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Rebuilding TWF

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Years ago Cartoon Network had a program that was rather unorthodox from its typical programming. A small-time independent luchador wrestling show known as the Thumb Wrestling Federation. It was a little successful for a few years but due to poor management making stupid moves such as portraying their talent as thumbs and making their program cheesy, the show went under and all talent was let go and faded away in Free Agency. Now, it is time for the sequel, a brand new company with new management known as Luchador Championship Wrestling or LCW




Image result for LCW logo



RCW World Heavyweight Championship

Image result for ovw championship

RCW Universal Championship

Image result for custom world heavyweight championship belt

RCW YouTube Championship

Image result for poker championship belt

RCW Premium Championship


RCW World Television Championship


LCW Hardcore Championship


Image result for roster logo

Owner: image.jpeg


GM: image.jpeg


Commentators: image.jpeg





Vini Vidi Victory

New York City

245 lbs


Signature: V for Victory ( Wheelbarrow Facebuster)

Finisher: Code of Honor ( Fireman's Carry Cutter)

Theme: Hello World (Diggy)

Accomplishments: 5x TWF WHC, 3x TWF USC, 1x TWF Tag Team Champion



Hometown Huck

Omaha Nebraska

224 lbs


Signature: Sixth Shot (Stunner)

Finisher: Home Cooking ( Superkick)

Theme: Only way I know (Jason Aldean)

Accomplishments: 3x TWF WHC, 3x TWF Tag Team Champion, 5x TWC IC Champion




Charlotte NC

232 lbs


Signature: Dynamite Kick (Roundhouse Kick)

Finisher: Extreme Measures ( End of Days)

Theme: Deeper (I.O.N)

Accomplishments: 4x TWF Hardcore Champion, 2x TWF Tag Team Champion



Face-Off Phil

Tronto Canada

250 lbs


Signature: Spinebuster

Finisher: Face-Off (X-Factor)

Theme: Judas (Fozzy)

Accomplishments: 1x TWF WHC, 10x TWF IC Champion



Danny Kaboom

Seattle Washington

230 lbs


Signature: Flying Headbutt

Finisher: Explosion ( Gory Bomb)

Theme: A New Fire ( Sent by Ravens)

Accomplishments: 4x TWF Hardcore Champion



Cleat Cunningham

Kansas City Missouri

225 lbs


Signature: Headshot (Bicycle Kick)

Finisher: Brainbusta (Brain Buster)

Theme: Ultranumb Remix (Stahli)

Accomplishments: 1x TWF WHC, Last ever TWF WHC



Dorsal Flynn

Miami Flordia

245 lbs


Signature: My Time (Snap DDT)

Finisher: Plot Twist ( Swinging Killswitch)

Theme: My Time (Fabolous)

Accomplishments: 5x TWF US Champion, 5x TWF IC Champion, 3x TWF World TC Champion, 2x TWF WHC



Knockout Ninja

Tokoyo Japan

185 lbs


Signature: Poison Mist

Finisher: Hakai (Rain Maker)

Theme: Red Warrior ( Hans Zimmer)

Accomplishments: 2x TWF US Champion



Milty the clown

Haunted Circus

215 lbs


Signature: Complete Shot

Finisher: Grand Finale ( Sister Abagail)

Theme: I Don't Like the Drugs (Marilyn Manson)

Accomplishments: 1x TWF Hardcore Champion, Last ever TWF Hardcore Champion




Glasglow Scotland

325 lbs


Signature: Alabama Slam

Finisher: Spear

Theme: Smells like Teen Spirit ( Nirvana)

Accomplishments: Never lost in TWF



James Montgomery Flag

Washington D.C

265 lbs


Signature: Freedom Slam ( Olympic Slam)

Finisher: Star Spangled Banner ( Pop-Up Powerbomb)

Theme: Boss of the Stix ( Big Smo)

Accomplishments: 8x TWF US Champion




LA California



Signature: Cannonball Senton

Finisher: Lockjaw ( Dark Matter)

