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"The Killer" Angelo Caito

The Julius Slayer

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{Carnage returns from its commercial break, with before the last two matches happened, the BPZ World and United States Champion, Julius was in the middle of the ring, telling the BPZ Universe about that Angelo Caito stole his big moment, that his career is at the low of all time that going for Julius can only save it, but it will only end with Julius ending Caito's long wrestling career at Emergence. The tron goes black as a red smoke fills it up before in bold words, a white worded "Julius Slayer" pops from the smoke as the crowd cheers some. 

The small amount of cheers rise into a pop from the sold out crowd in Detroit, Michigan. Caito walks from the back, rocking a opened up vest with no shirt on while rocking his ring gear. 


Angelo walks down the ramp, focused written on his face. 2018 has been one of Angelo's better years to date, impressive matches, big wins, couple of title wins, and a rejuice in his life. Angelo walks up the steel ramps and steps between the ropes before walking to the opposite corner of the ring and climbs to the second rope and looks out at the crowd, tapping the top of the ring post and then throws his arms to the side in the air as the crowd cheers loudly again. 


Angelo climbs down from the second rope and grabs a microphone from Hannah. He walks back into the center of the ring as "Burn In My Light" burns out from the PA System as this is Angelo's return to Carnage since being drafted months ago and his victory over JoshNow at Carnage's Power Trip Cup event. He stands in the ring as he looks around and listens to the loud "Angelo!" chants, as he lets a smile escape from his all business like composure before speaking.}

"SummerSlam, the night where BPZ's landscape was altered forever. Torches were passed, and legacies were marked in the stone in the stone that built this company from the ground up. SummerSlam saw one faction, stand tall over everyone. The Kingdom was set to stand tall at BPZ SummerSlam last weekend.... but..... someone sorta slithered his way in and took his oppouritny, did they? I wonder what stupid, ballsy, insane motherfucker would hop into the belly of the beast and strike him down? Who is crazy enough to challenge a entire stable and have the balls to go after them by himself? Who is this man?!?! Oh yeah... it was me. Some aging old jobber ended the show and stole a moment from the World Heavyweight Champion! I'm the same man, who got what he wanted for months, you Julius. When you debuted here in BPZ in 2017, I saw another big man who does sluggish matches. But as time progresses, you impressed me. And I don't need no bullshit Joshua Meltzer's match ratings, or a bullshit BPZ Commentaries, or even a bullshit BPZ Whatculture to tell me what kind of a star you were Julius. The quickness to your rise to the top is the best of anyone's ever! You made it from a NXT nobody to a NXT legend all the way to the face of BPZ in less than a year. Nobody ever had the chances for a guy who been here short time like you, but you took it and walked out thee man. Thee man who put down Slim. Thee man who is the first ever Untied States and World Heavyweight Champion at the same time. For that I must do this...."

{Angelo tucks the mic between his body and arm and slowly claps his hands together in a sarcastic way. His face still imprinted with intensity and focus as he grabs the microphone and places it back to his lips.}

"For a year Julius, you only been beaten twice. Let's look at the two men who beaten you. Red Arrow, a man set to be my backup against before he beat you. And look where he is, retired because of you. Flynn, a man who hasn't fully recovered emotionally from the turn on him you did to him. After Red's lucky win and Flynn showing why he's a future Hall Of Famer, but now I step up, and what chance do I have? What chance do I have in defeating you? None, but I die trying.

At Emergence, this isn't a match, this is a fight. I don't care about these petty rules placed that BPZ has to keep our match clean, I don't. I'm going to do anything it takes to send my message directly into your skull. You took my opportunities that I spent the entire month of June to get. I carried this entire company on my fucking back when this place was dead. We said BPZ was fine guys, but it wasn't. Hell it still isn't. Superstars don't show up, have a hard time booking payperviews, and yet for my attempt to help this place, we saw how my King Of The Ring Tournament match and my Intercontinental Championship match up at King Of The Ring, it sent my mind into a fury, a fury that wants me to destory, and you first in the line for me Julius. At Emergence, I don't care if I win, lose, get dq'd, counted out, or what. I will show you pain when I toss you around the arena before everyone's very eyes. Bailey won't contain me, his guards won't stop me from taking my foot and sticking it up your ass."

{Angelo drops the microphone and and yells as the crowd roars in excitement as Angelo climbs to the top rope and throws his arms up as "Burn In My Light" blasts again, with the crowd popping again as the match between Angelo and Julius is slowly picking up steam.}

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