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McMahon sold WWE! - My Universe Mode

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WWE lost everything after Vince McMahon's second iteration of his revived football league the XFL, "shockingly" failed, just like it's first shot at the brand (some might say that it failed worst this time around).

McMahon, dispite having said he would never involve WWE in this project, he did just that by using WWE's funds and profits for a third try with the XFL. Selling WWE in the process to unknown buyers. Would the XFL fail again or would it ROCKET itself to the stars this time? Stay tuned on your local television news stations for more.


WWE will now run one show - Main Event, Main Event will be aired on the WWE Network, since no Television station would accept this new and "poor" version of the WWE. Also, the new managment would get rid of some championships, keeping only four new championships that would replace older versions: The WWE Heavyweight Championship, the *NEW* Television Championship (as a mockery to all the TV stations that rejected WWE's offer, also replacing the Intercontinental Championship), the Women's Championship and the World Tag Team Championships. Every championship will be awarded to those Superstars who possesed the previous versions.

Current Champions:

  • WWE Heavyweight Champion - Samoa Joe
  • WWE Television Champion - AJ Styles
  • WWE World Tag Team Champions - The Usos
  • WWE Women's Champion - Beth Pheonix

Main Event will have it's own General Manager - WWE Hall of Famer and Legend: Trish Stratus.

Also, Superstars who held previous championships that were discarted; like the Universal Championship, United States Championship, SDL Women's Championship, SDL Tag Team Championships,  and Cruiserweight Championship will recieve championship matches on Main Event against their counterparts. Mark Henry (former Universal Champion) will face Samoa Joe, Curtis Axel (former US Champion) will face AJ Styles, Naomi (former SDL Women's Champion) will face Beth Pheonix, and The Bar (former SDL Tag Team Champions) will face The Usos.

NXT or NXT UK are no longer under the WWE umbrella, former COO Triple H has succesfully separated the two, creating his own promotion. Which means WWE wont have nxt as a brand or its championships, but they will still keep its superstars, because they're all under a WWE contract, not NXT.

As of schedule for the WWE, we're headed to Battleground, where there will be a Battleground's Fatal 4 Way Elimination match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Who will be defending the top prize at Battleground current champion Samoa Joe or will Mark Henry reach the spot on the roster that was taken from him? What other matches will we see at Battleground? Stay tuned to this thread for more.

OOC (Out of Character): I won't post the roster, because I will use anyone in the game depending on the stories playing out.



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The show starts with Main Event's General Manager Trish Stratus in the ring, welcoming everyone at the arena and at home to the new and revamped WWE. She is pleased to announced that at Battleground she would step into the ring one last time to face her former rival and now friend Mickie James. Also she announces that two of the four Championship mathces announced on WWE.com would take place tonight: The Bar vs. The Usos for the World Tag Team Championships and Mark Henry vs. Samoa Joe for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

As Stratus left the ring The Bar's music hits signaling that the World Tag Team Title match was next.

The Bar vs. The Usos (c) w/ Naomi - WWE World Tag Team Championships

RESULTS: The Bar defeats The Usos when Beth Pheonix would attack Naomi at ringside distracting her husband long enough for Sheamus to deliver a Brouge Kick for the pin and the win.

Roderick Strong would be seen walking into the GM's office, and asking Trish Stratus for a chance at the Tv Championship due to him being the last cruiserweight champion and still not recieving a title match. Ms. Stratus would agree and reward Strong with a match tonight against former US champion Curtis Axel, if he defeats Axel, he is added to Axel and Styles match and make it a triple threat match.

Eric Young vs. Shane Thorne vs. The Miz - #1 contendership for Tv Championship at Battleground

RESULTS: Eric Young would come out victorios after hitting Thorne with his vicious neck breaker to earn his shot at the Tv Title.

Naomi and The Usos are in the trainers room, where she is getting checked by the doctors. Jimmy, would be at her side while Jey was at the door looking in with his arms crossed, Naomi would ask them to forgive her for costing them their tag team titles, Jimmy would quickly stop her and telling her that they can win their titles back, but her health was more important, Jey stays quiet.

Roderick Strong vs. Curtis Axel

RESULTS: Curtis Axel would pick up the win, after Baron Corbin would attack Roderick Strong while the referee was down from an accidental clothline by Axel. Corbin would attack Strong again after the match and pick up a mic. He says that Roderick "Weakling" is too short to deserve a anything, and that he should be the one getting the opportunities, not a  "damn cruiserweight...".

Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nia Jax - #1 contendership for Women's Championship at Battleground

RESULTS: Becky Lynch would make Nia Jax tap out for the win, staright fire is going straight to Battleground for the Women's Championship.

