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So...hello I guess?

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Hey what’s up guys?

My name is Michael...or #Heel whatever one you feel like picking. I’m happy to be here and just see what the site has to bring. I look forward to sharing my popular and probably unpopular views such as Jinder Mahal should have held the WWE Championship for 3 years and beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania in 30 seconds....that’s a joke.

i started watching wrestling was about 8 I think. I remember the first match that really stuck in my head once I watched it was Shawn Michaels Vs Ric Flair in Flairs retirement match. Since that Match Shawn pretty much became my favourite superstar in the world of Wrestling. I guess my “Fav five” past and current in no real order would be Shawn Michaels, Richochet, Matt Sydal, Adam Cole and Hangman Page. 


Oh oh by the way....If you like Mojo Rawley, Goldust or R-Truth we can’t be friends.....

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Ay yo what's up dude, I'm Brad, and I'll be your tour guide throughout the adventure we call 'BrendenPlayz Forums'. Most people are interested in the "Kayfabe" section which you can find directly below the "Introduce Yourself" section. I recommend reading this post before doing anything though.

Another section that is widely popular is the diaries section, where you can do basically anything, whether it be a WWE Brand Split diary or a Call Of Duty diary, we welcome them all. Not good at creative writing? That's okay, because we have sections for Extreme Warfare Revenge (Game I will link below), and WWE 2K17, where most members post their Universe Modes and write them up for members to enjoy.

Links to all three sections + EWR:





We also have Title Votings every month that are based on contributions to the forums, and once you reach 25 posts (which I'm sure you will), you will be able to view the awards section where all of the votings are posted. We have a voting at Bad Blood, which has the NXT Title, which is held by Marker.

Anyways, please read the guidelines because a lot of new members don't and end up breaking rules, so take a minute to check those out. So, welcome to theforums dude and I hope you stay active!

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