a Man City or a Chelsea
 Vioxx: And apart from the loyalty to the club, I'd rather watch a Liverpool/City game as a fan of football

 JoshsNow: That’s it now. No longer are we the feared attacking force. We are now the boring team of football
The Marker: Speaking of City, what a dominant performance by them against Huddersfield


JoshsNow: If I need anything more depressing than talking about United this is it
JoshsNow: Sadly I could see Town going down at the minute

 The Marker: Huddersfield in the first placed didn't stand a chance and it proved that with City destroying them 6-1
JoshsNow: I honestly thought they would have a better season than last time but 6-1 is very poor
 Vioxx: They are my pick for 19th from pre season, only beating Cardiff
The Marker: The only player I saw that was good was Kongolo
Vioxx: After the mid-point of the season last year every team knew exactly how they played and they don't seem to of changed much
 JoshsNow: You just realise how far behind the rest of the Premier League they are when you see the squad
 The Marker: He a very good Defender for Huddersfield and they desperately need that player in the back that helps
 JoshsNow: They’ve still got the likes of Erik Durm though but for now a very disappointing performance
 The Marker: But anything else City dominate
JoshsNow: I guess for them the season starts next week
 The Marker: Alan Shearer said that Aguero is the greatest export to come to the Premier League
 The Marker: Which isn't surprising to me because he really shows why that is
JoshsNow: I don’t like Arsenal but Patrick Vierra or Thierry Henry
 Vioxx: Ronaldo?
 JoshsNow: They are arguably worthy of that position
 JoshsNow: Marker if you want to make the argument that Aguero is better than Ronaldo say so now

 The Marker: That what Shearer said, not me
 The Marker: I'm just saying he showing why he thinks that
JoshsNow: Talking of Shearer
JoshsNow: Newcastle getting a point against Cardiff


 Vioxx: Both sides were absolutely abysmal
The Marker: It was a real boring game until the penalty
The Marker: And Kenedy failed to score
The Marker: I like Kenedy alot, but that not good at all
 Vioxx: Anything but three for most teams against Cardiff is a disappointment
 JoshsNow: Cardiff did what they had to
Vioxx: It's a real eye opener to where Newcastle could end in this season
JoshsNow: Newcastle have had a poor start to the season
JoshsNow: They have to take those points
 The Marker: You know who had a worser start then Newcastle
 The Marker: Arsenal


The Marker: With a second lost of the season to Chelsea
 JoshsNow: To be fair to Arsenal they have had a tough start
The Marker: And this was the best game of the week by far
Vioxx: Watching arsenal play it seems as if they have gotten worse though
Vioxx: Especially in the City game where they struggled to put a few passes together

JoshsNow: I think Arsenal have just realised how good of a manager Wenger was
 JoshsNow: I did think they played better at Chelsea though

Vioxx: It's a wonder they don't score more
 Vioxx: they should've had at least 4 but they missed two sitters
 Vioxx: and they have Lacazette sat on the bench most of the game

The Marker: The players have really developed under the style of Sarri very quickly and I'm very happy of that
 The Marker: Kante can now move up more, which is real dangerous to any team
Vioxx: I like how they are playing more openly than last season
 JoshsNow: Chelsea have so far beat Huddersfield Town and a poor Arsenal
The Marker: So as City
 The Marker: But now with Arsenal taking on West Ham, I feel now this is where they shine
The Marker: I like Iwobi on that day
 JoshsNow: They need to start Ramsey
 The Marker: He was real help for the team
 The Marker: They need to start Torreria
 JoshsNow: I can’t believe he didn’t start
 The Marker: He absolutely quality
 The Marker: And Leno aswell
JoshsNow: Idk
JoshsNow: Cech kept Arsenal in the game for a while
JoshsNow: Anyway you mentioned West Ham


JoshsNow: No surprise as they lost to Bournemouth who are looking good this season
 The Marker: Yeah, West Ham hasn't been all good
 The Marker: To be honest, I was hoping they were going to win against Bournemouth and shows us how good they can be
 Vioxx: I feel like its being disingenuous to call them a bad team because of the loss to bournemouth
 JoshsNow: But when you consider the money they’ve spent this time
 The Marker: It only the second week
The Marker: This isn't the last couple of weeks
 Vioxx: They held a lead until the 60th, conceding two in 6 minutes
 JoshsNow: I see them going down this season
Vioxx: West Ham going down?
 The Marker: Nah
 JoshsNow: I think so
 Vioxx: definitely not
The Marker: Cardiff, Huddersfield and Palace
 The Marker: Those are the teams
 JoshsNow: Cardiff, Palace and West Ham
 Vioxx: I wouldn't put palace there either
JoshsNow: Who would you have?
 The Marker: They are only good because of Zaha
The Marker: Let's be honest
 Vioxx: Huddersfield, Cardiff, Fulham, Southampton, Brighton and Newcastle could all be in the hot seat in april
 Vioxx: maybe a burnley if the Europa catches up to them

JoshsNow: Talking of Palace


 JoshsNow: Last nights game
JoshsNow: I think Palace could have done something more
 Vioxx: I think Palace played well for most of it
The Marker: That was a bad game for Palace
JoshsNow: But was it a penalty or a red card
 JoshsNow: Cause I disagreed with both decisions

Vioxx: The red was correct, he was the last man. But I feel like it probably wasn't a penalty
Vioxx: Even Salah looked like he didn't think it was

The Marker: It wasn't a pen, but it was a red
 The Marker: There was connection between Salah and Aaron
JoshsNow: Following last night, a lot of pundits have talked about how James Milner is one of the greats
 JoshsNow: Do we agree?

