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HellRaisers music hit as the pair walk down to the ring.

TRP: In the short time that we have been here me and my partner Storm have noticed a few details about this excuse of a tag division. FIRST, no one seems to want to fight. We call out Marking the Empire, no response. It seems no one wants to fight around here.

Storm: Now, this, this is a problem

Storm starts pacing the ring angrily, like he is about to explode with frustration

Storm: How can there be a tag division when there is no one to answer the call. How can you call yourself contenders if you don’t fight anyone else in the division. But we know what you do want. We know that theres one thing you want more than anything else. You want the gold, you want the glory of holding them high above you at the end of the night.

TRP: Well we’ve got something to say about that. Personally we would not like you to make it to the event. But as we cannot destroy you before then we’ve got another offer for you.

Storm: So here is what we propose; the next event. Marking the Empire, Ruin, HellRaisers. Triple Threat tag match up for the tag team titles. Frankly, we know you aren’t looking for a fight.

TRP: And just to let all four of you know, A Storm is Coming and you will be destroyed.


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As TRP finishes his sentence, Storm lifts the microphone close to his lips where people can hear him loud and clear.

We have spoken, now we will wait for an answer.  One scond by another we always wait and we always get nothing. This case must be solved and then destroyed. The HellRaisers want those tag team titles, and when we get the oppurtunity for the prize that we desire, we will go to hell and back to achieve the titles and the victory. 

Storm starts to pace back and forth, and then starts to speak, but slowly.

Image result for randy orton promos gif


We will wait here week by week until we get an answer, its a simple yes or no. Come on, Ruin. Yes or no is the way to bury the coffin and escape the hell. Just come on out to the people you hate and the competitors that will take those Tag Team titles of yours and give us a simple yes or no answer.

Storm and TRP wait in the ring for Ruin to appear.

Related image



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Darkness fills the arena as the fans once more split on the man aligned with the beloved Necce and slightly less beloved, FDS. The polarizing figure doesn't appear for nearly a minute and all that can be seen is the smoke shrouding the stage and ramp. Finally, through the smoke, Johnny Kills rises and heeds a renewed reaction from the crowd. 


Johnny appears to be all alone as he makes his stroll down the ramp, intensely glaring at the team of Storm and Roman as he drags the tag title behind him, a sickly scraping sound emitting from his march cuts through the boos and cheers alike. He lifts the title, pieces falling from it from abuse and neglect and he throws it to the timekeepers before mounting the steps. He does his signature somersault into the middle of the ring and immediately rises to his feet going to the corner where he eases himself down.


"We aren't looking for a fight? We threw our bodies through tables, ladders, chairs, allowed our bodies to break, not slowly but be demolished and suffered the repercussions of a grueling affair to not look for a fight? Everybody enjoys setting targets on us, everybody loves to point targets at out backs but whenever we turn, they don't have the gall to set those same sights on our chests. You come out here and you hope and pray that we don't leave that warehouse we're in and you can pander to these people and call us names."

"It's fucking pathetic."

Johnny grows more intense as he looks that the team of the "Hellraisers" as a snarl grows on his face. Kills looks from Storm to TRP, then raises the microphone back to his lips and begins to speak again.

"We're at the top of the mountain, we don't owe y'all a fucking thing. You come out here and challenge us for OUR titles, you come for OUR throne and you demand a match. You haven't been in this ring working a tenth as hard as us, you haven't been putting in our hours or EARNED the opportunities we earned. You want to talk about asking week to week for our response, you talk week in and out about wanting to win this more than anything. We never cared what you wanted to do, we were waiting to see what you did do and that was nothing. You entitled pricks want our titles, go for it, see how close you get to them. Welcome to the dark side of BPZ."

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Finally, a fight. Well, ruin, you say that no one ever wants to point a target to your chest. Well.

TRP raises a finger and points it right at Johnny’s chest.

Consider us the first.

And honestly, thank you for the invitation to the dark side of BPZ. Frankly that invitation is going to be something you will soon regret. See me and storm are something that Ruin, Marking the empire. Hell anyone on BPZ has ever experienced. Me and storm are going to take this division by storm. We have more power, more confidence, hell.

TRP pauses for a second

We even look better. Now you say you have gone through ladders, been put through tables and chairs. Trust me Johnny, when you’re laying on your back and you can just about hear the ref calling 1,2,3 you will be wishing you’ll be back in those moments compared to the pain you’ll be feeling in that moment.

We’re coming for those championships. You’re in for the fight of your lives because it’ll be a relentless onslaught until we have got what we desire. You are the unfortunate victims that hold them and for that I am sorry. But that will not stop us from tearing you apart to hold them championships you hold so dearly above out heads.

TRP pauses for a second letting the challenge sink in.

Now you may not have heard. But a storm is coming and anything in its way is getting destroyed. You’re in its way.

TRP drops the mic.

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After TRP'S response to ruin and dropping of the microphone he is met with the other side of hell.


Storm's titantron hits and he grabs a microphone on his way to the ring. Storm walks inside the squared circle, staring into the eyes of TRP and they both simultaneously nod their head and Storm lifts the microphone to his lips where he can be heard loud and clear.

Johnny, you say you dont need any competition, well in this business you always will have competition. You have told my partner here, welcome to the dark side of BPZ. Obviously youre deaf, so let me introduce myself, my name is Storm and this is TRP and we both come from the darkside and the underground. Those championships will come to the dark side and the underground. You have gone through tables ladders and chairs. Well we will too.

Storm goes outside of the ring and look under the ring bringing out all three of the objects that Johnny had been talking about. Tables, ladders, and chairs are all brought inside the ring. Storm brings the chair up to his chest and leads up in his stance. TRP sits down on two knees and taunts to bring it .

Related image


Storm now helps TRP up and TRP starts to set up a table. TRP proceeds to pick up Storm in a fireman's carry position and release him.

Related image


Johnny, we will leave the ladders to you and the dark side will prevail and welcome to the Hellraisers era!

Storm drops the mic.




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