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Echo Wilson

NBA All Time Tournament

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Today I present to you, the NBA All Time tournament. Teams from around the states and a few from Canada have decided to all take part in the greatest tournament in sports history. 47 teams, 1 winner. Modern teams like the Warriors and the Cavaliers against older teams like the Celtics of the 60's or the Bulls of the 90's and then we have the visitors, all the way from the ABA, we have many challengers willing to fill the numbers. Let's get right into the teams:


#1: 1995-96 Seattle Supersonics: One of the most famous franchises in NBA history, returns to represent the city of Seattle, Washington.

#2: 2014-15 Atlanta Hawks: One of the many modern NBA teams, they represent Atlanta, Georgia. 

#3: 1967-68 Anaheim Amigos: The first ABA team in this tournament, representing Anaheim, California. 

#4: 1971-72 Pittsburgh Condors: A double whammy here as another ABA team is in, representing Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

#5: 2015-16 San Antonio Spurs: One of the highly successful teams in NBA history recently and they represent San Antonio, Texas.

#6: 2008-09 Cleveland Cavaliers: One of the best teams in modern ages, they represent Cleveland, Ohio.

#7: 1990-91 Portland Trail Blazers: A strong team in the 90's with recent success, representing Portland, Oregon.

#8: 2012-13 Brooklyn Nets: Another very recent NBA team, representing Brooklyn, New York. 

#9: 1968-69 Oakland Oaks: From the ABA, a very old style team, representing Oakland, California.

#10: Kansas City Kings: A former NBA team returns, the team is currently known as the Sacramento Kings but they are here representing Kansas City, Missouri. 

#11: 2015-16 Golden State Warriors: Infamously known as one of the best teams in NBA right now, the Warriors represent San Francisco, California

#12: 1974-75 Washington Bullets: Another ABA team, one of the OG teams of that league, they are one of the two teams representing the capital, Washington DC. 

#13: 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers: A legendary franchise in NBA history, the Lakers are one of the two teams representing Los Angeles, California.

#14: 1992-93 New York Knicks: One of the toughest and most brutal places to play, they have tried their best to live up to their expectations, representing NYC, New York.

#15: 1972-73 Boston Celtics: One of the most iconic and successful teams in league history, they represent Boston, Massachusetts.

#16: 1996-97 Utah Jazz: A former great team, looking to climb back to former heights, they represent Salt Lake City, Utah.

#17: 2003-04 Indiana Pacers: A mid level team through most of their history, they are still immensely popular, they represent Indianapolis, Indiana.

#18: 2012-13 Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets are truly a team of consistently poor results and they look to do much better in representation of Denver, Colorado. 

#19: 2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves: A consistently high level performing team, with a recent dip, they look to bounce back. They represent the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota

#20: 2005-06 Detroit Pistons: A magical year for what has been a pretty poor franchise, representing Detroit, Michigan

#21: 2015-16 Washington Wizards: A team that has bounced around a lot in the league, they had their record best season recently, they also represent the capital, Washington DC.

#22: 1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks: The Bucks will almost never break the level that they reached in the early 70's, but representing Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they will try.

#23: 2001-02 New Jersey Nets: A former of the current Brooklyn Nets, the team from New Jersey looks to regain their lost glory, they will do this representing Newark, New Jersey

#24 Virginia Squires: And we are back in the rythym of the ABA teams, representing Richmond, Virginia is the Squires. 

#25: 2012-13 Oklahoma City Thunder: A recently very successful team with a short amount of history, representing Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 

#26: 2004-05 Phoenix Suns: A team with a consistently mediocre history and a bright future, representing Phoenix, Arizona.

#27: 1962-63 Syracuse Nationals: One of the founding members of the NBA and one of the oldest teams in the competition, representing Syracuse, New York. 

#28: 1993-94 Houston Rockets: One of the iconic teams in NBA history,  The Rockets are successful throughout multiple years, they represent Houston, Texas.

#29: 2000-01 Vancouver Grizzlies: Our first of two Canadian teams, the former Memphis Grizzlies, they represent Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

#30: 1996-97 Philadelphia 76ers: Recent years have seen a decline but they have had some success in the past, they represent Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

#31: 1969-70 Baltimore Bullets: The original incarnation of the Wizards, the Bullets were one of the founding teams of the NBA, representing Baltimore, Maryland

#32: 1996-97 Charlotte Hornets: Hornets or Bobcats, it doesn't matter, they are a classic NBA side, representing Charlotte, North Carolina.

#33: 1995-96 Orlando Magic: This team here was iconic, they had Shaq after all, they will represent Orlando, Florida.

#34: 2001-02 Sacramento Kings: Our second team named the Kings, but this time they are a Cali capital side, representing Sacramento, California.