Theme: blessthefall (Hollow Bodies)

Accomplishments: N/A




Memphis Tennesee

450 lbs


Signature: Sitting Two-Handed Chokeslam

Finisher: Frogsplash

Theme: Headstrong (Trapt)

Accomplishments: 1x TWF WHC, 1x TWF IC Champion, 1x US Champion, 1x TWF Hardcore Championship




Dallas Texas

222 lbs


Signature: Cactus Clothesline

Finisher: Cycle of Pain ( Twist of Fate)

Theme: Cut My Life into Pieces ( Papa Roach)

Accomplishments: 3x TWF WHC, 12x TWF Hardcore Champion, Longest reigning, TWF Hardcore Champion



Lucky O'Leary

Dublin Ireland

250 lbs


Signature: Crucifix Powerbomb

Finisher: Irish Curse ( Coup De Grace)

Theme: Written in my Face (Jim Johnson)

Accomplishments: 2x TWF Hardcore Champion, 4x TWF World TV Champion, 1x TWF IC Champion, 4x TWF Heavyweight Champion



Big Star

Atlanta Georgia

221 lbs


Signature: Pele Kick

Finisher: Lungblower

Theme: Tear it Down ( We Came as Romans)

Accomplishments: 1x TWF WHC, 1x TWF World TV Champion



Fly Guy

Battle Creek Michigan

245 lbs


Signature: Canadian Destroyer

Finisher: 630 Splash

Theme: Skeleton Key ( Calisus)

Accomplishments: 1x TWF WHC, 5x TWF IC Champion, 3x TWF World TV Champion, 7x TWF IC Champion




Senator Skull

Denver Colorado

260 lbs


Signature: Genesis Device (Walls of Jericho)

Finisher: Nightshade ( One-Knee Codebreaker)

Theme: The Night (Disturbed)

Accomplishments: 5x TWF WHC



The Big Time

Detroit Michigan

300 lbs


Signature: Time Bomb ( Superman Punch)

Finisher: Big Time Driver ( Package Piledriver)

Theme: Badass ( Saliva)

Accomplishments: 3x TWF WHC



N Fuego

Mexico City Mexico

240 lbs


Signature: Three Amigos

Finisher: Aztec Glory (Joker Driver)

Theme: I'm Different ( 2Chains)

Accomplishments: 3x TWF US Champion, 2x TWF IC Champion



Evil Ira

Chicago Illinois

227 lbs


Signature: Blackout (Curbstomp)

Finisher: 8th Sin ( RKO)

Theme: OG Loko (Of Mice and Men)

Accomplishments: 4x WHC, 6x TWF World TV Champion



Bucks Gazillion

Hollywood California

242 lbs


Signature: Bankrupt (Clothesline from Hell)

Finisher: Standardizer ( One-Winged Angel)

Theme: Money for Nothing ( Dire Straits)

Accomplishments: 3x TWF WHC, 1x TWF US Champion, 1x TWF Tag Team Champion



Mugsy Thumbscrew

Flint Michigan

240 lbs


Signature: Mugging (Dirty Deeds)

Finisher: Screwdriver ( Death Valley Driver)

Theme: Kill em all ( King 810)

Accomplishments: N/A



The Lost Viking

Olso Norway

315 lbs 


Signature: Pop-Up Superkick

Finisher: Law of the Land (Pedigree)

Theme: Virtual Voodoo Pt. 1 - Extreme Music (Perring, Edwards, Harper)

Accomplishments: N/A



Rolf the Reaper

Death Valley

375 lbs


Signature: Seventh Layer of Hell ( F-5)

Finisher: Last Rites ( Tombstone)

Theme: Bodies Everywhere ( Korn)

Accomplishments: 2x TWF WHC, 7x TWF Hardcore Champion



The Visitor

Moscow Russia

330 lbs


Signature: Running Superkick

Finisher:360 Powerbomb

Theme: Edge of the Earth (Volumes)

