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"The Killer" Angelo Caito

Control Your Emotions IIII

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{Carnage returns from commercial break as it then shows a clip from earlier today, with the setting taking place at a office building. Inside, the camera pans to the left, showing random people in seats before it gets to the face that sends the crowd cheering as Angelo Caito is impatiently waiting in a chair before he pulls his phone out and dials a number that in his phone is listed as "Dick Head". He puts the phone on speaker phone and it rings and rings until someone finally picks up.}

Bailey: "Angelo. How can I help you now?"

"Help me by explaining to me why you sent me to a therapist." 

Bailey: "Simple. Since your return to Carnage, you've gotten worse with attitude. Your violence level gotten ridiculous. You fought with stars backstage. You have a anger problem along with mental problems. This is not only for you, but for those you put in danger."

"Now what's not stopping me from just leaving this hell hole?"

Bailey: "Two things. If you do not compete the recommended sessions told to you, then you will be kicked from the Elimination Chamber and suspended for three months."  

{Angelo looks down and sighs before he looks at his phone and what he put Bailey as his contact number in as and chuckles.}

"Alright fine. But now I remember why I put you down as this contact name in my phone. How you act and what your head is the shape of."

Bailey: "What did you put me down as?"

"..... Nothing nevermind. See ya!"

{Angelo quickly hangs up his phone and turns it off and then proceeds to take the battery out and then put his battery in one pocket then the phone in the other. He then sits there patiently as the clock ticks away as Carnage resumes then goes to break. 

The following message is from all your favorite BPZ Superstars: Drugs Are Bad. Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcast.  

Carnage returns back at the office where Angelo is now seen throwing a paperball in the air, seemingly bored out of his mind. Finally, when his name is called, he quickly goes to the back and to the room he was pointed to. When he gets in the room, he rolls his eyes when he sees a familiar face in therapy sessions in Wrestling.


Dr. Shelby is sitting in a office chair with a big smile on his face and a clipboard firmly in his hand.}

Shelby: "Mr. Caito welcome. I'm Dr. Shelby and I will be here to talk about your feelings and how we can ease up on your anger. Please have a seat."

{Dr. Shelby motions Angelo to a chair that he can sit on. Angelo looks at the camera man and shakes his head before unreluctantly sits down in the chair beside him. Dr. Shelby starts to write down on a paper attached to the clipboard.}

Dr. Shelby: "Do you know why you're here Mr. Caito?"

"Because I like to punch people in the face, kick people in the throat, hurt people in physical and mental ways along with causing as much harm to myself for me to hurt people." 

Dr. Shelby: "....... ok then..."

{He jots down all of what Angelo said nervously as the show goes back to the action. 

Towards the end of the show

Angelo is laying back in the chair as Dr. Shelby has a page full of issues wrong with Caito as he seems more in a frighten state then before, but continues to talk calmly.}  

Dr. Shelby: Alright Mr. Caito I think that's enough for today."

"So I don't have to come back again?"

Dr. Shelby: "I'm ordering more sessions with you Angelo."


Dr. Shelby: "I can find out what makes you tick Mr. Caito. I can find out what makes you angry. Plus your General Manager allows me to do this for your safety."

{Angelo let's out a angered sigh before eventually nodding in agreement. He gets up and shakes Dr. Shelby's hand and then leaves the room. Angelo walks out the office building and towards his Impala. As he walks, he puts his battery back in his phone and turns it on to see a text from Bailey saying to meet him back to see what he put him in his phone, which makes Angelo gulp and then he gets in his car and drives off to end the Segement.}

This is part one of a series I want to try out for a storyline. Hope you all enjoy it and thanks for reading.

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{Carnage returns from a Sprite commercial break which has Los Angeles Lakers star, LeBron James as the Spoke person, and it is back at the Therapist Office in Los Angeles. The next scene is in a office as Angelo Caito is sitting in a chair, leaning back in the chair, and in the other seat is Dr. Shelby, who is once again writing on a notepad attached to a clipboard, and he checks the watch and nods.}  

Dr. Shelby: "Alright Angelo. Today session will start off with a little game."

"Is it the game where I rip my eyes out of my sockets and eat them?"

Dr. Shelby: "...... No. I'm going to name a Wrestler in BPZ and you must give me the first thing that pops into mind. Let's start with Arrow."

"Should of been swallowed."

Dr. Shelby: "Prince."

"Special Olympics"

Dr. Shelby: "LAOCH"


Dr. Shelby: "BrendenPlayz"


Dr. Shelby: "Flynn"


Dr. Shelby: "Julius"


Dr. Shelby: "Bart"


Dr. Shelby: "Echo Wilson"

"Sister Hater. How long is this session going to take? I got a important match coming up and I don't want to lose any shape I'm in."

