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I Will Win The Title

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{The Marker comes out, with some time before his test for the NXT Championship, Marker decide to come out and cut a promo} 

You people are wondering, why am I out here, well I'll tell, I am out here today to talk out my opponents, Predator and Jason. I'll start with Predator. 

Predator, you are a nothing, not something, nothing you haven't done anything seen you got here, ever since that defeat in the tag team match you haven't been seen for a long time, you are irrelevant and I'm going to make sure you are irrelevant and nobody will remember your name. It will be "The Marker Show" and I will Take Over, NXT once and for all for myself and my other man 

Jason, Jason, Jason my partner in crime, my main man in every situation, except for this. Me and you are the only worth competitors for the NXT Championship and that is truely a fact that stands, but when a title is vacant, you have to go for it and make a stand for it and come Mayhem, I will be NXT Champion 



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Jason walks on the stage, looks at Marker for a few moments than walks to the ring, grabbing a microphone

Marker, Marker,Marker. My friend if I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, no hard feelings. Once again you've proven how smart of a man you are. Frankly, I'd be pissed if you weren't in this match. You and I have never been one to let an opportunity slip through our fingers. And you're right, we both should be NXT champion. 

Jason looks Marker in the eyes

Now Marker, pay attention my friend cause this is as real as it gets. I have the highest respect for you and I know how good you are. I have said from day one that you are the most undervalued man here and I stand by that. And I know you're gonna make Evolve your bitch like how I've been making Carnage mine. But... you know my story. I've told you the war stories, things I've never told anyone. You know my story, my struggle. And you know about my destiny, the prophecy declared by our Dark Mistress. I am preordained to sit on the throne. No offense to you my friend, don't worry, you shall forever sit at my right hand and together we will become BPZ and purge all heretics that dare defy the upcoming crusade

Jason extends a hand

As for Mayhem, the plan is simple. We get rid of TRP, we get rid of Scarface than it's you and me where one of us will walk out NXT champion. And here's the thing. The competitor in me wants to walk out the victor. But the fan in me wants me to see you get your dues. So at Mayhem, all I have to say is good luck. if you beat me, you beat me. If that's the case then I'll be the first one to shake your hand and congratulate you. There is no jealousy between us. The NXT title is just extra gold for us. Cause our end goal is the tag titles. At Mayhem, one of us will be NXT champion. 


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The arena goes black.

Oh how wrong you are.

The lights come back on and TRP is standing on the ramp, staring down the Jason Ryan and Marker in the ring.

You’re right, I’ve been away. However, I have not grown irrelevant, for I have been training, learning from the mistakes made in the tag team match and coming one step closer to being an unbeatable machine. And what have you been doing while I’ve been away? Well if its anything like what you just spouted I’m surprised the ring staff haven’t moved you to landfill.

TRP starts walking to the ring.

Now at Mayhem, me you and the irrelevant one go into a match for the vacant NXT championship. Now you say that you and your partner, Jason Ryan, are the only viable candidates for the title. After listening to that I do have to wonder, what do your two brain cells actually do up there, because they can’t even see the biggest threat they’ve faced when he’s standing right in front of them.

Now for both of you, if you think for a second that teaming up to take me out is a good idea, just remember, only one of you can have the championship. Are you going to take him out before he can do the same to you. Are you taking that risk? Just gonna leave that on your minds.

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