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Monday Night RAW Discussion: May 28th 2018

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The show had some decent moments and didn't drag on as much as usual but it was still only a 5/10 at best. Rehashed segments and pointless DQ finishes made it hard for me to really get into the show at all. Finn vs. Braun is really decent however, I actually really rate their chemistry. 

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Thought the show kicked off strangely, a strange decision to have Balor and Braun fight again but they put on a good match. Don’t really know why Elias got interrupted for commercial break but attacking Rollins after the good match was a great idea. I think Nia is now a heel with that segment and then the Women’s were showcased with an Ok main event. The Tag scene had a poor match and then an interesting segment made good by the B Team. Kevin picked up a big win before Braun destroyed all and then Sami cut an Ok promo followed by an excellent Drew performance 

Hour 1: 4/5. Superstar of the Hour: Braun Strowman. Match of the Hour: Strowman vs Balor

Hour 2: 3/5. Superstar of the Hour: Braun Strowman. Ended up making the Roode vs Owens segment. Match of the Hour: Roode vs Owens

Hour 3: 3/5. Superstar of the Hour: Sasha Banks. A great addition to MITB and a shame to see her wasted here. Match of the Hour: McIntyre vs Gable

Overall: 3/5. Started strong but finished averagely, a better Hour 3 than Hour 2 but only just. An average show that’s the poorest Raw in a while. Superstar of the Show: Strowman. Match of the Night: Balor vs Strowman

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