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Favourite Kayfabe Feuds

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Title is fairly self explanatory, what are your favourite 5 Kayfabe feuds

(5) Ross

Although we had a great story and we constantly built it up it was more me jobbing to him than a feud which justifies his place

(4) George

We have created an amazing feud in that we started it a year ago and had plans then to feud for the Carnage January PPV. Honestly been enjoyable trying to build a feud despite it breaking down

(3) Bailey

I am glad this feud finally came to something as it looked for a while as if it wouldn’t. However it was good to call out Bailey for 6 months and then have the feud pay off with a match at SummerSlam 

(2) BiC

One of the best stories I have created, the turn on FDS was actually a turn seeing as only me, BiC and Slim Knew, then working with BiC as he became World Champ was great. The feud was planned perfectly and it bought out our best Kayfabe Work

(1) SummerGamz/Echo Wilson

I just feel like we have great chemistry in a feud. We had a great feud over NXT, US and even built something up in KOTR and with the record between me and Summer in 1 on 1 being 1-1 and the same record for me and Echo I would say it is a fairly even but great feud

What are yours?

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I have only had a short amount of feuds during my time on the forums so here they are 

3. Red Arrow: My first real feud on the forums was against RedArrow and it was definitely one of the most enjoyable as in my opinion I believe we made the NXT Division relevant for that short amount of time we as our gimmicks really clicked which made for some really fun segments. If he ever comes back, I would love to revisit it because there is still a lot more left in the tank 

2. Slim: Only a feud that is pretty much just getting started but it has provided intrigue to myself and all of the people involved. I think the story we have told so far has been really interesting with the Next Generation coming up against the Established ones and what will come next is surely going to be even more exciting

1. Yelich: This feud has been my favourite simply because I have had a blast working with Yelich on how to make this feud enjoyable and whacky whilst also keeping the US Title involved. Yelich is such a talented person when it comes to ideas, especially with the Mop and Broom as well as the funeral and I think that he shall be commended for all the work he does because it truly does go unnoticed sometimes

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5. LAOCH: I think this feud between me and Jon has another layer to it but I think we did some good storytelling for our recent Summerslam matchup. At Emergence we have the chance to elevate this a little higher. 

4. Yelich : Yelich is a master at kayfabe, he's wildly underrated and knows how to make a story unique. Our feud for the #1 contendership was super fun and then our feud over US was even more fun. 

3. Flynn: The Echo Wilson character never really took off before this feud. It sort of made Echo a big name and restarted by passion for kayfabe again.

2. Slim : It was short but it was sweet. I think we took a different path, telling our story through multiple write ups for matches and ending with me submitting and joining Kingdom.

1. Joshsnow: My intro feud to the forums, I still think its one of the best feuds I've ever done and both of us garnered a fair amount of praise because of it. 

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One of my favorites feuds probably be Echo Wilson, it was my first big feud in BPZ and it was for a Title I never face before and it was really cool that we faced off

Another one for be my first feud with Julius, he really something else and he was a really good NXT Championship at the time and if I feud with him for the US title I'll happily face him 

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5. Flynn: We had two feuds, one for Night of Legends 2018 and one for Royal Rumble 2019, in both he absolutely buried me in the match write up but I mean I'm me, I can take it. But the feuds we had going up to those matches were quite good. I thought in the build up to the second one where I lost in 5 seconds, I had some of my best kayfabe ever going into that match. And I also thought I had some really good promo's going into NoL as well. Flynn knows how to bring the best out of me promo wise so that's why he's number 5.

4. Ropati: Ropati and I have a lot of history on the forums. As friends as enemies we've done a lot of shit together. But when I faced off against him, especially that time I was Yeldick. His promo's were so great and when I responded to them his promo's helped me make my promo's better because he was so awesome then. His disgusted nature at me was such a fun thing to work with in that feud, and I'm so glad that out of all of the people I got to use my Yeldick character against, it was him.

3. Natedog: I remember I once had a match for the Global Championship against Nathaniel Canine and in the voting I almost won that match. Some people have told me that's because like two days beforehand I was traded from Evolve to Carnage meaning if I had won that match I'd have taken the title to Carnage. But I like to think it was because I had some really good kayfabe that Nate brought out of me. And whilst it was probably the former, my feud versus Nate was a fun experience where I tried out this new silly character (Gary Kirby, just a Martin Kirby ripoff) and I got to go against his ultra-serious character as Emperor Nate. It was so fun to do this feud.

2. Julius: Julius is one of if not the best person at kayfabe on the forums. He doesn't change his character to try and get a different message across because that would sound better, he always stays as this aggressive monster heel who won't take any shit from anybody, and he backs that up in the ring when he wins all of his matches. I tried to toy with that with my first feud against him with the mop and the broom and the therapist and the funeral. He just walked up to me, insulted me for being a deranged psychopath, said he was going to throw me in a casket, nearly killed an innocent therapist, and broke a mop believed had a conscience in half, "killing" him. That's exactly what his character would do in that moment, it was amazing. That's why every opportunity I get I try to face off against him, because he's great at his character and kayfabe in general, and it's fun to work with that.

1. Echo Wilson: My feud with him is the thing I am most proud of on the forums. We made a match for the Number One Contendership to the Universal Championship such a personal story about patriotism and fighting for your country. And the promo where he busted into my house and trapped me under my garage door, allowing him to replace my Canadian flag I had flying with an American flag is one of the best moments of my career, because even though I lost in that moment, I helped make something creative, and something great between the two of us, and I am very proud of that.

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5. Joshsnow- We had a week to come up with something and we managed to pull people in. And I know people said it didn't work but again we had a week to come up with something so we decided to go balls to the wall and we made our Global title match have some much needed weight to it. It was a lot of fun

4. Buddy Ace- This is back when Odd first came aboard and won the NXT title and we had a fun little feud for KOTR. But the reason I like this is cause Kayfabe wise Jason and Buddy hated each other yet here they are hugging each other at Summerslam, forming The Frontier

3. Julius- My first big feud, honestly Julius is one of those guys who you can put him in a feud with anyone and he's gonna give you a quality match. Our Backlash feud was fun and we haven't faced off in over a year. Hopefully we can do it again now that we have both grown into our own.

2. Storm- Storm and I feuded pretty much all year last year and it was a lot of fun. What I really liked about this was our feud was always evolving. It was like an Edge/Matt Hardy thing.

And my favorite feud of all time is...

Echo. I don't know if I have enough good things to say about this feud. Everything about this feud was perfect. Honestly it shocked me as to how much chemistry me and Echo have. The feud was on a whole other level and in my opinion is what made made me. I really wish Echo would come back to kayfabe so we could do it again because in my opinion our feud was the most underrated  feud of all last year.

Edit: I actually I have two number ones.

Angelo- this feud was fun. Angelo really stepped up for this one. I knew he wouldn't disappoint but I didn't expect that from him. Nanovirus was a great gimmick and honestly its a lot like my feud with Echo where we just clicked. I wish we could of had our January match between him, Josh and Storm vs The Frontier

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Even though I've been in some feuds with big names like Julius (mini feud) and of course the whole To The Top feud, I'm gonna go with my feud with Bulldozer/Toxik/Mirage heading into the PTC event. We had a lot of time to build up the feud and along with it being my first win, I think it helped both of us improve a lot. The match write up was also a banger, but I can't take credit for that.

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