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FDS turns his head slowly while dressed in a black suit but a white face mask, He removes his mask, he reaches into his jacket pocket and he pulls out a flask, he takes a swig before wiping his mouth. He tucks the flask back into his jacket, he then sits down next to a meditating Johnny. He looks at him and he just chuffs before looking back into the camera.

Parasites. All of you. Every Single one of you is a god damn parasite. You latch onto the latest fad and leech off of them, using them to try to get ahead. With you all supporting these new tag teams because you all hate the two of us because of the fact that we don’t allow for parasites to try and dig their fangs into. We are a different breed. The other tag teams you support are nothing but Cattle. They are born and bred for one thing: to be slaughtered. To be killed. They may be fed all the finest grass and taken extremely good care of but when the day comes when they’re all nice and fat, then they lead you to a little house all up and nice, you think you’re gonna get more food but then suddenly… you feel nothing but pain and then everything goes black. You see myself and Jon, we aren’t like you idiotic Cattle. We are a different kind of animal. We’re the wolves that wait on the hill top for the farmers to go to sleep, then we pounce. We tear every single last piece of cattle to shreds and rip them apart.

FDS tilts his head as the Camera focuses on him, he begins laughing as the camera flashes with FDS’ face changing back and forth from laughing to having his mask on to back to just him laughing. He finally stops and he smiles, he stands up and walks over to a couch, he takes a seat in a position very reminiscent of his previous Rainmaker monicor. He takes out his whisky flask and he looks like he’s about to take a drink but instead he pours it out onto the table behind the tag team championships.

See I bet if I paid one of you idiotic heathens enough, you’d lick up that whiskey. That’s the thing with all of you, you will do anything out of greed or out of fear. Those are the only two emotions that drive the human mindset, the questions you ask will always be “What can I gain from this?” or “What will happy if I don’t?”. It’s the same for our opponents. They wish to gain our tag team titles but at the same time, they fear the pain they will endure if they lose. Myself and Johnny are not like that, we do this not out of Fear or Greed but out of Lust. We Lust for the brutality and to make you all of you completely and utterly miserable. To disrespect the heroes you hold so dear to your hearts. To tear apart every single last shred of hope you have left in this world… and we will do it all with a smile on our faces.

FDS leans back into the couch as his face drops, the screen flashes with FDS’ Image changing back and forth to being covered in blood to being back in a suit. FDS then looks directly into the camera and leans forward again.

I have one Last thing to say to my opponents: I don’t give a fuck about your pasts, I don’t give a fuck what you think you can do against us, you are the most pathetic excuses for tag Teams I think I have ever seen in my life. You are disgusting, you are weak, you are worthless. You will all Fall down… and we will make you suffer.

FDS picks up the tag team titles and he moves over to Johnny, he stand sin front of him. Johnny opens his eyes and he stands up, FDS hands him his half of the tag team championships. They look into the camera and they say in sync:


They then smash their tag team titles together and shove them into the camera as the screen Cuts to black with “We Are One, We are Many, We are Ruin” Flashing on the screen before it cuts off.

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