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Backlash, BPZ World Tag Team Championship: Ruin (c) VS Storm & TRP VS Marker & Jason Ryan

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Backlash Rolls on after a night of incredible action typical of a BPZ Pay-Per-View it is now time for a Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match as Ruin is set to defend their tag team championships against Storm and TRP and Marker & Jason Ryan.


Storm and TRP enter first they pose on the stage before making their way down to the ring high fiving the fans as they make their way down, TRP poses on the turnbuckle while Storm poses underneath him as the fans cheer for them. They head to their corner and await the arrival of the next team.


Marker and Jason Ryan are next, Jason takes a sip of water before throwing the bottle to the side and the two men walk down to the ring as they are booed relentlessly by the crowd, they enter the ring and they have a brief stare down with Storm and TRP before they do a brief bit of posing to taunt the crowd who just boo them even more, they then head to their corner as they await the arrival of the tag team champions.


The crowd have a mixed response to the tag team champions as FDS makes his entrance first coming to the top of the ramp and crouching, holding the tag team championship in front of him, as from behind his tag team partner Johnny Kills rises from behind him with his tag team championship around his waist, The two men then walk down to the ring, FDS walks around the ring taunting the other teams while Johnny stands at the front of the ring dead focused, FDS then comes back around to the same side as Johnny, the two men look at each other, they nod before charging into the ring, then raising their tag titles in the middle of the ring to a mixed response. They head to their corner and await as the ring announcers announce each team. Ruin hand the tag titles over as the ref raises them in the centre of the ring before the match starts.


The ref puts the tag belts to the side and the match starts off with TRP and Marker starting the match off, Right out of the Gate Marker backs TRP into a corner with a load of strikes and haymakers temporarily backing TRP into a corner but Marker gets cocky and he Smiles as he backs up from TRP who then charges out of the Corner and Lays out Marker with a clothesline! Marker now gets back up to his Feet, TRP immediately Grabs him and he holds him in position and then hits him with a stalling suplex! TRP now gets Marker up and he throws him into the ropes, TRP goes for a clothesline but Marker ducks it and he runs over and rebounds off the other ropes and nails TRP in the face with a leaping Knee strike! TRP rocked, Marker then kicks him in the legs and takes him down to a knee, he sets up for God’s Burden, He goes for it but TRP moves out of the way and then catches him from behind with a massive German Suplex! TRP then tags in Storm, TRP then gets Storm up in Wheelbarrow position and then drops him onto Marker!


Storm with a pinfall attempt but Marker kicks out at 2, Storm then gets Marker up he goes for a suplex but Marker lands on his feet and he nails him with a neckbreaker.


The two men down now they go to reach for a tag and they both make it now Jason and TRP in the match, Jason comes in and takes down TRP with a clothesline, TRP gets back to his feet, Jason then grabs TRP and nails him with a spinebuster, he whips TRP into the corner of Ruin which allows for FDS to tag himself in as Jason is about to run at TRP. Jason stops himself as FDS comes into the ring and throws TRP to the outside, he smiles at Jason who out of rage charges at FDS but FDS catches him with a swinging neckbreaker, Jason gets back up but FDS catches him from behind and nails him with a Dragon Suplex! FDS throws Jason into the Neutral corner, he charges at Jason and Nails him with a Knee to the Gut! Jason drops down, FDS then goes to his corner, he tags in Johnny, FDS then nails Jason with a knee to the side of the face in the corner and Johnny then follows this up with a hesitation dropkick! FDS then sees TRP trying to get back up so he charges at him and nails him with a suicide dive! Johnny now takes Jason out of the corner, he grabs him by the arm and he sets him up for a future shock DDT, Jason slips out of it, he goes for a springboard cutter but Johnny Catches him, he brings him up and drops him with a backbreaker taking down Jason! Jason on the ground, Johnny Calls for FDS to come back in, FDS rolls back into the ring, Johnny now gets Jason up in suplex position, FDS climbs to the top rope, Johnny nails Jason with the End of Heartache and FDS follows it up with a diving Double Stomp! Johnny with the Cover but Storm and Marker come in to break it up and they try to take out ruin but FDS and Johnny manage to get rid of them taking them out of the ring, FDS and Johnny nod at each other and they take out Storm and Marker with stereo suicide dives!


