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5 Things I Want To Happen At MITB

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5. New Rivalry or Good Continuation after MITB:

For the last couple of weeks or months we have seen many feuds that happen after Wrestlemania with the likes of AJ vs Nakamura as an example. The Feuds leading up to MITB have been terrible with really Ronda vs Nia as the sub-par feud that has lead up to MITB. What I would like to see are New feuds and good continuation, one example of a new feud would be AJ Styles vs Daniel Byran as AJ vs Nakamura has been really lacking and hasn't gotten much better as the rivalry gone on, Daniel and AJ would be a breath of fresh air and could put on some great matches with each other, for Nakamura I'm not sure, maybe a feud with Joe could get the ground running for his career and I'll get on to continuation in a bit. 

4. A Challenger For Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship:

Since Brock Lesnar won't be back in WWE until SummerSlam, let's try and find out who could be Number One Contender. Now obviously it could easily be Roman Reigns as there a story already set up as Roman got screwed over he was the first man to get out of the Steel Cage, but Lesnar won it instead, so the feud already there, but I would also like to see maybe Braun Strowman or Seth Rollins (if he loses the IC Championship), hell maybe a Fatal 4 Way, that in my opinion would be very interesting to watch and with rumors saying Lesnar contract is up by SummerSlam, we could see a new champion on Monday Night Raw. 

3. Natalya to win the Women's MITB match. 

Now this is in line with number 5 as if would be an interesting continuation for the Ronda vs Nia feud with Natalya being in the middle, her winning the MITB would play mind games with both Nia and Ronda as she could at anytime cash it in would make a good dynamic to feud. If she were to cash in at any point I would like to see her at maybe SummerSlam as it is a big stage to win the Championship and also there isn't much people I could see winning. Maybe Sasha Banks could win it?.

2. Don't treat Roman vs Jinder as a big deal.

Well WWE will probably treat this as a big deal, but this is my list of things I want to happen OK?. People are still talking about Dominion as people say it was one of the best shows this year and with Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada getting Seven Stars by the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer. With that match, when you see Roman vs Jinder, people will boo the hell out of that so don't treat like a huge match because otherwise people won't care for it and WWE doesn't want that at all. 

1. The Miz to win Men's MITB match. 

When you think about it, it easy why The Miz deserves to win this. In this match, there is Braun, Miz, Roode, Rusev, Joe, Owens and one of the New Day Members. In my opinion Braun nor Joe needs the Briefcase as I feel they can win on their own and rest WWE doesn't want or trust to win like Balor, Roode or Rusev so in the end, the only person I see winning is The Miz and why not give him it as he has improved so much in the last two years as he put the IC title on notice, put some good matches with other guys and is an incredible talker and just imagine if he wins and Byran wins the WWE Title and he cashes in, everyone would be so piss and he would get some much heat for this and could have a good feud between him and Byran.

Those are my predictions, what your predictions and what you want to happen?. Feel free to write in this topic what you want to happen at MITB. 









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