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TEW 2016: WWE | A New Chapter

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SmackDown LIVE | Week 4 May 2018

SmackDown LIVE. is live from Williams Arena the attendance figures for this week's show was 11,509 people and this was held in the Mid West region.


Shinsuke Nakamura Ignites A Brawl With AJ Styles | 97 Rating


Andrade "Cien" Almas Defeated Jeff Hardy | 66 Rating


Sanity Defeated The New Day | 59 Rating


Charlotte Will Defend Against Bayley Tonight | 65 Rating


Big E Defeated Aiden English | 61 Rating


Rusev Confronts Big E | 69 Rating


WWE SmackDown Championship Match: Carmella Cashed In And Defeated Charlotte & Bayley | 52 Rating


Big Cass Destroys The Ascension And Announces He Will On SmackDown Live Very Soon | 45 Rating


Mike Kanellis Defeated Zack Ryder | 54 Rating


Bobby Lashley Defeated The Miz | 79 Rating


Daniel Bryan Saves Bobby Lashley From The Miz & Miz-Tourage | 68 Rating

Overall Rating: 80

We got a TV rating of 21.96 (16,470,110 viewers). Shown live on: Azteca7, FOX8, J Sports 4, Sky Sports 3, Sportsnet 360, USA Network.


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Image result for kofi kingston 2018

Kofi Kingston Suffers Hamstring Injury On SmackDown Live

Some more injury news coming from WWE and this time it's former WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston who hits the shelf. Kingston suffered a Grade III Hamstring Contusion this past Tuesday following a loss to Sanity. The word from WWE Officials is that the injury happened when Kofi Kingston went for trouble in paradise and suffered the hamstring injury mid-air. Kingston is expected to be out for at least two months. Another source reported Xavier Woods flew back to Atlanta, Georgia after the injury and was pulled from the WWE's tour of Europe.

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A good show Ross. Your World Title scene is strong and carrying on the feud between  Miz and Bryan is a good idea, especially if you bring Lashley into it. The Women’s scene needs more work and so does the Tag division. Meanwhile I’m a bit worried for Big Cass’ return but overall good show Ross and I can’t wait for more 

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A pretty good episode of SD Ross with a couple of really good segments like the opening one with Nakamura and AJ. As Josh said the Miz and Bryan feud continues to be interesting and so does the Big E storyline as it looks like he is challenging Rusev next. Also some big wins for Almas and SAnitY against some established high profile names in Jeff Hardy and The New Day 

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Monday Night RAW | Week 1 June 2018


Monday Night RAW is live from XL Center and the attendance figures are 10,768 people in a the New England region.


Kurt Angle Puts Baron Corbin Inside A Steel Cage With Roman Reigns | 76 Rating


KOTR RO16: Samoa Joe Defeated Kassius Ohno | 68 Rating


Rey Mysterio Wants To End Randy Orton's Ego | 83 Rating


KOTR RO16: Rey Mysterio Defeated Dolph Ziggler | 74 Rating


A Look At Balor's Championship Reign | 85 Rating


KOTR RO16: Seth Rollins Defeated Kane | 81 Rating


Brock Lesnar Taunts Braun Strowman | 84 Rating


The Usos Defeated The Bar | 76 Rating


Woken Warriors DELETE The Usos | 76 Rating


KOTR RO16: Braun Strowman Defeated Sami Zayn | 79 Rating


Nia Jax Says She Will End The Ronda Rousey Hype Train | 68 Rating


Steel Cage Match: Roman Reigns Defeated Baron Corbin | 75 Rating

Overall Rating: 78

This show increased our popularity in 26 regions. We got a TV rating of 22.51 (16,887,040 viewers). Shown live on: 52MX, Canal 6, FOX8, J Sports 3, Sky Sports 3, Sportsnet 360, USA Network.



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OK. Let’s try review this. First Raw. The go home Raw for KOTR was great, and built Lesnar vs Strowman and KOTR well but made the Women’s division looked very poor. At KOTR the Women’s feud was awful but KOTR paid off greatly. The show itself was perfect, a perfect show Ross so I congratulate you on that. Building up to Unforgiven, it looked like Mysterio vs Zayn would steal the show and matches like Bálor vs Joe were built up well, but I though the buildup to Reigns/Elias was poor. Overall the shows were good and Unforgiven delivered with a perfect show. The IC match put on MOTN whilst Lesnar bought you 2 100 segments. Get the belt on him. The show empathised you needed more work on your Womens and Tag division but there’s no worry on Raw at the minute. Heading into SummerSlam you had a perfect Raw episode. I could see a 5 pack challenge betweenness Balor, Joe, Rollins, Reigns and Lesnar which I think if you did it would be your best ever match. 

On Smackdown, MITB was built up great, with Styles vs Nakamura looking like a MOTY canididate before the show, and even though Tag and Women’s divisions are struggling MITB was built up well, as was Daniel Bryan. MITB didnt live up to the hype but it was still good. MITB and Styles vs Nakamura were both good whilst the Cruiserweights didn’t deliver. Heading into SummerSlam a Fatal 4 Way between Miz, Cena, Styles and Nakamura could rival Raw.Also wanted to praise you as Jericho has been treated great as MITB. The only downside is that your Tag division is doing abysmal on the show but other than that Ross I can’t wait for more

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Image result for raw logo

Monday Night RAW | Week 4 July 2018

Monday Night RAW is live from SNHU Arena and the attendance figures are 10,586 people in a the New England region.


Brock Lesnar Lays Out Samoa Joe and Finn Balor | 98 Rating


Baron Corbin Defeated Kane | 52 Rating


Baron Corbin Calls Out Seth Rollins | 81 Rating


Akam Defeated Jimmy Uso | 64 Rating


Authors Of Pain Beat Down The Usos | 61 Rating


Elias Performs For The Crowd | 80 Rating


Elias Defeated Rey Mysterio | 71 Rating


Ronda Rousey and Sasha Banks Exchange In A Heated Argument | 75 Rating


Sasha Banks Defeated Alexa Bliss | 79 Rating


Samoa Joe Defeated Roman Reigns After An Elias Appearance | 81 Rating

Overall Rating: 84

We got a TV rating of 23.19 (17,393,260 viewers). Shown live on: 52MX, Canal 6, FOX8, J Sports 3, Sky Sports 3, Sportsnet 360, USA Network.


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I'm really enjoying what you are doing with the Universal title scene and I am sure Joe, Brock and Balor will put on a good match in the future. I also like how you continue to push Elias and a win over Rey Mysterio is big for his career. Corbin and Rollins will probably be Average at best unless Corbin pulls a rabbit out of the hat but overall I'm enjoying the current product 

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