FDS and Johnny go to get back into the ring but they don’t see that Jason has gotten back into the ring and he takes out the two with a suicide dive!


Jason now feeling good, he helps marker back to his feet, the two men nod then attempt to get Ruin back on their feet to get them back into the ring but they don’t notice that TRP has gotten back up and he takes out all 4 men with a Massive Suicide Splash!


All 6 men wiped out right now on the outside! TRP slowly gets back up to his feet, he looks at Storm and helps him back up to his feet, the two men then throw Johnny and Jason into the ring, Storm then grabs Jason and takes him over to His and TRP’s corner, TRP tags in off Jason. He then immediately gets in the ring and calls for Johnny to get back up to his feet, Johnny back to his feet. TRP goes for a spear but Johnny manages to move out of the way and throws him into the Steel ring post into the corner of Marker and Jason! Marker tags himself in from TRP, Johnny now in Storm’s corner, Storm tags himself in allowing for Johnny to roll out of the ring, Storm and Marker then look at each other, Storm gets in the ring Marker charges at him, Storm moves out of the way, Marker runs up into the corner and he springs over Storm who tries to charge at him, Storm now in the corner and Marker nails him with a massive kick to the face! Storm Stunned, Marker then grabs him and he Monkey flips him out of the corner but Storm flips himself onto his feet, Marker then goes for a running knee strike on Storm but Storm moves out of the way, Storm then grabs Marker from behind and he nails him with a tiger suplex! Storm covers Marker but it gets Broken up by FDS who comes out of nowhere hitting a diving double stomp on both men, FDS then gets up Storm and he sets him for a go home driver and out of nowhere Johnny comes in with Strong Zero!


FDS then releases Storm and he drags him over to Ruin’s corner, FDS then goes to the outside and tags himself in pushing Storm out of the ring. FDS then sees Marker who’s crawled into the corner, FDS is about to go for a corner knee strike but suddenly TRP tags himself in and as FDS is running through he catches him with a spinebuster! FDS down now, TRP going to the top rope he calls for FDS to get back up, FDS back to his feet but before TRP can jump off, Johnny runs up to the top rope and he stops TRP, he then grabs him and Drills him with a top rope Brainbuster!


FDS now immediately grabs TRP in tombstone position, Johnny then gets back up and he springs up and they Hit Ruin In Progress!


Johnny out of the corner of his eye See Jason and Marker get back up and he takes them out with a tope con hilo as FDS gets the cover to retain the tag team championships! They paved a road of destruction to do it but they were able to keep a hold of their tag team championships.


Ruin are about to leave but then suddenly the lights go out….

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The lights return to find FDS and Jonnhy Kills both confused until each man turn around and find themselves face to face with a mountain of a man that is Julius. Confused, they quickly sprint at Julius however only run into a wicked double clothesline to both men. They’d quickly hop to their feet and pounce on Julius attempting to overwhelm the bigger man, however Julius would push Johnny Kills away before grabbing hold of FDS and throwing him over the top rope to the outside of the ring. 


Johnny Kills holding a chair would be ready, however as he would go for the swing, it would be caught from behind by none other then “The Alpha” Ross. Johnny Kills would instead turn straight around into a disgusting chair shot to the skull courtesy of Ross, who would then springboard off the ropes into the Ross-Cutter. 


Ross and Julius would both stand over the broken body of Johnny Kills. FDS would slowly recover on the outside however before he could reach his feet he’d be greeted by a disgusting knee courtesy of “The Omega” himself, Flynn. 


Flynn would roll into the ring as now all three members of ROA stand tall. Slowly both Ross and Flynn would lift up the tag team championships, their message now clear. ROA wants the Tag Team titles. 

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