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Fifa 19 Career Mode: Regen FC

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Hello and welcome to a new career mode series by yours truly called Regen FC

The rules of Regen FC go as follows 

  1. I can only play Regens
  2. You can only sign Regens (youth players are regens).
  3. I am allowed 1 scout future star at the start. 
  4. I will be taking over Rotherham in the Championship as I don't have enough time to start in league 2 and they are the worst team in the championship. 
  5. I will play on world class at the start of the series and if its too easy I will up it. 
  6. the goal of the series is to win the champions league 
  7. I will try and do 1 months worth of matches and deals every episode. 

That's all, the first episode will come out soon. 

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Episode 1

As i can only sign regens when looking at my budget I was only thinking of youth and wage so sign any regen free agents, speaking of my budget this was it. 

Transfer Budget: 3.26 million 

Wage Budget 36,000

so looking at this budget I should be able to get at least 1 good youth scout and with that wage, I should be able to get all the regens of the market. 

with my budget, I had enough to get 3 scouts 1 5 star 4 star, 1 4 star 3 star and 1 2 star 2 star. 

I sent 1 scout to England 1 scout to Germany and 1 scout to New Zealand for 3 months each, once they finish there scouting I will ask you where I should send out the scouts next. 

For my preseason tournament, I went to the Netherlands for the European International Cup where I simmed all the game and lost all the group matches but still got some cash. 

also as a quick update, I am selling all the former players as I don't need them as I can only play regens and I like extra money.

NOW for some signings, I have found 5 regens in the free agents and these are the only 5 regens in the game right now and they are

  • Sarpreet Payne from New Zealand who is a Centre Back who is 54 rated 
  • Denis Tatarusanu from Romania who is a 54 rated CDM 
  • Bozhidar Manolev from Bulgaria who is a 54 rated CB 
  • Alejandro Garcia Sossa from Bolivia who is an LM and ST who is 52 rated 
  • Narayan Ralte from India who is a 49 rated ST

As you can see we will need some good players from the youth scouts otherwise we will be relegated for sure. 

After selling some more real players we reach the wonderful day known as the youth day, our future star returned and so did our scouts 

First up we had our future star who was going to be our star player and lead us to glory 

Gabriel Miranda from Portugal was chosen as our future star and he is 62 rated and an LM 

now onto the results from our scouts

From New Zealand we have

  • Toby Turner GK and
  • Alfie Brown LM/RM/CM
  • From Germany
  • Christoph Schwarze GK

  • Torben Schulze CAM/CM 

    Felix Ludwig age 15 LB

    Tobias Fischer age 15 GK 

    Emil Schulte age 15 CDM 

    From England 

    Declan Collins GK

    Henry Green GK 

    Callum White RM 

    Sean Davies CM/CAM 

    Hugh Price CAM 

    Charles Bell age 15 RW

    Peter Lee age 15 LB

everyone that isn't 15 has been promoted and we have enough for a full team also I am deciding now that unless they have a good rating/potential I will not be signing any more goalies.

Anyway, that is it for this first episode if you liked it give me some rep and the next episode with some games will be out next episode. 

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Here at Rotherham Utd aka Regen FC want a way to recognize the best Regen of each season we have which is what the Regen Medal is for. 

After every played game, I will look at everyone's match rating and whoever has the best rating gets 3 points 2nd best gets 2 points and 3rd best gets 1 point

I will tell you who gets the points after every game apart for every game from April onwards where I will no longer show you who gets the points to build hype for the winner at the end of the season. 

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so after playing through quite a few games with this team and losing a lot, I have come to the conclusion that this series might need to be reworked.

so I have 3 ideas which I will put into a poll for you to vote on 

1 I keep doing this series the way it is right now. 

2 I do this series but for the first season I just train up my players so when season 2 starts my team is at least semi-decent

3 I restart this series with a random team down in league 2 where it will not be anywhere near as hard to do well. 

I'll let you all decide what I should do in the poll.


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