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Power Trip Emergence II: Hollow vs Kieron Black- Aslyum Steel Cage

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Carnage Presents

Emergence II
Asylum Cage  Match
Hollow vs Kieron Black

The next match the Asylum steel cage is up next.  The lights get dark aside from the ring and the black steel bared cage above the ring.   Multiple spot lights pop up around the arena revealing multiple people who look like Hollow each standing near a crank and they starts wheeling it around and the asylum cage begins to lower.  The screeching sound of chains and wires as the cage gets lower.

It then stops once it surrounds the ring.  Just above the edges of the ring.   A man in a suit Hollow's butler Senior Alfredo comes out of the darkness and opens the cage door then lets a referee into the cage.

Soon the lights that revealed the look-alike Hollow's go out one by one.  When the last one goes out Hollow's theme music begins and he makes his way out to the ring.  Walking down to the ring with an umbrella in one hand and a bared wire baseball bat in the other.  Hollow stops at the base of the ramp way.  Suddenly Hollow drops both the baseball bat and the umbrella and begins climbing the outside of the bars of the cage and climbed to the roof of this structure.

Kieron is next to the ring the moment he emerges on the stage.  Hollow yells and his voice booms around the arena,  "Kieron Black!   We knew you would come!  We will end this!"  Kieron comes to the ring and looks at Hollow. 

Hollow turns his back to Kieron and sits down almost baiting Kieron to climb up after Hollow to do battle on top of the Asylum Steel Cage.  Kieron starts to climb and Hollow doesn't move, he starts humming to himself as Kieron climbs up and walks on top of the bars of the roof towards Hollow.

Kieron goes to grab Hollow and Hollow springs up and hits Kieron in the jaw with his head and Kieron stumbles backwards. Hollow on his feet kicks Kieron in the gut and DDT's him right onto the bars of the ceiling of the cage.   

Hollow stands up and pulls Kieron to his feet then drags him over to the edge of the crowd then hangs him there.  Holding Kieron with one arm looking like he might drop him into the crowd. Hollow is heard yelling, "You want to fall into your fans?   Will they catch you Kieron?  OR will you crush them and their dreams?"

Hollow pulls Kieron back onto the roof and drops him with a back body drop onto the roof of the cage. Hollow gets up and drags Kieron by his head towards the announce tables while ontop of the cage.  Hollow is heard saying "Do you think you can fly Kieron?  Let's find out!"  Hollow grabs Kieron and turns around. 

Dragon Spanish Fly off the top of the cage and both men crash through the announce table.   Kieron isnt moving,Hollow rolls onto his back and sits up.   The medical team goes to check on Kieron. Hollow springs to his feet and begins to assault the Carnage medical personal.  Nailling one with a forearm then tossing him over the barricade.  Hollow grabs the stretches they brought over and shoves it into the rest of the medical team.
Hollow picks Kieron up slings him up over his shoulder and carries him to the cage door and puts him in the cage.  Hollow gets it and closes the door and Senior Alfredo locks the door behind them.

Kieron starts crawling towards the ropes slowly.  Hollow starts to go towards him but the referee gets in his way trying to let Kieron get to his feet.  Hollow grabs the referee and throws the referee out of his way and then smashes Kieron in the back of the head with a stiff forearm.  Hollow starts relentlessly punching away at the back of Kieron's head.  The referee once again tries to pull Hollow off of Kieron who hasnt been able to defend himself.

Hollow shoves the referee and gets punched in the face by Kieron.  Hollow head only turned with the punch and he just starts laughing then turns and starts laughing in Kieron's face.  Kieron goes to punch Hollow and Hollow blocks it and stops laughing.  He then shoves Kieron into the steel bars off the cage wall behind him.  Kieron hits head first.

Hollow walks to one of the walls that had objects and grabs a kendo stick and walks over to Kieron who is trying to stand up.  When he gets to his hands and knees.  Hollow steps on Kieron's hand and just stands on it preventing Kieron from standing.  Hollow then unloads with kendo stick shots across Kieron's back.  
One...two...three...five...eight, twelve, twenty repeated shots to the back when Hollow finally stops.  The welts from the kendo stick shots begin to form on Kieron's back.

Hollow walks to the wall again and grabs a steel chair.  When Kieron finally stands up.  Hollow stabs the chair into Kieron's spine.  Then pulls the chair back and smacks it across Kieron's back sending him to the ground.  Hollow then yells, "You alright Kieron?!?  Do you need a rest!?!  Maybe you can use a chair!"  He hits Kieron with five repeated chair shots then sets the chair  up in the middle  of the ring.  Hollow goes and grabs another chair and waits for Kieron to stand then hits Kieron with another chair shot.  This time to his upper back and back of the head.