Samoa Joe's music hits after everyone cleared the ring. He would recieve a mic from the ringside staff. Joe says that he will be the most dominant champion of this new era in WWE, that "hasbeens" like Mark Henry don't deserve to be in the main event.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Mark Henry - WWE Heavyweight Championship

RESULTS: Samoa Joe would attack Mark Henry before the bell rang with a steel chair, destroying the former Universal Champion when hi wrapped the steel chair around Henry's neck and stomping on it. Surprisingly Henry would order the referee to start the match and the official would have no choice, but to agree. Sadly for Henry, his injuries were to severe and Joe would lock the Coquina Clutch making the World's Strongest Man pass out, in the middle of the ring just seconds into the match.


OOC: I hope you guys enjoy this first episode of my new universe mode. Yes, I did start one a few months ago, but due to real life stuff, I couldn't continue that story, and i lost interest in it. I hope I can continue this version of my universe mode with you guys. Have a good one.

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What a great start Noy. Following the controversial endings to Tag and World I’m guessing you’ll have rematches whilst I’m interested to see where you go with the Uso’s with a little bit of tension being created. I feel like you’ll have Naomi join the Phoenix and Lynch match and interested to see where you go. Also excited for Stratus vs James and Strong vs Corbin. A bit confused, is the Battleground match Young vs Styles it Axel vs Styles? I’m guessing you’ll address that in the next episode. Great start Noy and I am excited for more 

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12 minutes ago, JoshsNow said:

What a great start Noy. Following the controversial endings to Tag and World I’m guessing you’ll have rematches whilst I’m interested to see where you go with the Uso’s with a little bit of tension being created. I feel like you’ll have Naomi join the Phoenix and Lynch match and interested to see where you go. Also excited for Stratus vs James and Strong vs Corbin. A bit confused, is the Battleground match Young vs Styles it Axel vs Styles? I’m guessing you’ll address that in the next episode. Great start Noy and I am excited for more 

At Battleground it's gonna be Young vs. who ever wins between Styles or Axel, Axel earing a shot next week due to him being the last United States Champion. Also, Beth Pheonix attacked Naomi, because she is schedule to face her next week for the Women's Championship, due to Naomi being the last SDL Women's Champion. I hope that clears a bit of the confusion.

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At the top of the show we have the GM Trish Stratus in her office signing some papers when Mickie James enters and says hi, both women talk about the times they used to face each other and laughed at the crazy stunts each of them pulled, at the end they wish each other good luck at Battleground.

Randy Orton vs. Braun Strowman vs. Luke Harper vs. Gran Metalik vs. Neville vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Bray Wyatt vs. Sin Cara - Battle Royal #1 contendership for WWE Heavyweight Championship at Battleground

RESULTS: Neville ends up eliminating Randy Orton at the end of the Battle Royal. Earning a WWE Heavyweight Championship match at Battleground. He get's interviewed by Rene Young, he says that what happened in the past stays in the past. He has turned a new leaf, and that at Battlegroung he will no longer be called the King of the Cruiserweights, but the King of WWE.

Naomi is in the back with Jimmy Uso, he's making sure Naomi is ready and preparing for her title match tonight.

Roderick Strong and Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin and Jinder Mahal

RESULTS: Baron Corbin and Jinder Mahal defeated Zayn and Strong when Mahal would send Strong to the barricade and Corbin would deliver the End of Days to pin Sami, and after the match continued the attack on both men.

Samoa Joe is interviewed, Joe mocks R-Truth's attempt for revenge, but also warns Neville, that at Battleground there will be no where to "fly" off to, because at Battleground he will put the "little king" to sleep.

Naomi vs. Beth Pheonix (c) - WWE Women's Championship

RESULTS: Beth Pheonix defeats a very gain Naomi after two Glam Slams in a row, but after the match Pheonix would attack her yelling "you were a paper champion".

The Usos are in gorrilla getting ready for their #1 contenders match, Jey asks Jimmy if he's ready and focus, Jimmy affirms and their music hits.

The Usos vs. High Crews - #1 contendership for WWE World Tag Team Championship

RESULTS: High Crews would defeat The Usos after Jimmy accidentally SuperKicked Jey when Crews moved out of the way, Cedric would get rid off Jimmy while Apollo would pin Jey for the win.

Curtis Axel vs. AJ Styles (c) - WWE Television Championship

RESULTS: AJ Styles would defeat Axel, when he made the Axe man tap out with the Calf Crusher. AJ Styles would receive a cryptic message from Eric Young, "How SANe are you, Styles?" before the show ended in confusion.


OOC: Hey guys, NoyClub, here! I've been having so much fun with this Universe Mode, if there are any questions, please don't be shy, I'm willing and "gable" to answer those questions that need to be answered.