 The Marker: No
 Vioxx: He has good games, he will never be one of the greats because of his style of play
 JoshsNow: He does always seem to start at the best clubs
 The Marker: Who said that, Jamie Carraigher
 Vioxx: he is more of a role player
 JoshsNow: Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher both said it
JoshsNow: Around the same time Neville was wearing a Liverpool shirt

 The Marker: Carragher, not surprise by that, but Neville really?
JoshsNow: And also in Liverpool news
 JoshsNow: Karius has gone on a 2 year loan to Besiktas

The Marker: Good News to be honest
The Marker: He needs it
The Marker: He needs to regain his confidence
JoshsNow: Join us after the break where we discuss the other 4 PL Games

 JoshsNow: Ok guys we have returned
 JoshsNow: And we are doing some more results
 JoshsNow: We start with Burnley vs Watford


 JoshsNow: It was a disappointing performance for Burnley and you have to wonder whether Europa League is affecting them
JoshsNow: What do you guys think?

 Vioxx: It seems  as if that is definitely the case, with a lot of games and minimum change to their team selection
 The Marker: Maybe, it is, Burnley have won their games in the Europa Qualification, however it doesn't seems like they can transfer that to the Premier League
 JoshsNow: On the other hand though Watford have had an impressive start
 JoshsNow: Could this be a good season for them?

Vioxx: The 2-0 win over Brighton makes it seem promising, however they will really miss Richarlison  against the bigger teams
 The Marker: It could be, we thought without Richarlison or Marco Sliva, they would fall, however, they have been facing Brighton and a tired Burnley, but I feel they will fall as time progress
 JoshsNow: You say Brighton as if they are a poor team
JoshsNow: But it is a team that have just beat a top side

The Marker: Yeah, but that was Week one, we weren't expecting a United win
Vioxx: An upset doesn't mean that a team is top quality
 The Marker: And this was before, not after
JoshsNow: Ok let’s move on to the team that took Marco Silva and Richarlison away from Watford
 JoshsNow: Everton beat Southampton as Richarlison continues to impress


Vioxx: I think Everton have looked really good this season and with players like Gomes, Mina and Richarlison they could really do some damage on the top half of the table
 The Marker: It seems like 50m wasn't a waste at all, but at Watford, Richarlison strive under Sliva, but when he got sacked, he wasn't good afterwards, maybe it could be Sliva or maybe he has to prove that he is worth 50m
 JoshsNow: Penultimate game we look at is Leicester vs Wolves


 JoshsNow: Keep in mind they had their best player sent of I thought Leicester were excellent
 Vioxx: With that and a lack of Mahrez Leicester have certainly overperformed, however, Wolves have had a very disappointing start to the season
 The Marker: Leicester have been doing well in the Transfer Window, signing alot of players like Maddison who is definitely a standout
 The Marker: And Yeah Wolves haven't had a great start with only a draw to their name
JoshsNow: Wolves may have been poor
JoshsNow: But Ruben Neves looks like a Premier League player
 JoshsNow: If Wolves are struggling come January will he still be at the club?

Vioxx: I feel like most of the Wolves players, especially the Portuguese will stay until atleast the end of the season
The Marker: Neves is definitely a standout player at Wolves, but don't forget, they do have Rui and Joao to help
JoshsNow: Final game now is Spurs vs Fulham


JoshsNow: Spurs delivered again, and Harry Kane broke the August curse
 JoshsNow: What were your thoughts here

 Vioxx: I feel like this game went exactly as expected in the end, although the period of time where it was 1-1 was a worry for Tottenham
JoshsNow: Fulham still looked good to be fair to them
 JoshsNow: Do you think they could push for Top 10 this season?

The Marker: Yeah I can see that
 Vioxx: It is a possibility but I wouldn't bet on them
 JoshsNow: Alright let’s begin to close it up
JoshsNow: One interesting comment was Sam Allardyce’s comments on Unai Emery

 The Marker: Haven't heard from it, what has he said
 JoshsNow: He criticised Emerys style of play, saying Arsenal wouldn’t accomplish anything that way
JoshsNow: Are those fair comments to make, especially when it’s an unemployed manager talking about someone who manages one of the top 6 clubs in England

 Vioxx: Looking at Arsenal in the Chelsea game, they made correct chances but just didn't have any end product
 Vioxx: I wouldn't be worried about the style just yet

 The Marker: Well, he has to wait and see, because it only two games in with both good teams and to be honest, he just complains all the time and all he does is sit at home watching games instead of being a manager
JoshsNow: Finally, who was your Player of the Week
The Marker: Alonso or Aguero
JoshsNow: For me, I say Aguero
 Vioxx: I would give it to  Aguero


JoshsNow: Anyway thank you Mark for joining us
The Marker: No problem
 JoshsNow: If you have any topics you want me or Kieron to discuss next week post it on this thread
 JoshsNow: But for now, goodnight

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JoshsNow: Ok, welcome to Premier League Weekly Review. Joining me as always is my co host Kieron and our guest Summer. Welcome to the show Summer

Summer: Hello happy to be here

Josh: Well we’re all Man United fans so we might as well get it out of the way. Man United 0-3 Spurs

Summer: I’m going to feel sick. We took a Major P

Kieron: Definitely, if you told me it would be 3-0 at half time I wouldn’t have believed you. Feel like we were the better team until then. 

