The scene is set at Evolve as the crowd gets influenced into a huge pop of cheers as the show just started. Pyro here, pyro there, pyro everywhere. The show's theme song stops playing as the commentators welcomes us to a great night here in England. People with England flags, a lot of "Its coming home" chants and just plain cheers. The screen fades into a darkness, some special effects starts to come out, people anxious on the appearance of this man. Glow and smoke starts raining out, just to signal out Akki's theme song.  The crowd dead silent as Akki laughs away at the crowd. Slowly walking to the ring with getting a handful of boos and hate from the BPZ universe here in England. Akki walks over up the apron as he watches the crowd before entering the ring he claims is his. Up the turnbuckle Akki goes as he poses out for the England crowd who sucks it up to him with boos and more hate. The boos reigns louder and louder as Akki just laughs on in the ring, Akki goes outside of the ring and runs laps around the ring, it's just like he's taking the hate as cheers and celebrates in it. Before getting back in the ring, he picks a microphone and jumps back in the ring and starts to speak.  The disappointment in all of your faces shows me everything. Look, I'm not hating, cause it's all of your job to do that, I'm just saying. I want to see the disappointment in all of your faces when England lose to France and gets knocked out of the World Cup. I mean for this little shit, all of you are already disappointed, let alone the World Cup. Where everyone screams, it's coming home!, It's coming home!, yes it is. The England team is coming home with a full loss. It's just how it is, never get your hopes up, just like everyone got their hopes up on The Marker. A man who took the liberty to burn my flesh and skin off. But I'm back.  The Marker was like a brother to me, and what I'm about to say right now might shock everyone. But I saw a zombie in the arena. Yes I did, I saw my former tag team partner, my enemy, I saw WW234 roaming around. So brother, I know your here tonight and I know you might not have the balls, but show up! I AM CHALLENGING YOU TO A FIGHT.  Akki with hands opened calls out WWE234, the crowd cheering WWE234 on by chanting his name. Akki heats up the crowd to chant louder and louder, as he soon would laugh at the crowd again. Akki picks up the microphone and begins speaking again.  The ultimate England troll job. You all must have some kind of dumb brains, because that's the second time I got you. You think I would call out WWE234 like that? No! If I'd see him for once, I'd beat the shit out of him instantly and I wouldn't probably be here but I'd be in a cell because I would've broken the crap out of WWE234 illegally. I don't care where I am, what I do, because I do what I do and I am what I am. I AM AKKI, THE BEST IN THE BPZ, but no one accepts that. For the past 3 years I went out here every night and wrestle, I put my body on the line, I put my talent to a whole other level and I get shit for return. And just because I lost one month of BPZ, means I lose all the momentum I had for the past 3 years, It's just bullshit in my point of view.  I come back broke and burned to Evolve, just to see the man that tortured me in Carnage as my fucking general manager. Do you all think that is something to be happy about. Yet I walk down the hall and people just come at me and say "Happy Day Akki" WHAT'S SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS DAY. Maybe if the management weren't so hasty about me I would have never done this to you all. But no... FUCK AKKI. Fuck Akki and what he stands for, let's all ignore his motivational speeches and hard work. Let's all do that. But now that I'm back, I have plans, and one of them is to expose what kind of people the management are. What kind of terror they put me through. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, this has been Akki! Akki drops the microphone in the middle of the ring, as the BPZ universe claps in emotion to Akki's speech and watches him walk out to the backstage area. The English crowd in almost tears as the screen fades to a commercial break.