Accomplishments: 3x TWF US Champion



The Scorchion

New Orleans Louisana

237 lbs


Signature: Chokeslam

Finisher: Silencer ( Eight Second Ride)

Theme: Our Solemn Hour (Written Temptations)

Accomplishments: N/A




Louisville Kentucky

213 lbs


Signature: Discus Clothesline

Finisher: Whiplash (Rolling Cutter)

Theme: Freezer Burn

Accomplishments: N/A




Jacksonville Flordia

230 lbs


Signature: Glory Road ( Drive-by Kick)

Finisher: Orgins DDT

Theme: Our World (Avery Watts)

Acomplishments: N/A



Dwayne Bramage

Las Vegas Nevada

225 lbs


Signature: Phoenix Splash

Finisher: Sunset Flip Piledriver

Theme: All Gold Everything (Trinidad Williams)

Accomplishments: N/A



Sir Serpent

London England

195 lbs


Signature: Queen's Ruling ( Bullhammer Elbow)

Finisher: Queen's Landing ( Psycho Driver)

Theme: Rebel Son ( CFO&Jim Johnson)

Accomplishments: 3x TWF IC Champion



Laughing Loony

Providence Rhode Island

212 lbs


Signature: Running Knee

Finisher: Kimura Lock

Theme: Open your eyes ( Disturbed)

Accomplishments: N/A




205 lbs

Reno Nevada


Signature: Amnesia (Lil Jimmy)

Finisher: Reno Kick ( Brouge Kick)

Theme: Imposter (Red)

Accomplishments: 1x TWF Tag Team Champion




Athens Greece

245 lbs


Signature: Buck 50 ( East River Crossing)

Finisher: Fall of Olympus ( Variant of F-5)

Theme: Hunt You Down ( Saliva)

Accomplishments: N/A




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Theme Song: State of my Head

Arena: Cow Place Los Angelos California


Hello everyone and welcome to the first ever LCW Vindication! Matt Striker here alongside my colleagues, Joey Styles and the legend himself Good Ol JR. No one thought this would happen once TWF closed its doors for good. But we have been revived and now it's time to get started. We've got a lot of great matches ahead including three title matches. That's enough from us, let's get this show started!

Segment One

The Rock and Paul Heyman, LCW owner and GM come out to the ring where there two bingo ball machines in the ring. After welcoming the fans to the show they then announce the main event, an all talent Elimination Championship Scramble where the last man standing will become the first ever LCW World Heavyweight Champion. They then go on to explain the bingo ball machines. One has multiple match types and the other has the names of wrestlers. They will draw from both of them to determine the other two championship matches for the night. They then proceed to draw the first match which is a normal Triple Threat. In the match, it will be Bucks Gazillion, Big Star and James Montgomery Flag for the LCW YouTube Championship. The second match is a one on one Boiler Room Brawl for the LCW Hardcore Championship between Milty the Clown and Ouch, a return to easily the most bizarre feud from TWF. 

Segment Two: Snagglefangs vs Flashback

Freezer Burn plays and Snagglefangs comes out, one of the many newly acquired talents to LCW. He gets in the ring and awaits Flashback, a former TWF Tag Team Champion. Imposter replaces Freezer Burn and heads towards the ring. The bell rings and they lock up. Flashback gets the quick upper hand by putting Snagglefangs in a headlock. Snagglefangs pushes him away and hits Flashback with a dropkick. Snagglefangs keeps on the attack with a Mexican Sliced Bread, Starship Pain combination but only gets a two count. Flashback fires back by hitting a Reno Kick out of nowhere but only gets a 2.5 count. Flashback goes for another Reno kick but Snagglefangs ducks and counters with a spinning back fist then hits the Whiplash. 1..2 and a kickout. Snaglefangs lands a Rolling Thunder and looks for another Whiplash but Flashback pushes him away and hits a Whiplash on Snagglefangs! 1...2.. and a kickout! Flashback picks him up and goes for a Reno Kick but Snagglefangs counters with a sit-out spinebuster. Snagglefangs sets Flashback up and hits him with a Reno Kick! 1..2..2.9 and a kickout! Snaglefangs heads to the top rope and waits for Flashback to stand up. Once he does, Snagglefangs flies but receives a Reno Kick for his trouble! Snagglefangs falls against the ropes, preventing him from falling. Flashback walks towards him but Snagglefangs hits a Discus Clothesline out of nowhere!. 1..2..2.99 kickout! Snagglelfangs starts to argue with the referee as Flashback begins to stir. Snagglefangs turns around into an Amnesia from Flashback. 1,2,3 Flashback wins this surprisingly impressive matchup.