#35: 1963-64 Cincinatti Royals: Speaking of the Kings, this is their original incarnation, representing Cincinnati, Ohio.

#36: 1973-74 San Diego Conquistadors: We are back to the ABA sides and this time its from a city severely lacking in NBA teams, representing San Diego, California, its the Conquistadors.

#37: 1967-68 St Louis Hawks: The former team that is now known as the Atlanta Hawks, they are in the tourney representing St Louis, Missouri.

#38: 2014-15 Los Angeles Clippers: Our second Los Angeles side, they are going to be competing with the Lakers heavily, representing Los Angeles, California.

#39: 2013-14 Memphis Grizzlies: They have arugably had more success when they were in Canada but they are the american version of their counterparts, representing Memphis, Tennessee.

#40: 1974-75 Buffalo Braves: The first ever incarnation of the previously mentioned Los Angeles Clippers, they represent Buffalo, New York. 

#41: 1952-53 Rochester Royals: The single oldest team in tournament, from all the way back in the early 50's, they represent Rochester, New York.

#42: 2007-08 New Orleans Hornets: One of the latest city switches in history, the Hornets moved themselves to Charlotte for the second time, this team represents New Orleans, Louisiana.

#43: 2015-16 Toronto Raptors: Our second Canadian team and the only current Canadian team, the Raptors are looking to go far, representing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

#44: 1954-55 Fort Wayne Pistons: The original and oldest version of the Detroit Pistons, they were the first Indianan team, representing Fort Wayne, Indiana.

#45: 1995-96 Chicago Bulls: Many things have been said about this team and its specific individuals, more detail later, representing Chicago, Illinois.

#46: 2012-13 Miami Heat: Another teams highlighted by its individuals, they represent Miami, Florida.

#47: 2006-07 Dallas Mavericks: Last and definitely not least, we have a team that is one of the favorites for sure, representing Dallas, Texas





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Image result for charlotte hornets logo  VS    Image result for orlando magic logo 1995

1996-97 Charlotte Hornets vs 1995-96 Orlando Magic

Hornets Starting 5: Muggsy Bogues, Dell Curry, Glen Rice, Anthony Mason and Vlade Divac

Magic Starting 5: Anfernee Hardaway, Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, Horace Grant, Shaquille O'Neal


Player of the Game: Shaquille O'Neal (32 pts, 12 rebounds)


Image result for oklahoma city thunder logo  VS  Image result for buffalo braves nba logo

2012-13 Oklahoma City Thunder vs 1974-75 Buffalo Braves

Thunder Starting 5: Russell Westbrook , Thabo Sefolosha , Kevin Durant , Serge Ibaka , Kendrick Perkins

Braves Starting 5: Ernie Digregio , Randy Smith , Jim McMillian , Garfield Heard , Bob McAdoo


Player of the Game: Serge Ibaka (29 points, 13 rebounds)


Image result for virginia squires logo  VS Image result for rochester royals nba logo

1970-71 Virginia Squires (ABA) vs 1952-53 Rochester Royals 

Squires Starting 5: Mike Barrett, Charlie Scott, George Carter, Neil Johnson, Jim Eakins

Royals Starting 5: Bob Davies, Bobby Wanzer, Arnie Johnson, Jack Coleman, Arnie Risen


Player of the Game: Bob Davies (33 points, 7 assists)


Image result for vancouver grizzlies logo VS Image result for san diego conquistadors logo

2000-01 Vancouver Grizzlies vs 1973-74 San Diego Conquistadors (ABA)

Grizzlies Starting 5: Mike Bibby , Michael Dickerson , Grant Long , Othella Harrington , Bryant Reeves

Conquistadors Starting 5: Chuck Williams , Bo Lamar, Travis Grant , Stew Johnson and Caldwell Jones


Player of the Game: Mike Bibby (31 points, 14 assists, 9 rebounds)


Image result for 2005 detroit pistons logo  VS  Image result for chicago bulls logo

2005-06 Detroit Pistons vs 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

Pistons Starting 5: Chauncey Billups , Richard Hamilton , Tayshaun Prince , Rasheed Wallace , Ben Wallace

Bulls Starting 5: Ron Harper , Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen , Dennis Rodman and Luc Longley


Player of the Game: Michael Jordan (31 points, 10 rebounds)




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Image result for houston rockets logo   VS   Image result for st louis hawks logo

1993-94 Houston Rockets vs 1967-68 St Louis Hawks

Rockets Starting 5: Kenny Smith, Vernon Maxwell, Robber Horry, Otis Thorpe and Hakeem Olajuwon

Hawks Starting 5: Lenny Wilkens , Lou Hudson , Joe Caldwell, Bill Bridges and Zelmo Beaty


Player of the Game: Hakeem Olajuwon (36 points, 15 rebounds)