{The Therapist slowly looks up at Angelo then down at the clipboard and sees what he is dealing with. He puts the clipboard down and sighs as he pulls his IPad out and he pulls up his BPZ Neccework app, which is available only for $9.99, and he pulls up the section for "Braving The Frontier". He clicks the newest episode and hands the tablet to Angelo. He then stands up and tells Caito he's going to get lunch while he watches this. When Dr. Shelby leaves the office room, Angelo then goes and watches the episode as he yawns. When it gets to the blow up doll, he starts chuckling. That chuckling turned to laughing, which turned to near passing out from laughter. However, when Jason Ryan's and Necce's comments about his wife and kids come up, which stops the laughter, and the grip of Angelo's hands on the tablet, before he ends up snapping it in half. The next scene shows a hour later, with Dr. Shelby going to open his door, but is stopped by Angelo, who quickly exits the room and closes the door before Dr. Shelby can see.}  

"I got a call from the work. Got to go in for a photoshoot. Email me when the next appointment is."

Dr. Shelby: "Of course Mr. Caito. See you soon."

{Angelo nods and hurries off. Dr. Shelby opens the door and finds his office trashed. The broken IPad, his desk smashed in, his coffee table smashed in half, his chairs ripped and destroyed, his office windows broken, and his personal items everywhere, with something white on the wall, which is later revealed as glue, and it was used to write "Fuck The Flock". Dr. Shelby twitches before he calls up Bailey to end the Segement.}

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{Live from Chicago, Illinois is the start of the BPZ hit show, Carnage. It takes us back to last week, with moments from Echo's segment on The Frontier, and Angelo's second visit to anger management therapist, Dr. Shelby, which resulted in said Dr. Shelby's office to be destroyed by a Mr. Angelo Caito. The usual pyro of the show goes off, signaling the start of the A Show of BPZ as the tron shows backstage to see Dr. Shelby walking in the hallway as the fans reaction is boos for the therapist as he approaches Bailey's office. The doctor knocks on the door and enters his office to see Bailey tossing his Money In The Bank briefcase in the air saying "Bailey In The Bank!" Over and over again until he sees Dr. Shelby and freezes with the briefcase in his hands before coughing and setting the case down on his desk and sits down.}

Bailey: "How can I help you Doctor?"

Dr. Shelby: "I'm going to pretend I didn't see that. Anyway, with the reaction actions of Angelo in results of my office being trashed after what i assume something angering him from the video. I want a chance to see him in his environment out there in that BPZ ring with your permission."

Bailey: "Of course doctor. We'll have something set up for you in a half and hour." 

Dr. Shelby: "Thank you Mr. Bailey"

{Dr. Shelby leaves the room and the next thing is action from two new signings from BPZ. After a few segments and short matches, the ring is set up for a session like seen recently as Dr. Shelby is sitting in a chair with his clipboard and a microphone in his hand.}

Dr. Shelby: "Hello everyone. I'm Dr. Michael Shelby and I'm-"  

{The crowd boos Dr. Shelby as he does nothing but put a smile on his face and looks at the crowd and waves at them before going back to speaking.}  

Dr. Shelby: "I am the anger management therapist for one Angelo Caito, who-"  

{The crowd cheers for Angelo Caito, as once again, Dr. Shelby smiles and nods at the crowd. When they calm down, he talks again.}

Dr. Shelby: "Who lately has been suffering from some serious down Anger issues. So, I would like Mr. Angelo Caito to come out here and we can start this session."

{"Venom" by Eminem plays as the crowd cheers very very loudly for "The Killer" that is known as Angelo Caito. Thirty seconds into the song hits and that's when Angelo walks out of the back of the curtain to the view of the crowd as he stands on the ramp, tilting his head around before looking at the cheering crowd. He looks around the arena filled with cheering fans before he then walks down the ramp, staring at the ring filled with furniture and the therapist he has been seeing for three weeks now. Caito makes it to ringside before he walks over and up the steel steps and slowly walks up the steps before leaning on the ropes and faces Dr. Shelby, before turning his back to face the crowd as they cheer again, with Angelo's face remaining the same the whole time. Angelo then enters the ring and walks around the whole set before grabbing a microphone and sits on the couch fast as he looks around and "Venom" ends as the crowd cheers loudly as Angelo sits back in the seat as Dr. Shelby sits down in the chair and goes to speak, stopped by the sound of fifteen thousand fans in attendance chanting "Angelo!" When the chants die down, Dr. Shelby starts.}

Dr. Shelby: "Now Mr. Caito, after watching you when you watched the video recently, you shown that your anger comes from family matter. You've stated that family matters a lot to you in the past, does it still matter to this day?"