Josb: Yeah we were but then everything fell apart. Here’s a question. Where was Ander Herrera playing?

Kieron: He seemed to be playing central, maybe as a box to box?

Summer: He did really poorly

Josh: Well I thought he was playing RCB but I honestly couldn’t tell you

Kieron: I think Valencia was RB 

Josh: Apparently we could have had Moura who now tops the Power Rankings

Summer: Moura absolutely had Ander done with that goal

Josh: I remember thinking at half time “Kieron said Smalling and Jones would result in a thumping. He was wrong.” 

Kieron: Seems you spoke too soon. Unfortunately our own good CB is Bailly and even he is poor at the moment

Josh: It seems our CB partnership at the minute is poor. But so were many players. Lukaku. Pogba

Summer: Our CB partnership has been poor for a long time

Kieron: There are a lot of positives coming out of the game though 

Summer: Honestly we played better than the score would suggest we did

Kieron: Our style of play was much more aggressive with a high press from players like Lingard. The match just shows our inability to finish though. 

Josh: Mourinho said something interesting in his post match press conference. He said when I win you criticise me for my style of play. I have played well. What is more important?

Summer: The result obviously. It’s what appears in the record books

Kieron: I believe it is winning. The problem is what happened last week. When we play boring football and still lose to Brighton

Summer: Brighton was a disaster

Josh: Mourinho always seems to end up in this question. Another thing coming out of last night was should Jose Mourinho go? 

Kieron: I feel like the press have been overly harsh on him. Last night we played well until the 2nd goal, if we take the chances in the first half then it’s a different story. Lukaku missing an open net for example 

Summer: He has high expectations and unfortunately Man United are a big target for ridicule. I think he’ll stay. The press are being harsh cause we’re Manchester United. We’re such a big name that anything less than perfection is a let down. 

Josh: Tbh that couldn’t be anymore true. Well he has been backed by the board, supporters group and Gary Neville. And I completely see what you mean by those points but personally I want him out.

Kieron: I feel like if we spend money on players in the transfer window then it will be a different story. 

Josh: One final point I think and then we should probably move on. Last night, I’m not over exaggerating when I say about every fan around me walked out at the 3rd goal. Is that justifiable?

Summer: That’s fair. 

Kieron: Yes. Mourinho mentioned it in his press conference, with 10 minutes left and no more hope why not just leave early?

Josh: What about the fans taking selfies with Lucas? 

Kieron: I feel like it’s a non issue. If I saw him I’d probably get a picture too 

Josh: Alright shall we move on

Summer: Can we rip on City yet

Josh: Not yet, we will save the best until last. It’s hard to believe 7 years ago we beat Arsenal 8-2. 

Summer: I miss Sir Alex

Josh: No 4 words could better sum up a United fan at the minute 

Summer: That Team about 7 or 8 years ago was what made me a United fan 

Kieron: It’s just a amazing he won the league with the Andersons and Cleverlys of the world

Josh: We have got players on that calibre now. Pogba, Lingard, Lukaku, Martial, Rashford, Sánchez. And yet Mourinho can’t get the best out of them.

Summer: The World Cup showed how good some of these guys were as well

Kieron: The team are currently lacking confidence and maybe even belief in the manager at the minute. Pogba also seems to be out of position too

Josh: But what about Arsenal 3-1 West Ham

Kieron: Anautovix scores once again but other than that it’s a sombre affair for the Londoners

Josh: Don’t really have much to say here, both team so played relatively well

Summer: I predicted West Ham to be relegated at the start of the year and I’m gonna stand by that

Josh: I said it last week. This is a relegated side.

Kieron: West Ham relegated? I still think it’s a bold claim with some other teams in the league. Cardiff and Huddersfield are probably locks to go down 

Summer: Thing is I rate the West Ham players a lot but I just don’t see them clicking right now 

Josh: Yeah but you look at Huddersfield’s team spirit. It’s what kept them up last season. 

Kieron: They haven’t changed in style since they came up. Everyone figured it out in January which is why they were in the shout for relegation anyway 

Josh: On that note then Huddersfield 0-0 Cardiff

Summer: Poor Cardiff

Kieron: A Game destined for last place spot on MOTD

Summer: 19th vs 20th. That’s the thing about Cardiff and Huddersfield. They’re just bland.

Josh: Huddersfield were arguably the better side until the red card 


Kieron: I literally just put him in my Dream Team too

Josh: Yes Everton 2-2 Bournemouth

Summer: Everton really impressed me with their Summer transfer window. I think they could make a push for Europa League.

Kieron: Their deadline day makes them a top 6 challenger definitely 

Josh: I thought they played very well considering they were down to 10 men. 

Kieron: Yeah

Josh: Eddie Howe is the longest serving manager in the Premier League. How long will he maintain that?

Kieron: A Bournemouth loyal. I feel like he probably stays until Bournemouth go down or maybe longer

Summer: Yep until they go down

Kieron: I don’t want to think about the amount of offers he has from big clubs already

Josh: Mourinhos replacement sorted.

