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[PWE] Pro Wrestling Elite: Revolutionaries

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Echo Wilson vs Bart Hoogveld- Bart Hoogveld
King Slim vs FDS- King Slim
Rei Smith vs Julius Jones- Julius Jones
The Silk vs Sheridan Mueller- Sheridan Mueller
Ty Heller vs JoshsNow- Ty Heller

[Night Two]

Strong Style Pro vs Austin Tyler- Austin Tyler
Epic McDonald vs James Ropati- James Ropati
Nanovirus vs The Marker- Nanovirus

Travis Joyce vs Storm- Storm
Ross Haslam vs Bailey Justin- Bailey Justin 

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August 17
PWE Uprising I
Opening Salvo


Night One: Call To Arms


The premiere broadcast of the infant PWE began with 21's Savage "ASMR" blaring through the speaker system as the cameras display Wayne Keown in the ring, microphone in hand as he welcomes us to the first of many installments of Pro Wrestling: Elite. 

Keown forecasts the terrific two nights of preliminary tournament matches that will kick off with a match between the wily Bart Hoogveld and the adrenaline junky Echo Wilson, before making way for the pair to make their entrances and joining Johnny Kills at ringside.


 Echo Wilson vs Bart Hoogveld

The first match in this company’s history held two people with entirely contrasting skill sets as “The Daredevil” Echo Wilson would face off against a self-proclaimed “Origami Expert” Bart Hoogveld.

The match began in a stop, start fashion, as both men trying to dictate their pace. Bart used a variety of takedowns and throws to get Echo on his back and attempted to work from there, but Echo was determined to run through walls to get up in the air, flying around the ring at every possible moment. But in this case, sheer willpower was simply not enough as Echo was dissected in a multitude of fashions which left all of his extremities damaged.

The end came suddenly, Echo had flipped that switch and taken down Bart with some one-legged offense as she hobbled on the other. She scaled the ropes knowing that the end could come with a Stardust Stomp; when she came down though, Bart attacked the strong leg with an Oblique kick. As Echo writhed in pain, Bart cinched in a Kneebar further weakening the base of Echo, but the hold didn’t remain, Bart masterfully transitioned to a Styles Clash for the three counts.


King Slim vs FDS

This was perhaps the least anticipated matchup on the card, as most anticipated that it would provide an easy return to form the star of the show in Slim as the shadowy FDS wouldn’t be able to hang in there but this was far from what was expected.

Slim would be arrogant in his first match back, trying to best FDS in his methodical pacing and going blow for blow with the retired boxer, a mistake that had Slim struggling at the hand of FDS who picked him apart with all the expected precision.

Slim was able to battle back, varying his assault, at last, to adapt to the hard-hitting style that FDS employed. As he clawed back into the match, he sought to use his Essential Eliminator to put it to bed but FDS was able to escape the double underhook with a hold of Slim's wrist, looking to end the match with his signature Forearm Smash but Slim ducked out the way at the last second. FD sought to follow up the failed Forearm Smash but instead received a swift kick to the gut, followed by a successful Essential Eliminator and a three count.


Rei Smith vs Julius Jones

This matchup with have an absolute powerhouse matches up with a master technician, there was much deliberation about who the favorite was, it was expected to be an even contest and it was exactly that.

Smith would take a beating throughout the match, suffering from Julius’s aggressive tactics and overwhelming strength as Julius would use a variety of slams and would even get his signature Bad Luck Fall to connect but Rei would persevere, attacking in the milliseconds between combinations and picking apart Julius whenever she could.

As the match reached its frantic finish, Rei once more came out of her shell to pick the knee of Julius, thinking there was an opening. But she’d fall right into the trap of Julius who lied in wait, grabbing a handful of Smith’s hair and connecting with a Powerbomb, immediately followed by a Vise Grip that would make Rei tap.


