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The Marker

You Are Nothing

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{Evolve begins by Marker already in the ring, pacing around, ready to go, ready to talk and ready for Judgement Day, fans begin chanting "Marker" around the arena, he smirks, but immediately stopped as begins his promo}


Alright Ladies and Gentlemen , let's get straight to the point here, for the last couple of weeks Buddy Ace keeps spouting on  bullcrap after bullcrap after bullcrap about me and my partner Jason Ryan. I was gonna wait until Judgement Day to kick your ass into oblivion, but with the amount of words that came out of your annoying mouth these past couple of weeks, I have decide to come to grace everyone with my appearance today.

So Buddy, what I've seen from your promos so far, you speak alot of the same things, things like "I'm the greatest thing to walk in NXT", "Your just a placeholder", "Your devaluing the belt" and to that I laugh, I am a fighting champion, I am a Prizefighter and reasons why you say these things is because I haven't got the chance yet and now I officially will be doing so at Judgement Day, but listen Buddy.

{Marker takes out notebook and a pen and shows it off to the fans around the arena}

Here a notebook and pen and what do you do with these?, You write in them of course, but what will you write in this?. Well I'll give you something to write, how about your career?. Well what can you write about that when you haven't got much of a career to begin with. Hmm what else?, Oh I know, how about your promo style and how gonna word them because it seems like you act like a robot then an actual human being most of the time.

{The fans "OOOOO" out of the arena as fans weren't except this much brutality from Marker, soon enough he threw the notebook and pen away}

I have worked so hard to get to the top of NXT Championship ladder and finally I climbed and grabbed it and now it's in my hands and I'm not gonna let some egotistical and selfish person come here and take it away from me, I'll honor the people like Bart and Julius who made the NXT Championship what it is and I'm not gonna fade into the shadows like the rest who couldn't hold it for long. I have accomplished so much already like winning the NXT Championship in my first five months, I was in the first ever Inferno match and I have won it, so tell me this, what has Buddy done?.

{Marker puts out his microphone to the crowd and he moves around the ring, but no fans says a word as it is so quiet you could probably hear a raindrop}

That right, nothing, so Buddy come Judgement Day, I'll walk into the ring, feeling great as ever and I'll pummel you and beat the ever living daylights out of you and I feel Jason would love to destroy you more than I would and it's your fault, you wanted this, you spoken trash about me, you spoken trash about Jason which made him enter into this little feud of ours and Jason, I apologise for this, for you to get involved in this situation, but for some reason, I don't think you really mind this, I think you want to destroy Buddy, so it doesn't  matter what happens I'll win either way possible, so for the people who attend this show, Goodbye and good night.



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