Summer: That would be insanity. I don’t know if I’d rather have him or Zidane

Kieron: I don’t want Zidane anyway. Couldn’t challenge Barca with the best team in the world 

Josh: I like how we’ve managed to side track to United again. 

Summer: We always do Josh. We have a lot to get out of our systems

Josh: Fair enough. Now Liverpool 1-0 Brighton. 

Summer: Liverpool are going to win the title this year 

Kieron: Them or City. Can’t pretend they aren’t title favourites 

Summer: No boo City 

Josh: Thought both teams were solid but Liverpool didn’t look anything special 

Summer: Salah was magic as always 

Kieron: They did enough to do the job. Which is what wins titles.

Summer: Can’t expect 4-0 every Game, poor West Ham

Josh: K now for the high scoring game that was Fulham 4-2 Burnley

Summer: Mitrovic is a beast

Kieron: The schedule has obviously taken a toll on Burnley 

Summer: Yeah Europe has really sucked the life out of them. I think Fulham played really good football though

Kieron: They Player How I thought they would coming into the season

Josh: Were Fulham good or Burnley poor

Summer: Fulham were good, they created a ton of chances, they played fast paced they ran their football perfectly

Josh: Jokanovic looks like a Premier League manager 

Kieron: I rated him when he was at Watford

Summer: He must be delighted for their first win of the season

Josh: Let’s move onto Leicester 2-1 Southampton 

Summer: Maguire is a beast

Kieron: Watching him makes me sad knowing we could’ve had him 

Josh: Once again both teams looked good. 

Summer: Apparently Steve Holland was in attendance for the game. I hope he was impressed the English boys did really well

Josh: Talking of that Jamie Vardy’s semi retirement 

Kieron: We will miss him in the later stages as a sub, however the wc proves that he isn’t crucial to the squad.

Summer: I think we have options at ST who could be more useful as a super sub

Kieron: Rashford especially if he continues to not play

Josh: Ok penultimate game I think. Wait never mind 8th game Watford 2-1 Palace

Kieron: Messing Up the games left lol. Smh

Josh: Two weeks in a row lol. Thought both teams were solid though. 

Kieron: Yeah. Crystal Palace will be disappointed with two losses. 

Josh: But can Palace do well with Hodgson

Summer: Hodgson is the right man

Josh: Penultimate game Chelsea 2-1 Newcastle. Newcastle were abysmal

Kieron: It felt like a very Newcastle game. A lucky way back into the game only to score an own goal at the end.

Summer: Yedlin was dreadful. Tarnished the American Name. 

Josh: Serri has well implemented his style. Finally City 1-1 Wolves

Kieron: City are just s**t aren’t they 

Summer: City underperformed massively. I also love the Team spirit of The Wolves


Kieron: Relegation at the end of the season. Bet on it. 

Josh: What about the Sterling rumours

Summer: I can’t see how he’d fit really at Madrid. But all the elite players are linked to Madrid. Kinda like United

Josh: True ok final point. Who was the Player of the Week?

Summer: I’m going to say Mitrovic

Kieron: Luke Shaw...

Josh: I’ll give it Mitrovic

Summer: Some could say Lucas Moura. But we’re all United fans. We don’t have the Pride for that.

Josh: I was thinking him but I decided not to. We will give it Mitrovic. Goodnight

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Josh: Hello, welcome to Premier League Weekly Review. Joining me as always is my co host Kieron and joining us today is our guest Prince. Welcome to the show Prince

Prince: Thanks for getting me on

Josh: Ok now let’s get the opening contest out of the way. Leicester 1-2 Liverpool

Prince: Not the best that Liverpool have played this season up to now but obviously they have the maximum points which is all that matters. Clearly Allison learnt something from that game. I’d say he rather learnt that against Leicester than.. idk, Real Madrid 

Josh: Good point, I’m guessing Klopp can’t blame Ramos this time. Overall I didn’t think either team looked special but Liverpool got the job done.

Kieron: That’s all you need to win a championship 

Josh: What about Andy King being left out of the Leicester Squad 

Prince: Quite surprising but if Claude added some young/better talent in his place that he plans on actually using this season it’s the right choice to have made, if not it’s a bit strange 

Josh: Let's move on to Brighton 2-2 Fulham. Very poor from Fulham to throw away a 2-0 lead

Kieron: I’d feel horrible coming out of that game as a Fulham fan

Prince: Mitrovic is looking in top form at the moment though, Fulham is playing to his strengths clearly which is maybe what he lacked at Newcastle. 

Josh: So did Jokanovic get his tactics right?

Prince: Clearly not, with the amount of money Fulham have spent you would expect more than just a draw for them against Brighton at home but there are signs of a good team - that given time could do well

Josh: Let’s move on to a game Prince will want to discuss. Chelsea 2-0 Bournemouth. Solid performance from both teams 

Prince: Credit to Bournemouth they really made Chelsea work for that victory, first half was disappointing but the second they really turned up the energy and got the points that people expected. Alonso really impressed me besides the obvious challenge to prevent a quick throw in for Bournemouth 

Josh: That’s why Serri is a really good manager in my opinion

Prince: You can see the team adapting to him more with every game

Josh: Ok let’s move on to Palace 0-2 Southampton. 