Image result for wizards logo VS  Image result for fort wayne pistons logo

2012-13 Washington Wizards vs 1954-55 Fort Wayne Pistons

Wizards Starting 5: John Wall , Bradley Beal , Trevor Ariza , Trevor Booker and Emeka Okafor

Pistons Starting 5: Andrew Phillip , Frank Brian, George Yardley, Mel Hutchins and Larry Foust


Player Of The Game: John Wall (21 points)


Image result for baltimore bullets logo  VS Image result for sacramento kings logo

1969-70 Baltimore Bullets vs 2001-02 Sacramento Kings

Bullets Starting 5: Earl Monroe , Kevin Loughery , Jack Marin , Gus Johnson , Wes Unseld

Kings Starting 5: Mike Bibby , Doug Christie , Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Webber and Vlade Divac


Player Of The Game: Chris Webber (35 Points, 12 rebounds)


Image result for denver nuggets logo  VS  Image result for dallas mavericks logo

2012-13 Denver Nuggets vs 2006-07 Dallas Mavericks

Nuggets Starting 5: Ty Lawson , Evan Fournier, Andre Iguodala, Kenneth Faried and  Kosta Koulos

Mavericks Starting 5: Devin Harris, Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Dirk Nowitzki and Erick Dampier


Player of the Game: Wilson Chandler (22 points, 9 rebounds)


Image result for phoenix suns logo VS  Image result for memphis grizzlies logo

2004-05 Phoenix Suns vs 2012-13 Memphis Grizzlies

Suns Starting 5: Steve Nash, Quentin Richardson, Joe Johnson , Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudamire

Grizzlies Starting 5: Mike Conley, Tony Allen, Tayshaun Prince, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol


Player of the Game: Shawn Marion (18 points, 12 Rebounds)



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Image result for new jersey nets logo VS Image result for new orleans hornets logo

2001-02 New Jersey Nets vs 2007-08 New Orleans Hornets

Nets Starting 5: Jason Kidd, Kerry Kittles, Keith Van Horn, Kenyon Martin and Todd MacCulloch

Hornets Starting 5: Chris Paul, Morris Peterson, Peja Stojakovic, David West and Tyson Chandler


Player of The Game: David West (23 points, 11 rebounds)


Image result for 1966-67 philadelphia sixers logo  VS Image result for cincinnati royals logo

1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers vs 1963-64 Cincinatti Royals

Sixers Starting 5: Wali Jones, Hal Greer, Chet Walker, Luke Jackson and Wilt Chamberlain 

Royals Starting 5: Oscar Robertson, Arien Bockhorn, Jack Twyman, Bob Boozer and Wayne Embry


Player Of The Game: Oscar Robertson (18 points, 12 rebounds and 13 Assists)


Image result for 2003-04 minnesota timberwolves logo   VS Image result for 2012-13 miami heat logo

2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves vs 2012-13 Miami Heat

Timberwolves Starting 5: Sam Cassell, Trenton Hasell, Latrell Spewell, Kevin Garnett and Michael Olowokandi

Heat Starting 5: Mario Chalmers, Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Udonis Haslem

SCORE: HEAT WIN 86-85 (Lebron with a buzzer beating Dunk to win the game)

Player of the Game: Lebron James (23 points, 10 rebounds)


Image result for syracuse nationals logo VS Image result for 2013 los angeles clippers logo

1962-63 Syracuse Nationals vs 2013-14 Los Angeles Clippers

Nationals Starting 5: Larry Costello, Hal Greer, Lee Schafer, Dolph Schayes and John Kerr

Clippers Starting 5: Chris Paul, JJ Redick, Matt Barnes, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan


Player of The Game: DeAndre Jordan (14 points, 16 rebounds)


Image result for milwaukee bucks logo 1970   VS   Image result for toronto raptors logo

1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks vs 2015-16 Toronto Raptors

Bucks Starting 5: Oscar Robertson, Jon McGlocklin, Bob Dandridge, Greg Smith and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 

Raptors Starting 5: Kyle Lowry, Demar DeRozan, DeMare Caroll, Patrick Patterson and Jonas Valunciunas


Player of the Game: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (39 points, 18 rebounds)



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Image result for seattle supersonics logo  VS Image result for 1995 orlando magic logo

1995-96 Seattle SuperSonics vs 1995-96 Orlando Magic

Sonics Starting 5: Gary Payton, Hersey Hawkins, Detlef Schrempf, Sam Perkins, Ervin Johnson

Magic Starting 5: Anfernee Hardaway, Nick Anderson, Dennis Scott, Horace Grant, Shaquille O'Neal


Player Of The Game: Nick Anderson (26 points, 10 rebounds)


