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Ark Universe

Swan Song

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Evolve comes back from commercial break with a closed casket in the ring. The crowd is confused until the lights dim and Henrico walks out with a covered canvas and a stand. He enters the ring and sets the stand a canvas next to the casket. He turns and takes a deep breath before removing the cover and revealing the canvas to be a picture of Ark. The crowd is speechless, clueless to what is going on. 

You all know who I am. I was Ark's mentor, his tutor, the one who led him during his younger days at Dragon's Gate. I was his coach, his father figure...his friend. I have been with Ark his entire career. I knew what he was feeling the entire time, and I was forced to watch as bit by bit as BPZ destroyed his smile. I watched him grow from the little kid doing flips and tricks to the underdog...to this.
He was so excited when he received that call fro, BPZ. He thought he had finally done it, he had made it big. We at Dragon's Gate were happy for him. We knew he was a young prodigy, one of the best high-flyers to run these ropes. He did come with a bit of a cocky attitude but that was wrinkled out soon enough. He fought for fun, to make other people smile and feel good. He saw the darkness, the despair, he saw the low roads that some people took to make to the top he made an oath to himself to prove that you could make it with your soul intact. He fought to bring light to a world shrouded in darkness. He thought that people would respect that, that he could find friends willing to take the hard road. He was met with ridicule, with honeyed words followed by toxic daggers. by beatings at the hands of not one or two, but upwards of three and four men....to getting hit by a car then beat down the next week. Then the week after that. Then expected to suck it up and go out again. And he tried to keep that smile. He tried his best to keep his smile in front of you all that is. He had lost it long ago. Now, the Ark that you knew is dead. The Ark that struggled with keeping his demon happy when he wanted to collapse in despair is gone. He is in this casket right here. Shall I open it for you? 

Henrico walks over and grabs the lid of the casket. He unlatches the top then slowly opens it revealing.....a nothing. 

The Ark that was labeled a loser, a wash-up, a failure, that Ark is gone. The Ark that was made to seem like the worst thing to step in this ring, even though he was better than half the roster, is gone. The Ark that was labeled the worst of his generation is gone. Why is he gone? Because it had to die. It had to be erased, it had to be burned to ashes so that from the ashes, Ark could be reborn!



Image result for jeff hardy entrance

Ark is back! Ark looks around, straight-faced. He pauses then smiles to deafening applause and cheers before posing then making his way the ring. He hugs Henrico before taking the mic from him. He quiets the crowd who are chanting for him, having missed him in the past weeks. 

I have not been me the past weeks. I have been in a dark place. I was face to face with my demons. I looked each one in the eye and called them by name. Regret, Revenge, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Anger, Futility. I looked them all in the eye and told them to get out. That they had NO control over me. I dealt with my inner demons and cleansed myself of them. They, however, are only half of the reason my smile was lost. I have to announce my new resolve to my outer demons as well. So. Buddy, Jason, Marker.  Necce now I guess. I now know for sure, one of you hit me with that car. I know without a fact you all had no remorse as you all beat me down in this ring for no reason but to try and break me! Well...Im haven't given up, and I'm not broken! So consider that attack a declaration of war. I might not have any allies, but ill fight all the same. First, I have to face Gill, but ill talk more about that another time. 

I came here to say one thing. I won't lose this smile no matter what. No matter how bad the defeat, how bad the beating, I'm going to get up and smile. Each defeat only leads to more experience. Each beatdown only means I am becoming more and more of a threat. So come all you weak and wicked. Ark stands before with a light you can't extinguish. You are all welcome to try your hardest, but one by one you will all fall. It might take a day, a month, a year. But I am here. And I'm not leaving!

Ark tosses Henrico back the mic and poses atop the turnbuckle. He has a big smile on his face and according to him, it's not leaving anytime soon. Ark is back with a passion and he has declared war on the Flock. A bold claim and we all have to wonder how he plans to back that up with no allies and enemies all around. If there is one person you can bet on to fight on when the odds are against them, its Ark! 


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