The Silk vs Sheridan Mueller

The next match pitted two of the most underrated pickups that had been brought in to PWE against each other, as the “Suplex Machine” in Ms. Mueller would take on “Mr. Incredible” The Silk. 

The match began as an overall lull, as both competitors spent the opening minutes simply jockeying for position. But all it took was for a simple Sheridan slip through to belly to back, and a vicious German Suplex to get the ball rolling. As the match snapped to life, Mueller went to work, comboing joint damaging holds and awe-inspiring suplexes as Silk retaliated with an offense that lacked absolutely nothing, using everything he learned to battle back.

Unfortunately, this simply wouldn’t be enough as the relentless assault by Mueller would stifle all attempts at a comeback from Silk, and punctuate her victory with a Bridging German Suplex for the three counts.


Ty Heller vs JoshsNow

In the night's main event, it was two men with the biggest expectations placed on their shoulders with a returning Ty Heller facing off against the former WWE Superstar, JoshsNow, as two of PWE's most recognized would close the show.

Josh flew out the gates like a man possessed, seeking to put the early pressure on the presumably rusty Heller. Heller did his best to manage the early onslaught from Josh but the breakneck speed that JoshsNow wrestled at proved difficult to cope with. Heller finally gained a slight reprieve followed by a spell of offense after an awe-inspiring Moonsault to the outside, but Josh was able to gain control once more with a well-placed dropkick.

The match's end wasn't the fairy tale that Heller had hoped for, as Josh continued his dominance, moving too fast for Heller who couldn't shake the ring rust, eventually tapping to the Great Scott 5.0 Armbar, leaving Josh the victor of the first ever PWE Main Event to close the show.

PWE Sound Off

Fans of the show can air their opinions below by using these hashtags:

#WOTN: Who was your wrestler of the night?
#SOTN: What was the biggest shock of PWE's first night?
#InsultJon: Insult me for taking so long to actually get to this

Thanks for tuning in, see you in two weeks time.

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#WOTN Gotta go with Sheridan Mueller absolute beast getting a big win over The Silk

#SOTN Sheridan being an absolute beast didn't expect her to be that good

#insultJon Took you long enough to get this shit out. In all seriousness, great to see this come into fruition and I'm definitely excited to see where this goes. Just don't make me wait 6 months for it 

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August 31
PWE Uprising II
On The Wall

Following a tremendous first night of action for PWE, we continue in on in the preliminary showcases of the talent assembled by Johnny Kills, Wayne Keown, and Edwin Baker. There would be another five tournament matches tonight, which Kills and Keown reiterated when the camera panned to the two outlining the contests to come.


Strong Style Pro vs Austin Tyler

In the opening match of the evening, it’d be Austin Tyler making his professional wrestling debut against one of the members of Strong Style Pro. The pair made their entrance and Dwayne Williams would be the one to take the ring, with Hideki at ringside.

Neither man seemed too interested in initiating the action, Williams being the counter wrestling extraordinaire and Tyler sizing up the protege of Takahiro Hideki. The match flowed evenly between the two, both being as methodical as possible and seizing each opportunity as it presented itself, though control was never held by a competitor for more than thirty seconds.

As the end neared, Williams was caught with a massive belly to belly whilst looking to hit his patented “In Knees We Trust”. As he escaped the ring, he regrouped with Hideki. The two seemed to be talking gameplan, irritating Tyler, who followed them out the ring. As he approached the two, Hideki stood between him and Williams, going nose to nose with the Olympian. The distraction worked, Williams using the confrontation to scamper on the apron and connect with a running penalty kick to the dome of Tyler, which echoed off the arena walls. Williams rolled Tyler into the ring and hit a reDrum Driver for good measure, securing his progression in the championship chase.


Epic McDonald vs James Ropati

The second match of the evening pitted Epic “Braveheart” McDonald against “Auckland's All-Star” and the self-proclaimed “King of the Kiwis”, as there would be another professional wrestling debut made as Epic would grace the squared circle for the first time in a sanctioned match against the sensational New Zealander.