Going from Kieron to the chair in the middle of the ring Hollow sets his second chair up near the second so the backs of the chairs are right up against each other. Hollow is planning on something bad for Kieron.

Picking Kieron up with a vertical suplex.  Hollow turns and drops Kieron's back across thetop of the back of the chairs!   The insanity!   Kieron rolls around in pain and Hollow is heard yelling, "Does your back hurt Kieron?!? Now you know how we felt carrying you through Decay."   Hollow making this personal he picks Kieron up again and dropping him once again back first onto the chairs again.  Hollow yells, "Is your back hurting you?  Our back hurts carrying you through this match!"  Hollow picks Kieron up for a third time and drops him again onto the chairs' back again.  Hollow isnt laughing he gets up and grabs a barbed wire two by four and walks over to Kieron.

The referee had counted to six doing his job when Hollow strikes Kieron across the back with the barbed wire object.   Cutting into his back with the barbed wire.  Kieron almost springs to his feet from the pain alone.   Hollow sets the two by four up like a baseball bat looking to take off Kieron's head with it.   Hollow swings the object and Kieron ducks it and starts to fight back finally. 

One punch, Hollow is forced to drop the two by four.  Two shots, Kieron is building up some steam.  Two punches in he backs up looking for a clothesline.  Hollow hits Kieron with the Madman Cutter(RKO) and Kieron is laid out in the middle of the ring.

Hollow grabs a table wrapped in barbed wire and sets it up in the middle of the ring above the chairs.  Hollow grabs Kieron and lays him onto of the barbed wire.  Hollow walks to a wall and climbs the turnbuckles.  Hollow using the cage walls walks the ropes until he is in the center.  He turns and looks in the middle of the ring and pauses as if thinking if this is a good idea.  Then Hollow leaps bringing his elbow forward.  Jumping over and driving his elbow into the chest of Kieron Black.     The table breaks and both men land on the back of the chairs and go down the front of one. The chairs break from the weight and sudden impact of both men.

Hollow is in pain now.  He is cut up from the barbed wire and he is holding his arm as if he seemingly injured it.    Kieron isnt moving.  Hollow isnt done!   He walks to the wall and finds a plastic bucket! he empties it onto the ground.  A black bag and handcuffs were in the bucket!

Hollow walks over to Kieron and drags him to his feet.  Pushing the chair and table rubble out of the way.  Hollow grabs Kieron and wait...he is setting up for a piledriver!  Hollow spike's Kieron's head down onto the canvas.  Hollow grabs the bucket again...he is putting it on Kieron's head.  Oh no he is setting up for another piledriver.  With the bucket on Kieron's head!   He spikes down the bucket covered head to the canvas rather jarring like.  

The bucket comes off and Kieron is seen bleeding.  There is a cut on  his forehead and Hollow walks over and grabs the hand cuffs.   Hollow grabs Kieron and forces him to stand Hollow hand cuff's  Kieron's hands above his head to the bars of the asylum!  Kieron is forced standing!  He can't be knocked down for a ten count! He can't defend himself, he can only submit.

Hollow grabs the black bag reaches inside and shows there are thumbtacks inside. Hollow grabs one and throws it at Kieron.  Throws a few more. Hollow chuckles and walks and grabs a wooden board and pours the thumbtacks onto it. Hollow carefully picks the board up to keep the thumbtacks on the board.  First he walks towards Kieron but quickly turns the board and slams it into Kieron's upper body and smashing the board and thumbtacks into Kieron.  Hollow turned him into a human pin cushion!

Hollow then yells at Kieron, "Do you submit?!?"  He waits the referee waits, the crowd expecting Kieron to give up.  Kieron looks at Hollow and spits in his face.  His final act of defiance.    Hollow just slaps Kieron.  Then does it again.  Slapping him again.  Switching from slapping Kieron to just unloading with punches.  Hollow has gone nuts and just keeps punching away at Kieron.   Soon Kieron is just knocked out.  The referee pulls Hollow off of Kieron.  Hollow shoves the referee away and Hollow continues punching away at Kieron.    Suddenly a towel is thrown at the asylum and the referee calls for the bell.

A carnage medical person has thrown in a towel for Kieron to put a stop to this match.  The bell rings and Hollow stops.  He looks at the unconscious Kieron then says, "It's over!  This war is over!   You are done!"  Hollow begins walking towards the door which is opened.  But he stops. He looks back towards Kieron as the medical team releases him from the barbed wall.  Hollow turns back and walks towards Kieron.

Hollow walks to the and pulls out of his pocket a mask that looks like his.  He grabs Kieron and puts the mask over his bloodied face. Hollow laughs and leaves.    Leaving a calling card for the destruction of this match.      That was the first ever Asylum Cage Match.

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