Image result for 1990 utah jazz logoVS Image result for 2003 indiana pacers

1996-97 Utah Jazz vs 2003-04 Indiana Pacers

Jazz Starting 5: John Stockton, Jeff Hornacek, Byron Russell, Karl Malone, Greg Ostertag

Pacers Starting 5: Jamaal Tinsley, Reggie Miller, Ron Artest, Al Harrington and Jeff Foster


Player of The Game: Karl Malone (30 points, 7 rebounds)


Image result for brooklyn nets logo VS Image result for okc thunder logo

2012-13 Brooklyn Nets vs 2012-13 Oklahoma City Thunder

Nets Starting 5: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Reggie Evans and Brook Lopez

Thunder Starting 5: Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha, Kevin Durant, Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins


Player of the Game: Kevin Durant (30 points, 7 rebounds)


Image result for oakland oaks logo  VS Image result for rochester royals nba logo

1968-69 Oakland Oaks (ABA) vs 1952-53 Rochester Royals

Oaks Starting 5: Larry Brown, Warren Jabali, Doug Moe, Gary Bradds, Ira Harge

Royals Starting 5: Bob Davies, Bobby Wanzer, Arnie Johnson, Jack Coleman and Arnie Risen


Player of the Game: Gary Bradds (24 points, 10 rebounds)




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Image result for pittsburgh condors VS Image result for vancouver grizzlies logo

1971-72 Pittsburgh Condors vs 2000-01 Vancouver Grizzlies

Condors Starting 5: Bob Verga, George Thompson, John Brisker, Goose Ligon and Mike Lewis

Grizzlies Starting 5: Mike Bibby, Michael Dickerson, Grant Long, Othella Harrison and Bryant Reeves


Player of the Game: Mike Bibby (25 points, 10 assists)


Image result for 1970 lakers logo VS Image result for 1990s bulls logo

1970-71 Los Angeles Lakers vs 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

Lakers Starting 5: Jerry West, Gail Goodrich, Jim McMillian, Happy Hairston and Wilt Chamberlain

Bulls Starting 5: Ron Harper, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Luc Longley


Player Of The Game: Scottie Pippen (21 points, 9 rebounds)


Image result for spurs logo  VS Image result for rockets logo

2015-16 San Antonio Spurs vs 1993-94 Houston Rockets

Spurs Starting 5: Tony Parker, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, LaMarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol

Rockets Starting 5: Kenny Smith, Vernon Maxwell, Robert Horry, Otis Thorpe and Hakeem Olajuwon


Player Of The Game: Hakeem Olajuwon (31 points, 26 rebounds)


Image result for baltimore bullets logo  VS Image result for wizards logo

1974-75 Washington Bullets vs 2012-13 Washington Wizards 

Bullets Starting 5: Kevin Porter, Phil Chenier, Mike Riordan, Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld

Wizards Starting 5: John Wall, Bradley Beal, Otto Porter, Markieff Morris and Marcin Gortat


Player Of The Game: Bradley Beal (32 points, 8 assists)



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Image result for atlanta hawks logo VS Image result for sacramento kings logo

2014-15 Atlanta Hawks vs 2001-02 Sacramento Kings

Hawks Starting 5: Jeff Teague, Kyle Korver, Demarre Caroll, Paul Millsap and Al Horford

Kings Starting 5: Mike Bibby, Doug Christie, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Webber and Vlade Divac


Player Of The Game: Al Horford (21 points, 9 rebounds)


Image result for boston celtics logo  VS  Image result for denver nuggets logo

1972-73 Boston Celtics vs 2012-13 Denver Nuggets

Celtics Starting 5: Jo Jo White, Don Chaney, John Havlicek, Paul Silas and Dave Cowens

Nuggets Starting 5: Ty Lawson, Evan Fournier, Andre Iguodala, Kenneth Faried and Kosta Koufos


Player Of The Game: Dave Cowens (22 points, 14 rebounds)


Image result for portland trail blazers logo VS  Image result for phoenix suns logo

1990-91 Portland Trail Blazers vs 2004-05 Phoenix Suns

Blazers Starting 5: Terry Porter, Clyde Drexler, Jerome Kersey, Buck Williams and Kevin Duckworth

Suns Starting 5: Steve Nash, Quentin Richardson, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion and Amare Stoudemire

SCORE: SUNS WIN 110-101 

Player Of The Game: Shawn Marion (27 points, 13 rebounds)


Image result for kansas city kings logo VS  latest?cb=20120119223414

1978-79 Kansas City Kings vs 2007-08 New Orleans Hornets

Kings Starting 5: Phil Ford, Otis Birdsong, Scott Wedman, Bill Robinzine and Sam Lacey

Hornets Starting 5: Chris Paul, Morris Peterson, Peja Stojakovic, David West and Tyson Chandler


Player Of The Game: Chris Paul (19 points, 12 assists)




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