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Path paved to Redemption Pt 4 Chamber to Redemption Finale

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The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...

The screen cuts to a four corner dark room anda spotlight shines in the middle of the room onto nothing.

Hollow, "To Redemption, how did we get here.  How did Hollow make it to this path.   To know this we must look back before the time of now.   Before Carnage and before Hollow. Before Hollow we had Blade starting up all to long ago.  He started in the division of NXT and he grew quickly into becoming the NXT Champion, and some would say that would be the first but others would say that was the moment where Blade would only be a flash in the pan.   It isnt hard to see the truth, but those who said he was a flash in the pan were ultimately correct. Blade's only success was the NXT championship."

Multiple BPZ United States championships appeainto the spotlight.  The name plates reading  Slim, Necce, and others

Hollow, "After winning the NXT Championship it quickly went to Slim and then Blade went on to the United States Championship. Trying to win it but was a failure there. Losing time and time again,  claiming to be from a hero, to a man claiming to be hardcore. to trying to be a failure of a demon or monster. Every attempt saw a loss for Blade.  To people like Slim and to one Necce who Blade couldn't beat.  Over and Over again to even now couldn't beat.  Blade's failure grew.   It is a disgrace to see what kind of person Blade was then but only from there it got worse and worse.  Always talking big but never backing it up.  It went on even past the championship he failed to capture and will never capture."

The titles fade from the screen then are replaced by the BPZ European Championship with Slim's, Necce's, Razor's and other names on the name plates. The titles sitting next to two Premium Championships.  One with the name plate of Sameer and the other of Smith.

Hollow, "If the disaster of attempts at the United States Championship wasnt enough Blade went on to the European division and went after it at the same failing ways as before.  Failing before Necce more times, falling to Slim again and others.  The flash in the pan that he was proved to be just that.  But he saw the one title that would be his downfall and the catalyst to create all that came after.  It was the Premium Championship.  Held tightly by one Sameer who refused to let it go but yet Blade went at it with everything he had. On two occasions Blade nearly proved he wasnt the failure that he was but ultimately was a lost.  The last he put all he had his own sanity on the line.   But who one wasnt Blade it was Smith.  The title stolen from his grasp yet again, broke Blade down and Hollow then came to being."

The titles fade from the screen then Hollow's mask appears into view

Hollow, "Our first appearance came quickly startling many.  They thought Hollow was a joke,  a clown with out quickly Hollow came and went on his first appearance of bringing forth his glorious madness.  The second rise of Madness was greater...."

The European Championship returns with Hollow's name Plate on it and the Intercontinental Championship as well with Hollow's name on it

Hollow, "Blade reemerged claiming he would take what he would want and would do anything to take it.  He went on and on.  Looking to battle with Slim back then and made his best decision by stepping aside and letting Hollow out again.  We rose up and squashed  Slim and the reign of Madness began.   It was short but it began more.  Soon Hollow was gone again, but came back later.   He returned later and rose up and captured the Intercontinental Championship.  The reign of his madness was there again.  It was shorter than before but it was his reign.   Hollow's rise came and went then the next year came.  Blade returned and created other identities that year.   That year the was year of failure.   Rey Espada  and Omalley two more failures just like Blade...."

The screen completely goes black and puts up 2018 on the screen.

Hollow, "That path of the past is one we once walked but we now look into twenty eight-teen,  and from there Hollow had one thing that changed him.   Three words that put forth the change that would bring us to where we are now.

The Unsanctioned Zone"

The Carnage program will now begin as it was before it was interrupted. The first part of Path paved to Redemption's first part the Path of the past is done. As Redemption comes closer the other parts will come to light as Hollow's path to Redemption will be revealed.


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The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...

The world at war Logo flashes across the screen. The screen then cuts to the outer doors of an abandoned warehouse which is the Unsanctioned Zone.

