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TRP comes out to the ring. Much to Storms surprise. Walking to the ring it becomes apparent that he is carrying a bag.

Well done bro. real motivating speech.

Well I guess you could do that after leaving your partner in the dust after he puts his body on the line to gain the tag team championships.

I guess after putting my body on the line. Shortening my career for them titles, I wasn’t good enough was I?

TRP starts pacing the ring, storm just stares at him blankly.

I guess the HellRaisers just wasn’t good enough was it?

Storm looks up. Looking guilty he brings the mic to his mouth.

It was always good enough. You’re right we are brothers. The HellRaisers will always be the future of the division.

TRP and Storm embrace.

With a swift movement TRP storms throws storm to the floor and starts unloading punches onto storm. Storm tries to fight back but the swift surprise attack has left him floundered. TRP hits a knee to the temple and goes to get the back which is left in the corner of the ring. Out the bag he pulls a bag of thumb tacks and throws them over the ring.

TRP picks up Storm and throws him onto the thumb tacks. Storm writhes in agony as his bare skin is impaled by multiple thumb tacks.


Storm tries to crawl out of the ring but TRP boots him in the ribs. Storm drops, clutching his ribs. TRP once again goes to the bag and pulls out A BARBED WIRE BAT.


TRP brings the bat down onto Storms head. Storm yells in pain as the barbed wire cuts into the skull. TRP continuously brings the bat down onto Storms head and soon both the ring and bat were a crimson mess. TRP then picks up storm and leans him against the rope.

By the time I am finished with you. You’ll not want to set foot in a ring ever again.

TRP ties Storm up in the ropes. Picking up the bat once again storm looks up in agony.

Please… Don’t….

Taking no hesitation TRP once again starts to repeatedly beat storm with the bat. With shots to the body and the head soon TRP was also covered in Storms blood.

Security start to rush the ring and have to pull TRP off the now unconscious Storm. EMTs have to rush to storm and untangle him from the ropes. His face is cut and spewing blood. All is left is TRP sitting in the ring. Watching sadistically as Storm is carried out. 

What a joke. That’s what fighting a man is like.

You held me down for so long. Now my career can begin.


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