Segment Three: Ouch vs Milty the Clown Boiler Room Brawl LCW Hardcore Championship

The following is a Boiler Room Match where both Ouch and Milty the Clown will be in a Boiler Room and the first one to escape will be the winner and the inaugural LCW Hardcore Champion. Both Ouch and Milty meet in the Boiler Room and we are off. Ouch takes the quick upper hand by hitting Milty with a steel chair multiple times and smashing his head against the cement wall. Milty comes back with a kick to the balls and grabbing a cheese grater, his old weapon from TWF. Fun fact, the last time these two fought was when the day TWF went out of business when Milty took the hardcore title from Ouch to become the last ever TWF Hardcore championship. Milty scrapes the cheese grater across the face of Ouch. As Ouch writhes on the ground, Milty licks the blood off the grater and picks up a mirror. When Ouch stands up, Milty swings but Ouch catches the mirror, rips it out of his hands and smashes it against the head of Milty who falls facedown amongst the blood and broken glass. Ouch grabs a burlap sack and empties its contents reveal thumbtacks. He picks up Milty and drags him over to them. Suddenly Milty executes the Grand Finale on Ouch on the thumbtacks. Milty starts crawling to the exit and makes it all the way to the door when Ouch catches up to him and smashes his rivals head against the door. Ouch grabs two cement blocks and hauls Milty to his feet. Ouch lands the Cycle of Pain on Milty on the cement blocks. Both men are bleeding heavily and Ouch doesn't seem ready to end things as he picks up Milty and lands another Cycle of Pain before dragging his injured body out of the Boiler Room where he is rewarded the LWC Hardcore Championship.

Segment Four

A new member of the LCW roster who goes by the name of Kronos is in Paul's office signs his name on his contract and shakes Paul's hand. Paul hands Kronos a piece of paper and a wad of cash. " Your first assignment". Kronos nods stands and leaves as Paul smiles knowingly

Segment Five

Vini Vidi Victory is stretching for the massive main event coming up when an old foe greats him, his arch-rival from TWF, Senator Skull. The two stare each other down before Senator Skull begins to speak " So we reopen the book on the ever going war that is Vini Vidi Victory and Senator Skull. After fighting throughout the country, here we are again as we fight in yet another main event. The two biggest names of TWF. I just hope you're ready Vini. Cause after I win the LCW World Heavyweight Championship, you will know that Wrestling's Supremacy has arrived." Vini just smiles " good luck Skull. You're gonna need it." The two rivals shake hands before going their separate ways.

Segment Six: James Montgomery Flag vs Big Star vs Bucks Gazillion LCW YouTube Championship