Prince: Maybe wait for Kieron to comment?

Kieron: Palace with yet another loss in the league

Josh: Very poor from Palace

Prince: They just don’t play well without Zaha it’s simple. Benteke doesn’t do the job for them, a new striker is needed

 Kieron: I would agree

Josh: Who do you think then should be the new striker?

Prince: With the expenses Palace have it’s hard to see who they could get. Seeing how expensive strikers are nowadays.

Kieron: They may need to get lucky with a young player coming from either their Youth Squad or on the market with the money they are spending on a new stadium

Prince: Loan deals are likely their best bet

Josh: Ok moving on to Everton 1-1 Huddersfield. Very good performance from Town. David Wagner is a very good manager 

Kieron: They have done well to slow down the train which was Everton. They are missing Richarlison though

Josh: If Everton are going to be a Europa League club they can’t rely on one player. What about West Ham 0-1 Wolves.

Kieron: Wolves still seem as if they could end the season in a good position in the league table

Prince: West Ham haven’t had a great start clearly, everything looked towards them having a good season but it just hasn’t happened yet

Kieron: I feel like they will struggle to keep Anautovic if it carries on like this too. 

Prince: Wolves haven’t lived up to the hype in my eyes yet considering people were talking about Europa League football for them. Anautovic has been the one positive thing in the West Ham Squad 

Josh: West Ham were poor though. Pellegrini out

Prince: Don’t see it happening yet but if this continues who knows how soon it will be? De Boer was sacked in 4 weeks

Josh: West Ham have announced they will stick by him

Prince: They have to hope their fortunes change around soon then 

Josh: Last year both Palace and Bournemouth had 0 points from 4 games. They stayed up. So do you still see them staying up Kieron? 

Kieron: I feel like with their manager and players they should be staying up with the other teams in the league however coming into the international break with these results doesn’t look promising

Josh: Let’s move on to City 2-1 Newcastle. 

Prince: Again this isn’t the best we have seen of City and I thought Newcastle played decent enough, they’ve been unlucky in both the City and Chelsea games

Josh: I thought both teams were solid in this game. 

Prince: People are critical of tactics used by Benitez for Newcastle but if you’re going to have an owner who makes you stick with a vast majority of a Championship players, you have to play that way in order to survive 

Kieron: I struggle to see how Benitez could be criticised at the moment. Nobody would blame him for leaving the job with Mike Ashley in control of the money. 

Prince: Ashley needs to realise he’s pretty much screwed if Benitez leaves. 

Josh: On the City side, how long do you guys see Vincent Kompany staying 

Prince: I see him retiring there

Kieron: Ditto

Josh: Now onto Cardiff 2-3 Arsenal. Great game, both teams performed well 

Kieron: I was very surprised at the Cardiff performance even though the Arsenal defence seems very very shaky 

Prince: Emery needs to stick with this formation, having Lacazette and Auba up top is deadly

Josh: Emery played the game perfectly well. And what about the partnership between Lacazette and Aubameyang

 Kieron: I’ve always felt they should both be playing it adds a lot more to their squad

Prince: A strike force like that can definitely help them get into the Top 4 again. Defence on the other hand. It’s a problem that needs to be solved. 

Josh: And to think there were rumours of Lacazette going on loan 

Prince: I hate to say it as well but at this point Cech should be dropped. Leno deserves a chance. This playing out of defence style just doesn’t suit Cech at all 

Josh: Ok now for the penultimate game Burnley 0-2 United. United got the result they needed.

Kieron: We played very well in this game. Burnley didn’t do themselves any favours however. 

Prince: Good response after the Spurs game. Burnley should be doing better from here onwards, playing in Europe was clearly a struggle for them as many feared it would

Josh: The main question coming out is was it a red card. Cause in my opinion it wasn’t. 

Prince: You can’t get into a players face like that and expect to get away with it. I also feel like Bardsley deserved a red as well though

Kieron: I didn’t feel like it was a red

Prince: You’re both bias though

Kieron: Whats a bias?

Prince: What about it makes you think it’s not a red then? 

Kieron: I just didn’t feel like he did enough for a red. 

Prince: He shoved his face into Bardsley, it’s pretty similar as to why Richarlison got one. Like I said, deserved but both should have got the red

Josh: Now Jose Mourinho. Did anyone see his Press Conference?

Kieron: I haven’t seen one from this weekend but I saw the post Tottenham one

Josh: Did you see his “I am one of the greatest managers” Press Conference 

Kieron: Nah

Josh: Also in Mourinho news he will no longer be going to jail. Now let’s move on to the final game Watford 2-1 Spurs

Kieron: Tottenham will be very disappointed after that performance 

Josh: Spurs have been poor. I think because they beat Man U 3-0 the whole word assumed they were going to win the PL. That performance showed why Poch will never win the PL

Kieron: Let’s not pretend that Poch is a bad manager

Josh: I’m not saying he is. But he doesn’t win trophies 

Kieron: It’s not like he had the best Summer transfer window. Comparing Tottenham’s Squad to others they are pretty weak in some areas

Josh: Did he need to buy anyone though?

Kieron: Yes. City bought in players and they already had the best squad, a stagnant team is never good 

Josh: The only place I think they could be strengthened is MF. 3 Final things. First, an interesting stat. In 2015, Leicester finished 14th with 41 points (11 wins, 8 draws). In 2016 Leicester won the PL. In 2018, Watford finished 14th with 41 points (11 wins 8 draws). In 2019?