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Styles vs Young, Neville vs Joe, Stratus vs James. Wow. Also liked the feuds you are doing with Mahal/Zayn and Corbin/Strong, whilst High Crews vs The Bar is an interesting feud. What I’m most enjoying is the Uso breakup as I’ve never seen it before. Great show NC and I can’t wait for more 

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Samoa Joe opens the show in the ring and with a mic. He reveals to the crowd that he was fined $2500 for intentionally injuring Mark Henry two weeks ago. He is then interrumpted by R-Truth who challenges him to a match tonight, truth wants revenge for his best friend Mark, while Joe is refusing General Manager Trish Stratus comes out and agrees with R-Truth, so she makes a non-title match right now.

Samoa Joe vs. R-Truth

RESULTS: Even tho R-Truth attacked Joe before the bell in a vicious manner, it was all for nothing, because in the end Joe locked him in the Coquina Clutch making Truth pass out.

Neville shows up in the titantron, and tells Samoa Joe that at Battleground there will be nothing that he would do to leave New York as the New WWE Heavyweight Champion. Joe can be seen irrate in the ring.

Cesaro w/ Sheamus vs. Cedrick Alexander w/ Apollo Crews

RESULTS: Cedric defeated Cesaro with a roll-up pin, when Apollo distracted Cesaro when he showed  a Cesaro Section shirt under his own. Sheamus would try to attack Alexander after the win, but both members of High Crews would escape to the top of the ramp to celebrate.

Roderick Strong is interviewed before his match against Mahal. He would act confident and say that tonight he would use Jinder as an example to what will happen to Corbin at Battleground. Sami Zayn would stop Strong before he left and ask if he needed someone in his corner, but Strong would respectfully decline.

Roderick Strong w/ Sami Zayn vs. Jinder Mahal W/ Baron Corbin

RESULTS: Both Mahal and Corbin attack Strong before the bell, Zayn tries to help but Mahal and Corbin beat him up too. This match ended in a no-contest.

The Bellas come out to the ring with mics and a "Total Bellas" set (just like MizTv) and call out Mickie James and Trish Stratus as their special guests. Stratus and James come out and the Bella Twins say that they are mad that two "Old Ladies" are taking a spot at Battleground, James and Stratus answer by challenging them to a tag team match later tonight.

Becky Lynch vs. Naomi w/ Jimmy Uso (Beth Pheonix in commentary)

RESULTS: Becky Lynch defeats Naomi with a Dis-arm-her. They both shake hands after the match, but Beth Pheonix would run from behind and attack both women, lifting her belt in the air before leaving the ring with both women battered and beaten.

Trish Stratus & Mickie James vs. The Bella Twins

RESULTS: Trish Stratus would pin Nikki Bella after Stratusfaction for the win, Micke James would betray Stratus and attack her with a Mick Kick, asks for a mic and says that the only way she would go against Stratus is if Mickie defeats her she becomes the #1 Contender for the Women's Championship, otherwise she won't show up at Battleground.

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OOC: Hi guys, I'm just here to say that I made the jump to WWE 2k19,I will use the 2k19 roster as my base for wrestlers I'll be using for this Universe Mode.Some superstars from 2k18 obviously didn't make the game, there for wont appear in theis UM anymore, but I still have plans for Neville so I will make an exeption for the sake of the story being presented. Thank You for reading. Good Day/Good Night.

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The show starts with Trish Stratus accepting Mickie James condition for their match. Ring announcer JoJo welcomes everyone to Battleground. She would proceed to announce the first match.

Barron Corbin vs. Roderick Strong

RESULTS: Roderick Strong would defeat Corbin after a failed attempt of interferrence by Jinder Mahal, who was stopped by Sami Zayn.

The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) (c) vs. High Crews (Apollo Crews & Cedric Alexander) - WWE World Tag Team Championships

RESULTS: The Bar would defeat High Crews, succesfully retaining their Tag Team Championships.

Beth Pheonix (c) vs. Becky Lynch - WWE Women's Championship

RESULTS: Beth Pheonix would defeat a gain Becky Lynch to retain her championship.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Eric Young - WWE Television Championship

RESULTS: AJ Styles would defeat Eric Young after two phenomenal forearms in a row, after the match Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe attacked Styles.

Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James - If James wins she becomes #1 Contender

RESULTS: Trish Stratus defeats Mickie James after James would miss her Mick-DT giving Stratus the opportunity to connect with the Chick Kick for the pin.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Neville - WWE Heavyweight Championship

RESULTS: Samoa Joe retains his World Title after a very challenging Neville would fail to put the champion away, a getting very close to a victory in many occations.

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Great show Noy. Trish vs Phoenix should be a good feud and it’s one where I see Trish winning the belt. Meanwhile I’m guessing we’re going to have a Tag Team match between Mahal and Corbin against Strong and Zayn and the US scene is really interesting as it looks like the Styles/Young feud will continue. Meanwhile I’m excited to see how your Tag and main event scene go and overall Noy I am excited for more 

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