"Does it still matter? Of course my family still matters. My family makes me get up every morning to work for them. Hell when I'm down after a tough loss, trust me I have a lot of those, my kids would usually come to me in the locker room, sit on my lap, and hug me. They wipe the tears I shed and tell me that they love me no matter what. My family, and this ring... Is all I have left. Being gone on the road for over three hundred days a year for some days ten minutes in a match to a hour in a match I live for this. I do this for my kids to show them that they can achieve anything they set there mind too. But them seeing their father lose and lose and lose and lose and get a lucky win or two every once in a while kills me in the inside and everyone Wonders why I keep going, why I hurt myself in matches, why at almost forty years old, I go on a daily basis, go for a title I will never win, why I get insulted by the same people backstage, leave, come back, leave, come back to do it all over again is I CAN NOT STOP UNTIL THE LEGACY OF CAITO IS IMPALED DEEP INTO THE HISTORY BOOKS, THE CHECKS FOR MY FAMILY GETS FATTER AND I SHOW MY KIDS THAT WHEN YOU WORK HARD DAY IN AND DAY OUT THAT SOME DAY YOU CAN GET IT ALL TOO! But when management fucks me over everyday, when talent abuse my already messed up mental state, because trust me, the shit I've been through in my younger years, the shit I've done just to get a high, or drink the pain away, it fucks with your mind to a point that some days, it makes me happy, sad, angry, depressed for days and during those days I wanted to end my fucking life, but I didn't, why? Because of family. That's why when those four assclowns decided to bring my wife and kids names up, that's when they dug their holes. I don't care for a win, I planned out their ends. Buddy Ace end comes when I throw him thirty feet down to hell. Marker's end comes when I crush him with my hands. Necce, well, you're on the track of a end judging by how the last few months of your career been, all sad and all, so I'll let you do yourself for me, and Jason Ryan, my family would like to thank you. They thank you for the drive to take turns whacking you in the fucking head with anything in sight."  

{The crowd, and even Dr. Shelby is taken back by the comments by Angelo Caito. Dr. Shelby quickly jots all that down.}

Dr. Shelby: "Now... For the up coming event, Halloween Havoc I believe it's labeled. You are in a Elimination Chamber match up against, let me see. Prince, Kieron Black, Roptai, Yelich, and Hollow. Does any of them make you upset?"

"They never done anything personal to me, but business wise, I'm very confused. We got Prince and Kieron, who done jack shit. Hell, Prince is the first draft pick for Carnage, yet he disgraces Carnage every time. Hell, if Prince was the way for Carnage to live, this brand would go out on their ass. Kieron, my student, I taught him so much, yet he never learned the one rule I told him, don't be a pussy, and fight everyone. I get called a pussy backstage all the time, by men if called out, pussy out. While I am here grinding, fighting everyone who challenges me. He doesn't deserve the match either. Roptai, your comeback promo, magic. You and the next person I'm gonna talk about are truly some of the most underrated stars in BPZ. Hell I'm looking forward to what you say about me in my home country of Italy, because you will turn into Machine Gun Kelly. You think you'll hit me with a death shot to take my chances out of this match, but I'ma hit you some slim chances and make you feel a true Killshot. And Yelich, you are talented kid. You are. Your whole split personality shit, it works for you because that's the only way you keep yourself relevant here. But you do it in a way that makes me and everyone else watching invested. Invested, until you slip. And when you slip, you struggle to breathe life back into your career. Anyone can say whatever they want about me, but in three years, I remained relevant. I can lose a match, yet still be top five of a month, can you? And Hollow, golly what a treasure you are. A man so blinded by his own hype, he doesn't see the real picture. You are shit. You failed as a mystical character. You failed as a enigma, you failed to book a show. You failed to keep hype on yourself and your event. You failed at everything you do and yet you think you got this in the bag. You wanna know why someone like Echo wants you to win? Because to him, you're a easy opponent. Hell, Echo knows I'm the one threat to his title. Hell, he knows I'll beat him for his title. Calling himself the Greatest Of All Time now, you sir are no Nebakos, Bailey, Slim, or Flynn. Stay in your lane and continue to have Bart tell you what to say on the mic and you'll be Golden."  

{As Dr. Shelby goes to write something, Angelo stops him. Caito stands up and so does Dr. Shelby as the two talk some off mic. Angelo puts his hands on Shelby's shoulders, and he says "Session is Over" before hitting his jumping cutter, now named D.O.A (Death Of Anxiety) on Dr. Shelby, causing the crowd to roar. Angelo flops around before dropping to his fists and gets in the face of Dr. Shelby before getting up and grabbing a microphone.}

"Halloween Havoc. Flock, Prince, Kieron, Roptai, Yelich, Hollow, Echo. You all are chopped down to hell. You all will suffer with a D.O.A!"

{Angelo throws the microphone on the body of Dr. Shelby and climbs to the top rope and throws his arms up as "Venom" hits the PA system, sending Carnage to break.}  

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