Kieron: 14th with 42 points 

Josh: Now a new thing for PL WR. Goal of the Week. Was it Walkers against Newcastle or Lacazette’s against Cardiff?

Kieron: I feel like it was probably Walker’s strike against Newcastle 

Josh: I don’t know Lacazette absolutely leathered his in. Now Player of the Week?

Kieron: This week is a tough one

Josh: I’m looking at Murray or Lukaku

Kieron: Probably one of two, Cedric and Lacazette both had shouts too. I’ll give it to Lukaku on our quest to make this the Man United report

Josh: That concludes tonight’s episode of the Man U Report. I mean Premier League Weekly Review. Goodnight 

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JoshsNow: Hello welcome back to the Premier League Weekly Review it’s been a while but joining me as always is my co host Kieron
 Vioxx: Good to be back
JoshsNow: And joining us today as a guest is Maestro
JoshsNow: Alright let’s get straight into it
 dissq0: Thank you for having me guys, and hello again everyone!
 JoshsNow: Brighton 1-1 Leicester

JoshsNow: What are your thoughts on this game
 Vioxx: I feel like the red card to maddison really hurt Leicester as is a game they probably should be winning
dissq0: I agree, the red card definitely had a big impact on the game so I think Leicester might be kicking themselves over that result
[9:07 PM] JoshsNow: Yeah but it’s been a hard month for them hasn’t it
 Vioxx: Sure, but I feel like they have been able to bounce back well enough. Thinking about a team like Brighton, Leicester will be disappointed after only just getting the draw
 JoshsNow: Didn’t think they were the best but let’s move on
 JoshsNow: Everton 1-0 Cardiff

JoshsNow: Dont really have much to add to this game
Vioxx: Everton are continuing to get wins going into a big game against liverpool this weekend
 dissq0: Yeah, it's a nice result for Everton ahead of derby but even still, surely we will see Liverpool winning the derby yet again this weekend
 JoshsNow: I honestly hope Liverpool lose next week but with Everton’s form it should make an interesting game
 Vioxx: Without Henderson and a possible loss against PSG they might have a good game on Sunday
JoshsNow: I think Derby Day next week will be great
 JoshsNow: Mae this one is for you, Fulham 3-2 Southampton

 dissq0: Well, where do I start
JoshsNow: I mean that was poor from Southampton
dissq0: In terms of a football game, it was a thriller and a great game to watch. From a Saints fan's perspective, it was indeed poor. It's great to see Armstrong picking up two goals and the goals are definitely good for the team's confidence but it still feels like a downward spiral. Even when we're playing some of our best football in recent times, we're still losing to teams like Fulham through goals that should never go in. Poor marking and defending from Hoedt in particular let us down yet again. With no result against Leicester mid week, it's not looking good for Hughes and I'm sure that most Saints fans, myself included, are fed up with this kind of performance week in week out.
 Vioxx: I don't really have much else to say, Fulham did well to come back but Southampton didn't do much to resist the loss
 dissq0: I definitely agree
 dissq0: Poor performance for us overall
 JoshsNow: Alright to Watford 0-3 Liverpool

 Vioxx: Another big win for Liverpool, Watford have looked good this season and a 3-0 score line is nothing do scoff at for Liverpool
JoshsNow: Liverpool are sadly on fire at the minute and it’s another big win for them
 JoshsNow: Now for the one I’ve been dreading Man U 0-0 Palace

 JoshsNow: Where do we begin with this crap
Vioxx: Another very disappointing performance from the team followed by another one in Europe yesterday
Vioxx: I don't even feel like it's been Mourinho's fault though
JoshsNow: Then whose fault is it?
 Vioxx: It's probably a mix of everybody, the players on the pitch look dejected most of the time. Rashford had an absolutely horrific game in midweek and the whole squad is lacking in confidence
JoshsNow: Rashford looked the most dangerous player on the team when he attacked
 JoshsNow: His end product was just poor
 dissq0: I'd have to agree with Vioxx here. It feels like nobody is putting in 110% for the team and I'm not seeing that passion from most of the players at United every single week.
 JoshsNow: I see what you mean but I do believe it’s because of The manager the team are demotivated
 JoshsNow: Now West Ham 0-4 City

 JoshsNow: Not much to say on this one
 Vioxx: City just seem to keep getting better and better as time goes on
 dissq0: I have to agree. They looked great yet again.
JoshsNow: Sadly they are just on form atm and they look unstoppable
 JoshsNow: Ok now for Spurs 3-1 Chelsea

 JoshsNow: When did Spurs suddenly turn it on?
 Vioxx: I feel like these two teams have been evenly matched for a lot of the season to be fair. Sure Spurs didn't add in the summer but they are still the team who has had top placings the last few years
 JoshsNow: Where could they have improved in the transfer window tho?
 Vioxx: I feel like it would've been more of a City going for Mahrez kind of thing. Getting absolutely nothing in the summer is never winning you something like the Premier League while City are on top
 JoshsNow: That’s a good point but I think Poch is more of a coach than a manager in that he improves players so sticking with players he’s managed was ideal for him
 Vioxx: Well I feel like the Summer only happened because of the money spent on their stadium, He would have probably preferred having something better(edited)
JoshsNow: True and this stadium thing is an absolute joke
JoshsNow: Ok now onto the next game Bournemouth 1-2 Arsenal

