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It's Showtime, a theme that is beginning to become familiar to the fans, hits and out comes Buddy Ace. Buddy poses at the top of the ramp before confidently strutting down the ramp. Buddy Ace grabs a microphone from the ring announcer before sliding into the ring under the bottom rope. The fans wait in anticipation as Ace stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for his music to die down before talking.

"Marker, you have said a lot of dumb things the past few couple weeks. You have tried to slander the name of the great Buddy Ace and I will not just stand by and allow you to say such indecent things about me. For instance, you claimed the reason I didn't challenge for the title at Mayhem was because I was afraid. Well, you couldn't be more wrong. While I was hoping to have a one on one match for the title, it wasn't out of fear. I would have loved to be in that match, because to me, more competitors just means more asses for me to kick. After Jason animalisticly attacked me out of nowhere like the coward he is, I was hoping that he would win the title so I could pay him back by showing him that in a fair fight, he can't touch me and that he has no business being in the same division as me. Well clearly he wasn't man enough to get the job done, so now I'll have to settle with getting his little pal instead. I'll be sure to pay him back some time later when he inevitably comes crawling back into the title picture after my win over Marker. Oh yes, Marker, I'm already looking past you."


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The fans boo Buddy for his gross over confidence and he rolls his eyes, putting the mic to his side and waiting for the booing to drop before speaking into it again.

"Unlike you and your little pal, I am the single most skilled star here in the NXT division and I will get the job done when it is my time to battle for the championship. You say that I don't know what you went through for that title, but I am more than aware of all your failures before Mayhem. You are such a loser that you had to wait until all of the real competition left the division before you could get that title. At Mayhem, it was just a few losers who didn't deserve the title in a weak ass match. If I had come sooner, it wouldn't have taken me anywhere near as long as you to win that NXT championship. I will beat you in my first ever title match because you are weak. You should never have even gotten a second chance at the title, because second chances are for incompetent people who can't get the job done right the first time. In all my life, I've always managed to get things done right the first time because I'm not a screw up like you. With Storm and Julius out of this division, it has been left completely devoid of stars. But I am here to fill that role, to be the shining gem of the NXT division that everyone will be clamoring to see. You see, unlike so many other people who have claimed to be so, I am the true future of BPZ. I'm sure many of you can see it too. While I've only had one match here in this company, it was against of the the greatest ever and current world champion Flynn. Now just in case you somehow forgot it, I brought Flynn to his limits. Marker, do you really think you could do anything like that? Because I know you couldn't. Only I, Buddy Ace, could put on a performance like that in his debut. What have you even done here so far? Oh yeah, you lost, lost, and lost some more. Your only wins are against completely insignificant people, congratulations. Unlike you, I'm going right to the top, pal. If you really are the King of NXT, then I hope you are ready because a revolution is coming and I am going to dethrone you. It is about time that the NXT division is made awesome, and I will be the one to do so."

Buddy Ace tosses the microphone aside carelessly and climbs onto the second turnbuckle, posing and yelling self praise at the fans while his music plays.

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Marking the Empire's music hits but instead of Marker Jason Ryan comes to the ring. He has heard the things Buddy has said about him and has had enough. He grabs a mic and gets in the ring, pointing his steel rod at Buddy

Listen here you inbred mother fucker. For weeks now I have heard you run your mouth about me and Marker, me specifically. I get all you really want to do is get on your knees and offer me your nightly services but I'm going have to decline. 

Jason takes off his Phantom of the Opera Mask and glares at Buddy

I remember when you and I met I told you to keep my name out of your mouth, to not invoke the name of The Sinner again and what have you done? You did what I told you not to do. Now, you have been trying to provoke me, you have been trying to get my attention, well congratulations dear boy. I'm here and if it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get. And last time we fought, you know what happened. I left you on the brink of death. I only stopped cause I felt sorry for you Buddy. I showed pity on a mortal, something I have never done and will never do again. After all, despite your claims, you haven't done a damn thing worth bragging about in your life have you? Here's a little secret, between you and me

Jason smirks 

No one in the NXT Division thinks you belong here. I exposed you for being the pussy you truly are. You keep saying how you want revenge for what I did to you but you can't seem to find enough hair on your ass to make the jump now can you. I can see it in your eyes. You're scared of me, I can see it now. The tears in your eyes, your knees are shaking, I saw the yellow stripe down your back as I came down here and if I'm not mistaken, that's fresh piss I smell coming from you. You claim you want to fight Marker but we both know you don't have the balls to fight him straight up and we both know you're never going to actually challenge me to a match. So this is what I'm proposing, provided Marker is okay with it. Your opinion is irrelevant in the matter. But here's my idea. I think I will join this match but, it won't be a triple threat. Oh no no no. I'm thinking Buddy Ace takes on both members of Marking the Empire in a Two on One Handicap Match with the NXT title on the line. Whoever pins whoever becomes champion. Now, why am I doing this when I swore not to get involved?

Jason levels his rod at Buddy's chest

Well, first off, I'm only doing this to make sure Marker walks out champion. I just want to get my hands on you, make you squeal like the pig you are. Because I am sick of you running your mouth about me. Ever since you've debuted, all you have done is mention my name but yet never not once have you dared called me out for a match. I ignored you at first but you just keep running your mouth. Maybe it's escaped your attention boy but I'm the guy that runs this division. Marker may be the champion but no one can deny that since I debuted, NXT hasn't been the same. I have terrorized the lives of several people. Look what I did to Apex, I destroyed his heart and soul in my first match. I ran Storm out of my division, make no mistake about it. I put Prince on the shelf. Julius hasn't been the same since our last encounter, he's losing his edge. As for Slim, yes he may have defeated me but let's be honest, not even I cared about that match. No one did. I have become the embodiment of evil. No one dares approach me backstage. 

Jason looks into Buddy's eyes

ANd now, you have incurred the wrath of The Sinner and for that, you must pay. You see, everyone must be held accountable for their actions. Did you know that? I enjoy destroying lives. It's my favorite method of entertainment and Mr. Ace I'm fixing to destroy your life. But that's for later my friend. For now, let's say Marker come out here and he can deliver his verdict on my idea. Unless of course, you want to back out. Not too late for you to tuck tail and run like the bitch you are

Jason stands back as he awaits his tag team partner's entrance

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