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Title Requirments IC Divsion

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Alright, I know I might be in the minority for thinking this.  I raised this issue in the chat and was shut down, but I think we need enforce the title requirements.  This last month, the intercontinental title poll had people from both the world title division and the IC title division within the same voting polls.  The world title division members should not be competing in the IC title polls.  This last month we had multiple people who are in the IC title division who should have been in the title vote that had spots filled by people who should have not been their because they are not in the division anymore.

I wouldnt have a problem with this if they werent taking up spots of people who are actually still in the division


This Month we had

The Champion FDS who had 3821 posts with 1807 rep

Joshisnow who had 2,155 posts and 986 rep

Brad who has 8646 posts with 2160 rep

BIC who has 3889 posts with 2174 rep

Prince who has 2220 posts with 915 rep

Three out of 3 are not longer in the title divsion.  FD was champion and was in the division the entire month can have an exception but the two others are not.  This last month we have a lot of people who were active but werent in this poll.  Necce who is on the leaderboard with 37 rep or the week he only has 2355 posts with 1217 rep. Ross who has 1798 posts with 1662 rep he also on he leader boards for contribution  There is also myself 2854 with 730 rep. 3 people who could have been in the poll that had spots filled with people who were in the world title divsion.

Anyone who is actively contributing for the month should be in the monthly polls in the divisions they are in.  Those who are in the division shouldnt have their spots taken by someone who isnt.


We have title requirements for a reason, so that nobody can do to a lower title division and turn it into a stomping ground for them.  So that people in the IC can't go down to the US title or NXT divisions, and US cant go down to NXT but the World title division can do down to the world title division?  The  reason I am constantly given 'They can't  move up anymore'.  That's not a reason to let someone into the IC division.    If you dont want to compete for the World title and you are in the division then dont.  but dont come down to the IC division and take up the IC division members spots. 


Solution to this problem?  Either let people go to where ever division they want once they meet the requirements for them or don't let anyone move down a division.


Title Requirements Below Copy and Pasted from Neb's Title requirements topic  These are the title requirements as they should be and we have them for reason I said above.  And as I raised this issue in the chat they told me to take it  up with BPZ.  Instead I am taking it to the suggestions and Feedback forums.   Where the issue should be taken as it is feedback and a suggestion.


WHC Title:  Posts: 3750 or more | Minimum Reputation Points: 600

IC Title:  Posts: 1750-3749 | Minimum Reputation Points: 350

US Title: Posts: 500- 1749 | Minimum Reputation Points: 75

NXT Title: Posts: 25-500 | Minimum Reputation Points: 5

Premium Title: Need to be premium everyday of the month

Money In The Bank: Posts: 2500



As I said this might be an unpopular thing to post.  Very much so to people who maybe within the world title divsion but oh well.  Support this if anyone feels the same way as this if not oh well.

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5 minutes ago, Brad said:

And the rule of world guys going for IC was made cause A. World guys can't move up. And B. IC is rarely active, and most active guys are in world. Good luck though.

'A World Guys cant move up.'

So they can come down and take spots from people who are actually in the ic divsion?  IC divsion cant go down to the US divsion to get thier spots that have been taken.

'B IC is rarely active and most of active guys are in world'

IC is active but all the spots are being taken by people who arent in the divsion.  Also the US divsion isnt active should IC or World go down their? 2 spots at this last poll had people from the world title divsion 3 inlcuding the champion.  There were 3 more active members of the divsion who didnt get a spot because their spots were taken. World guys are active then go after the world title. 

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But it's not forever that non world guys will make the IC scene look competitive.

Adding a quota of world guys challenging for IC might be cool tho. Say if 3 IC guys are competing then only 2 guys from world can join in or something like that.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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