 JoshsNow: Arsenal on fire also
 Vioxx: They are unbeaten for a long time now, after a poor start to the season Unai has really turned it around
 JoshsNow: Hopefully that run ends next Wednesday
 JoshsNow: Now Burnley 1-2 Newcastle

JoshsNow: Rafa Benitez for Manager of the Month?
 Vioxx: Well, getting anything out of this group of players is probably an achievement
dissq0: I’d say it’s a good result for Newcastle, at the end of the day the points are points so it’s brilliant for the Newcastle fans
 JoshsNow: Yeah they’ll be over the moon atm and what Rafa is doing is brilliant
 JoshsNow: Now for a game I’m happy to talk about Wolves 0-2 Town

 JoshsNow: Huddersfield just owned Wolves
 Vioxx: I'm very surprised about what happened there, Wolves have looked very positive throughout the season
 dissq0: Yeah I agree. Great result for Huddersfield nevertheless, just a bad day in the office for Wolves
JoshsNow: Huddersfield looked better than they have all season and there’s no way that side is going down
JoshsNow: Now thank you both for joining us and let’s conclude this by choosing our Player of the Week
 dissq0: Thank you for having me guys! Any suggestions?
JoshsNow: Leroy Sane I think
dissq0: I would not disagree with that choice
 Vioxx: I would also have to agree
JoshsNow: Well congrats Leroy for being our Player of the Week

 JoshsNow: Thanks to you both and goodnight
 Vioxx: Goodnight

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 JoshsNow: Welcome to Premier League Weekly Review
 JoshsNow: Joining me as always is my co host Kieron
 Vioxx: good to be here on this dramatic derby day
 JoshsNow: And we shall get to that drama later on but let’s start two days ago where we saw a more shocking result
JoshsNow: Cardiff 2-1 Wolves
Ropati: Good result for Cardiff poor from wolves however
 Vioxx: Wolves have looked poor over the last few weeks, I said last week not to worry but fridays result is one that would make me hit the panic button
JoshsNow: What has happened to this Wolves side that looked so dangerous at the start of the season
Ropati: The suspension of neves for the next game will hurt as well
 Vioxx: yeah, thats a big name out of the team sheet in mid week
 JoshsNow: Definitely but he hasn’t really been in form for them recentlu
 JoshsNow: Recently
Vioxx: Even out of form he is a big part of this Wolves team
 JoshsNow: True his talent will be missed
JoshsNow: But City coming back to beat Bournemouth 3-1
Ropati: Can city lose please
Ropati: It’s boring now
Vioxx: We have been asking for that all season my friend
Vioxx: Right now however, they only seem to be getting better
JoshsNow: By now it’s just a standard performance from City
JoshsNow: On the bright side at least it’s not Liverpool winning
Vioxx: Although, Liverpool are also winning
 Ropati: Can both get relegated?
 JoshsNow: Yeah but at least the more City win the less likely Liverpool are to win the title
JoshsNow: Now for Leicester beating Watford 2-0
Vioxx: Watford seem to of lost their form over the last few weeks
Ropati: Madison scored a nice goal redeeming himself for his red card
 JoshsNow: A late red card didn’t help Watford’s cause but overall a solid performance from Leicester
JoshsNow: Watford have had some tough games over the past few weeks tbf
 Ropati: They’ve fallen off from there starting form
 JoshsNow: But it was always gonna be hard after their phenomenal start
 JoshsNow: Now onto Palace 2-0 Burnley
 Vioxx: Palace impress as Burnley continue to dissapoint after a fabulous season last term
Ropati: Palace have finally got back into winning ways after a long streak of nothingness
 JoshsNow: Yeah it was a solid win for Palace
 JoshsNow: But a Burnley side who last season did so well could easily be relegated this time round
 Vioxx: We spent a lot of the early season giving european football as an excuse but there is obviously something else wrong with the team
 JoshsNow: Yeah but as I said why should that have been an excuse
 JoshsNow: Now Newcastle 0-3 West Ham
 Ropati: Hernandez has a great return to he starting 11
Vioxx: Newcastle's little run of form ended after a big loss to the hammers
 Vioxx: Chicarito giving me the old United nostalgia
 Ropati: I wonder if he’ll get back into good form that we saw from him before
 JoshsNow: What happened to that amazing run?
JoshsNow: Although it is good to see Little Pea doing well
 JoshsNow: Now a game I was at, Town 1-2 Brighton
 Vioxx: why were you at Huddersfield VS Brighton mate
Ropati: He’s a Huddersfield fan as welp
Ropati: Well
Vioxx: shake my head
Ropati: Huddersfield will be annoyed that they couldn’t hold there lead
JoshsNow: Yeah I only live 15 minutes away so I have a season ticket and go to a lot of games
JoshsNow: Town unable to hold on to a lead after dominating the game thanks to the recklessness of Steve Mounie
 JoshsNow: Now onto another talking point Southampton 2-2 Man U
Vioxx: another dissapointing game for us
Ropati: I think I’ll let the 2 united fans Handle this
Vioxx: in the interest of not sounding like a broken record i'll keep it brief. We were horrible for the first 30 minutes and then the whole of the second half
 JoshsNow: Is it weird that we look dangerous whenever we attack
JoshsNow: Poor again From us and frankly I’m sick of it
Vioxx: We look dangerous but we hardly ever are
Vioxx: whether its an open net miss or a wayward cross something usually goes wrong
JoshsNow: Ik and it couldn’t be summed up more than that Ashley Young Free Kick in the final seconds
JoshsNow: Now onto the tense Derby Day and it started with Ranieris return to Stamford Bridge which ended 2-0 to Chelsea
 Ropati: Good win for Chelsea to back in track
 Vioxx: As someone who watched this game intently, the scoreline doesn't represent Fulham's efforts in the game
 Vioxx: Fulham looked the more dangerous for most of the second half and looked very positive throughout, just lacking the quality fore the end product.
 JoshsNow: Didn’t see the game but wasn’t surprised by the result
 JoshsNow: However it seems from what Kieron was saying they pushed Chelsea and fair play to them
 JoshsNow: Now let’s move to one for Ropati Arsenal 4-2 Spurs
 Ropati: Donteven get me started
Ropati: We were poor from start to finish
 Vioxx: this was a very very entertaining game as a neutral
 Ropati: Let arsenal start off hot and win a pen after a stupid move from jan
Ropati: Then somehow we came back
Vioxx: a real derby from start to finish and Arsenal showed their potential under Unai  Emery
Ropati: Before becoming shit again and grtting  Destroyed in the second half
Vioxx: In the game I just feel like Arsenal were better as a team. Their high press at the beginning seemed to really catch you off guard
JoshsNow: You were owned Ropati by them
 JoshsNow: And I am scared for Wednesday now
Ropati: We didn’t see the spurs from the Chelsea and inter games
 Vioxx: Luckily they won't have Xhaka after his yellow card
 Ropati: Horrible prem return by jan as well
 Vioxx: Yep
Ropati: Sissoko also was sloppy
 Vioxx: Almost all of Tottenham were
 Vioxx: son looked really dangerous for the first half though
 JoshsNow: Compared to last week especially it was poor
JoshsNow: Compared to last week especially it was poor
 JoshsNow: Now the final game and as a neutral it would have been great not for the to ending but Liverpool 1-0 Everton
 Vioxx: no idea mate
Ropati: Liverpool got very very very very very very very lucky
Ropati: Andre Gomes should’ve score
 Ropati: Scored
 Vioxx: To be honest, I turned off the game at 90+4 expecting a draw
 JoshsNow: I mean it was terrible from Everton
 Ropati: I just heard markers brother yelling
Vioxx: The game couldve easily been 4-4 at half time too
Ropati: Overall a very good day for derby’s
JoshsNow: I mean a great game but a shame about the ending
Vioxx: A very good day for english football, especially with our euros draw
JoshsNow: Yep it certainly lived up to expectations
 JoshsNow: But who was your player of the week
Ropati: As much as I hate to say it I’d give it to aubamyang
 Ropati: Great performance against us
 Vioxx: Lucas Torreira from Arsenal. Bossed the whole game and scored the winner
 Ropati: With a stunning goal as well
 Ropati: Good shout vioxx Defs my 2nd choice
 JoshsNow: Aubameyang for me
 Vioxx: 😦
Ropati: Well thanks for having me gents would love to be on again
Vioxx: I'm sure we can arrange that some time soon
JoshsNow: So with 2 votes congrats Pierre you are Player of the Week

