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Insider Look- Asylum Steel Cage

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Emergence has been moved to the date of 9/14/18 as such it gives time to get a insider look into one of the matches that will take place at Emergence.

Insider Look into the Asylum Steel Cage

In BPZ History there have been a number of steel cages.  Rage in the cages.  this will be the first for the Asylum Steel Cage.  This cage is 16 feet tall(4.8m) made unlike past cages this cage's walls arent normal chain link walls.  These walls barred walls are about an inch and a half thick of solid metal.  This cage is capped by a roof that is lowered down after the cage is.  On the roof and walls of the cage are various objects. From normal objects seen in matches like Steel Chairs, Tables to the extreme, as barbed wire covered objects, barbed wire tables, chairs ,baseball bats and more, ,  several things of loose solid metal chains.  Other objects like tables with nails in them,  a mop and bucket; metal trash cans.  It has nearly everything even a kitchen sink on the walls and ceiling of the cage.

This cage's unbending walls and unforgiving steel will be just one of a lot of things in this match that will put those in the match to the absolute limits.  With the hardore and extreme rules expects to this match it will go past the limits going to insane levels of brutality that can only be confined in this cage, this Asylum.

Rules of the Match

  • The only way to win is make the opponet submit or keep them down for the count of ten
  • Someone may throw in a towel should someone be unable to declare they submit only people who are there in the persons designated 'corner' or have the authority to throw in the towel for them.This will be counted as a submission victory
  • Everything else goes and is recommended in this match


Kieron Black and Hollow will be the first two men to compete in this structure.  In one week now this structure will  emerge and take its first victims Who will win this match? Will either man survive? Find out in a week when you see Carnage Power Trip Emergence. 

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