Boss of the Stix plays and James Montgomery Flag comes to the ring first, waving the American Flag as he heads to the ring after carefully placing the American flag in a secure spot he enters the ring. Tear it Down comes on next and Big Star comes out next. The crowd reacts by chanting " Wartime! Wartime! Wartime!" Big Star enters the ring and shakes the hand of his good friend James. Money for Nothing plays and Bucks Gazillion comes out, flipping off the crowd and shouting " I'm fucking gorgeous!" He enters the ring and after the music fades the bell rings. Bucks Gazillion quickly gets out of the ring and heads to the back. James and Big Star shrug and start punching each other. James hits a powerbomb on Big Star and lands a Vader Bomb. He goes for the quick cover but only gets a one count. James picks up Big Star who starts to fight back, connecting with a brutal roundhouse kick. Big Star, one of the more technical guys on the roster. Big Star hits a snap DDT and covers but only gets a one count. Big Star picks up James and executes a Hammerlock DDT and goes for the cover. James kicks out and starts to fight back, driving Big Star to the corner and hitting him with shoulder barge after shoulder barge. Big Star reverses the situation and chops James so hard it sounds like a gunshot going off. James Irish-Whips Big Star into the opposite corner and runs after him, hitting a clothesline. As Big Star collapses, James goes for a Vader Bomb but Big Star rolls out of the way and hits the Lungblower! One, Two kickout. Big Star picks up James who shoves him away and hits an Alabama Slam, picks up Big Star and hits the Freedom Slam. Here's the cover. 1,2 kickout. James locks Big Star in an Ankle Lock, honoring his father, the first ever TWF champion The Stash. Big Star rolls out of it, sending James through the ropes onto the ring floor, stands up and goes for the Suicide Dive only for James to catch him with the Star Spangled Banner on the arena floor! He throws Big Star in the ring and covers. 1,2,2.9 and a kickout! What the hell is it going to take?! James picks Big Star up and goes for the Freedom Slam but Big Star fights out of it and hits the Pele Kick. As James stumbles back, Big Star lands another Lungblower! 1,2 and a kickout! Wait, Bucks Gazillion is back and breaks a glass bottle over Big Star's head and lands The Standardizer on James Montgomery Flag! 1,2,3 Bucks Gazillion has stolen the YouTube Championship! The fans boo loudly as Bucks Gazillion celebrates " I'm fucking Gorgeous!" Bucks flips off the crowd as he exits the ring and heads to the back.

Segment Seven: All Talent Battle Royal for LWC World Heavyweight Championship

All wrestlers are in the ring as the ring announcer explains the rules. Only ways to eliminate someone are pinfall and submission. Falls count anywhere and there are no disqualifications. The last man standing will become the first ever LWC World Heavyweight Champion. The bell rings and the ring explodes into utter warfare. Ouch and Milty are quickly disposed of by the newcomer Kronos with his Fall of Olympus before he turns his sights on crowd favorite Hometown Huck. We don't know much about Kronos except he seems to be a hired gun of sorts. He takes down Hometown Huck, brutalizes him and bloodies him before picking up Huck and placing him on his shoulders, right side first and twists as if going for an F-5. Instead of letting go, he falls with Huck, creating a wicked looking rotation and covers. 1,2,3 Huck has been eliminated. Kronos stands up and comes face to face with Senator Skull. After a moment, Kronos places a hand over his heart and the other behind his back, bowing his head to Senator Skull. Meanwhile, warfare continues elsewhere. James Montgomery Flag, Fly Guy, The Lost Viking, Mugsy Thumbscrew, Knockout Ninja, Cleat Cunningham, and Face-Off Phil have all been eliminated by the demonic Rolf the Reaper who is going on a rampage. It takes all remaining members of the roster to hit their finisher before Senator Skull hits the Nightshade and puts Rolf away. The match continues with more and more wrestlers being eliminated with the final four being Kronos, Dolph Flynn, Senator Skull and Vini Vidi Victory. Kronos and Senator Skull team up against Dolph and Vini, unleashing a Fall of Olympus/Nightshade Combination on Dolph to eliminate him. Vini comes out of nowhere and hits the Code of Honor on Kronos to get the three count. The final two are Senator Skull and Vini Vidi Victory. The fans start marking out as the old rivals begin to batter each other before Senator Skull hits the Nightshade but only gets a two count. He goes for it again but Vini counters it with a Code of Honor! 1,2,3! Vini Vidi Victory is the first ever LWC World Heavyweight Champion! Confetti falls from the sky as the celebration begins, the face of TWF is now the first ever face of LWC! Thank you tuning in for LWC Vindication


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