JoshsNow: And no problem Ropati
JoshsNow: Thank you for joining us and goodnight
 Vioxx: Goodnight!

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Premier League Preview Pilot (only doing one match this GW as a pilot)

Premier League 19/20 Season: Game Week One


As we come to the end of yet another long summer break, we say hello to a brand new season and yet another 9 months of hopes being crushed and dreams being fulfilled. One half of our opening match Norwich achieved their dream of making it back into the Premiership with a shock victory as the ended the season as champions above another shock team Sheffield United. There will be questions asked of them right away however, as their opening match is against the champions of Europe and runners up in Premiership, Liverpool. It would be a lie to say that this match is projected to be particularly competitive, however the champions of the second tier to have a history of taking Liverpool close with their last three results being 4-5 to Liverpool with a last minute winner from Adam Lallana, however, Liverpool are greatly improved as Liverpool were a poor 7th place during the time of that fixture. Now, they are easily in the top 2 teams in the country and fresh off the back of a magical run in the UEFA Champions League where they beat teams such as Barcelona, PSG, Bayern Munich and Tottenham Hotspur to claim the biggest cup in club football.

Norwich have had a very different 3 years since these two teams last met, falling to the fate of relegation down to the championship in the same season as the thriller with Liverpool during the 2016/17 season. While Liverpool last season ended around where everyone expected, Norwich exceeded their expectations by not only securing promotion, but winning the league last season, however the gulf in quality between the best in the continent and the best in the second tier is great and Norwich's transfer window don't suggest a magical run to exceed there expectations of being tightly in the relegation battle this season.

Taking into account the squads of both sides, with both of them mostly unchanged from last season, it would be foolish to predict anything but a dominant victory for Liverpool Football Club and our prediction would be 2-0 to the champions of Europe, but it is important to remember the magic of football as we look ahead to yet another season on the greatest league in the world.


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