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Echo Wilson

BPZ Entrance Video Catelogue

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I randomly thought of this idea out of the blue and thought it would be pretty cool. Welcome to the BPZ Entrance Video Catalog. This thread is basically for everyone to link their current and former entrance videos. I realize for people who have been here for ages it may be hard to remember them all, but just use the ones that you can remember. For me its easier cause ive only used about 5 themes in my career. I'll do an example one for you. 


* SummerGamz -" Lunatic Fringe" * 

* SummerGamz - "The Prodigal Paramount" *


* SummerGamz "The American Nightmare" *


* Echo Wilson "The Supernova" *


* Echo Wilson "The Prince" *



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Original Pride ("Drink the Water" - Justin Cross):


Our Army ("This is Your Captain Speaking" - Daveit Ferris):


Will Power ("Shoot For the Stars" - CFO$):


New Era Pride ("Root of All Evil" - CFO$ feat. Incendiary):


Mr. Perfection ("Great" - FGE):


The Enigma ("Can You Feel My Heart?" - Bring Me the Horizon):

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