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After some great in-ring action we head backstage where Generic BPZ Interviewer 1 is standing with a microphone

Interviewer: "Please Welcome the 2x NXT Champion, The Underboss Julius"

Julius walks into the camera's vision looking pissed off 

Julius "Thank You for having me, but can we make this quick because I have to deal with more important things, so please lets get this going"

Interviewer: "First of all congratulations on winning in the first round of the Power Trip Cup, but today we are going to focus on something may have been hidden by the Tournament and that was the attack by Karico on you after you announced that you would be vacating the title. What were your original thoughts on this?"

Julius: "Well this guy Karico, I have seen him around before, I mean he only shows up once every couple of months and I usually see him wearing his Business Suit promoting his Karico Brand. But rewatching the tape and the footage, this wasn't the usual Karico this was something much different."

Interviewer: "It's funny you say that because the audience also noticed a weird sort of transformation by Karico and do you know where this is heading?"

Julius: "Honestly no. As i mentioned earlier he only shows up every 3 months and he hasn't been seen since he attacked me from behind, let me emphasise that from behind like the Bitch he is. And this may lead to a match down the line as you know I am always looking for some new competition now that I am away from the Jobbers down in NXT, but I can assure if i see him anywhere I will brutalise him"

Interviewer: "As you said before you are looking for some new competition and Karico is one, you would happily take that on but is it the smartest idea with the Tournament still going on?"

Julius: "What sort of a question was that, you know what get out of here I am very capable of doing this job on my own"

Julius shoves the Interviewer away and picks up the mic

Julius: "Karico let me drill something into that thick skull of your's. What you are asking for is a death wish, if you want to continue to make movies and be a part-time performer then I suggest that you stop pursuing this. I am the 2x NXT Champion, I led Team Carnage to victory at Bragging Rights and I am the future winner of the Power trip cup Tournament, and most importantly i am the most dominant force to ever set foot in this ring. Karico I will give you 3 days to show up and i demand that you deliver a public apology and if you don't I will find you and I will destroy you with a big smile on my face" 





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