Ropati started the match going after the knees of Epic viciously, not wasting any time in implementing his gameplan to ground the giant Scot and had tremendous success in doing so. Controlled barrages of strikes and holds almost entirely eliminated the power of McDonald, who spent the majority of the match simply trying to recover.

However, the damage proved too great as McDonald was a husk of himself. His athleticism and power were neutralized by the ever-savvy Ropati, showing exactly why he was such a sought after talent. The match was over from the start, but it was a Kiwi Kick from Ropati that garnered the three count.


Nanovirus vs The Marker

Following the dominant performance of Ropati, we’d get a chance to see the ever-mysterious Nanovirus making a rare appearance to take on the “Vainglorious Terminator” in what was sure to be a good contest.

As soon as the bell rang, Marker began to take his bows as Nanovirus looked on. Marker climbed each turnbuckle and blew kisses to the crowd as he shouted his thanks for all the support before exiting the ring. He walked over to Johnny Kills at ringside and spat at him, telling him that he had no intention of fighting Nanovirus or anybody until he formally apologized, making sure everybody heard when he yelled, “Enjoy replacing my star power!” before walking to the back, gifting Nanovirus a free win and advancement in the pursuit of the PWE Intercontinental title.


Travis “Yaju” Joyce vs Storm

In the penultimate match of the evening, it’d be a contrast off two opposing styles as the NJPW dojo graduate in Joyce took on former gymnast in Storm.

This match was far more tightly contested than anticipated as the complexion of the match was reversed multiple times whether it was the tremendous athleticism of Storm allowing him to keep Joyce on his toes, or the unparalleled power and controlled aggression of Joyce which kept Storm out of the skies.

As the matches climax approached, it was Travis Joyce once more in the drivers seat after nearly slamming Storm through the ring with a thunderous Chokeslam. Joyce was looking to put the match to a close as he lifted Storm and whipped him into the ropes, preparing for his Pop Up Fastball Punch. He launched Storm into the air but Storm was able to use his athletic profile to flip over Joyce’s head. Storm continued his momentum into the ropes and looked to connect with a Slingblade after rebounding off the rope. But as he leaped at Joyce, “Yaju” plucked him out of the sky to launch him back up and hit the Pop Up Fastball Punch for the victory.


Ross Haslam vs Bailey Justin

The main event of another fun night of total nonstop action... wait a minute, whatever lets roll with it, came when the Ross “Spitfire” Haslam took on the “Jersey Devil” in former TNA Superstar, Bailey Justin, as two of the most unique talents would hash it out in the ring.

The match belong to Ross in the early portion, as it was his flying but his technical wrestling ability that allowed him to gain control of the match paired with his quickness to keep him one step ahead of Bailey. It seemed that Bailey simply struggled getting out of the blocks to start, but after Ross missed a 630 Splash, Justin surged to life, slowing the tempo to suit himself better. Bailey coupled his hard hitting strikes with his renowned ring awareness to keep Ross in corners, punishing him before connected with a plethora of suplexes.

As the match came to its close, Bailey was still firmly in control but Haslam broke away for long enough to with an incredible Springboard Forearm. Both men remained on the mat for several seconds, but it was Ross who got to his feet his feet first. He waited for Bailey to begin his ascent before sprinted towards the rope and springboarding off in search of the RossCutter, BUT BAILEY SPEARED HIM OUT OF MIDAIR, Bailey’s Impact getting him the three count as he capped off PWE Uprising II with a dominant victory.

PWE Sound Off

Fans of the show can air their opinions below by using these hashtags:

#WOTR: Who had the most each catching performance of the round?
#MOTN: What was your match of the night?
#ChampionshipChase: Who do you think will end this tournament as PWE Intercontinental Champion?

Congratulations @Angelo Caito For Winning The PWE Prediction Challenge With 8/10 Correcf Guesses

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