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My Universe Mode

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RAW Card

Lesnar calls out Reigns 

Ember Moon vs Ruby Riott w/Riott Squad

Wyatt calls out either Uso

Rusev Day vs Slater and Rhyno

Apollo Crews vs Baron Corbin

Becky Lynch vs Summer Rae

Nia Jax calls out Bliss

Roode vs Ziggler

Elias self promotion

Elias vs Goldust

Kevin calls out Sami Zayn 

Strowman and Rollins vs Zayn and Owens

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Ember Moon beat Ruby Riott 

After the match Ember cuts a promo but is interrupted by Riott

Jimmy Uso comes out to confront Wyatt 

Rusev Day beat Slater and Rhyno after English pinned Rhyno

Corbin beat Crews

Lynch beat Summer Rae

Dolph Ziggler beat Bobby Roode 

Elias beat Goldust

Zayn accepts Owens challenge for match next week on Raw. Whoever wins faces Rollins at Backlash. 

Strowman and Rollins beat Owens and Zayn after Strowman pinned Zayn. 

After match Rollins and Strowman shake hands.

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Interesting show Nathan with an interesting ending. Owens vs Zayn will be a good match and it seems as if you’re doing a feud between the Wyatts and the Usos which will be interesting. A Women’s feud between Moon and Riott will help the Division and it should be interesting to see Reigns fight Lesnar. Your Women’s divison looked interesting with Nia/Bliss a good feud and Lynch looking strong whilst Elias did good to get a win and a promo. Meanwhile Ziggler, Corbin and Rusev Day all got big wins. Good show Nathan and I’m excited for more 

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SD Card

Styles calls out Nakamura

#1 contender for U. S Benjamin v R-truth vs Tye Dillinger 

The Revival vs Big E and Kofi 

Bayley vs Sonya Deville w/Rose 

The Miz promo 

Andrade Almas vs Sin Cara

Jeff Hardy vs Samoa Joe

Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan 

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Benjamin pinned Dillinger to become #1 contender 

PRE match The Bludgeon Brothers attacked Big E and Kofi

Kofi pinned Dash to win

Mandy Rose attacked Bayley mid match 

Bayley beats Sonya by DQ

Andrade beats Sin Cara 

Jeff Hardy beats Samoa Joe

Daniel Bryan beats Big Cass 

After the match The Miz comes out and attacks Bryan 

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Interesting Smackdown Nathan. Benjamin vs Hardy will be good as will Styles vs Nakamura. You also beat good feuds like Bludgeon Brothers vs New Day and Miz vs Bryan, whilst you have a good Women’s feud in Bayley vs Absolution. Meanwhile Jeff and Andrade both looked good. Good show Nathan and I’m Excited for more

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Iv'e been doing a Universe Mode since 2K15 and it works a lot like Mathwiz's Universe Mode. I have a brand split in place which is obviously RAW and Smackdown. I have a third show in between which is Main Event which features lower end guys from both brands. I still do it to this day and I just recently completed by Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View and now on my way to my third Wrestlemania of the series. I used to simulate all my matches like Brendan does when I first started my Universe Mode but then i discovered I can play as both competitors in match and get the result I want and get a better match quality. I have been doing that for now two years in game time and it works out pretty well. I try and keep my Universe Mode realistic so only current day wrestlers are in the series and some guys that left the company in real life and I haven't found a way to write them out of the series yet. Since I have so many matches set for Wrestlemania right now, I have made the show of shows a three day event. (Really because I don't have enough time to sit down and play over 14 matches in the same day) This years Wrestlemania looks to be shaping up to be the biggest set of shows I have ever done. If anyone has any questions on how my Universe Mode works and I didn't explain, feel free to ask questions!! Thanks!!!

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