Hollow, "Ladies and Gentlemen the doors the the one and only Unsanctioned Zone.  The place that changed everything!  Who was Hollow before this? A former European and a former intercontinental champion with the shortest title reign.  Both of those accomplishments meant nothing.  Nothing to everyone and even less to Hollow.   Then BPZmania three came and for Hollow his grandest creation was first a thought created before but failed to come to light.  First creating forth for a foe that never showed up and disappeared before its grand revealing.  Then Hollow threw down a gauntlet of an open challenge then the only true rightful opponent that could be considered to be the first person to fight Hollow within this grandest of arenas..."

Hollow walks into view and puts looks at the doors of the Unsanctioned Zone

Hollow,  "Our first opponent here was Julius. Who now is one of three members of a Kingdom of nothing and the world champion.  He accepted the open challenge and we prepared for him within this building in Hollow's way.  Entering the building meeting the likes of the caretaker of the Unsanctioned Senior Alfredo, Hollow's trainer Professor Pain. And the lucky individual that was the referee over the first ever match inside the unsanctioned zone. Bob the referee!  We went to all over the Unsanctioned Zone.  To the wood of Insanity,  to the shack of redemption, and the lake of irrelevancy.  The journey and training was extreme.   Going though everything that pushed Hollow forward that pushed us forward.  Not bound by sanity Hollow did all of this and faced Julius in the first ever match inside the Unsanctioned Zone.  The greatest match that has ever been seen within the BPZ match history!"

Hollow walks away from the doors,

Hollow, "We faced a tough challenge and the outcome didnt matter in the end when what followed would be the rise of which nobody could have predicted.   One week from the destruction caused in the Unsanctioned Zone at Backlash.  Is when we fought the Premium champion.   Our encounter with Echo Wilson, with one week after the battle within the zone we fought and captured the Premium championship that we sought after for so long.  We beat Echo Wilson.....We beat Echo Wilson!  WE BEAT ECHO WILSON!...  Then we were the Premium champion.   Then Blade came back but soon went away and we returned after we gave up the Premium championship.   We took the title from Wilson and when we were done with  the title, he was allowed to have it back.     After a battle within the chamber at the havoc at Halloween we will we will once again meet Echo Wilson and once again we will say We beat Echo Wilson and Hollow is the Universal Champion at last!"

Hollow walks away from the doors of the Unsanctioned Zone

Hollow, "For now the doors of the Unsanctioned Zone will remain closed for all those who aren't Hollow and those who are residents of the Zone.  This was Hollow's greatest creation that is the beginning path that  leads him to him to Redemption at November 9th.   After the Unsanctioned Zone and after Hollow's short break we went to what is the greatest innovation to the steel cage match.    The war that ended in one battle a battle that Hollow dominated that set Hollow's eyes on the Universal title hunt to follow....

The Asylum Cage Match!"

The Carnage program will now begin as it was before it was interrupted. The second part of Path paved to Redemption's next part Unsanctioned Beginnings is done. As Redemption comes closer the other parts will come to light as Hollow's path to Redemption will be revealed.



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The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...

The screen cuts to a dark Emergence arena. With a dark cage surrounding the ring. Hollow sitting on top of the cage. It is the Asylum steel cage!

Hollow, "Months ago, it was only a few months ago that we were here another catalyst  that is leading down a path to Redemption.  The stage months ago was a war that we fought and ended in one battle.  One fight against a former ally who needed to be put down.  A member of decay he was and we put our old friend down.  We prepared for the war the only way we could.   We embraced what makes Hollow who and what he is.  He delved into insanity and let the madness build up as he locked himself in an asylum. For weeks we stayed there and as we prepared for war.  While our opponent did nothing to prepare but we were preparing and we crushed him!"

Hollow stands up ontop of the Asylum Cage

Hollow, "September fourteenth was the day that Mister Fourteen had Emergence and was the day  the asylum was lowered down into this arena.  Then we battled in and on this cage we fought Kieron Black.  The war we prepared for the battle that ended this war we destroyed and annihilated Kieron Black.  We beat him until the referee's called off the match and we were the victor.   We destroyed our old friend and we proved that our madness is superior.  We stole the show, we were the show of the night then.    We proved that Hollow is Carnage but there is still doubt if there could be any.  

Hollow walks to the edge of the cage and sits on the edge

Hollow, "The asylum cage match was our design.   We reinvented the cage match and turned it into structure that only can personify what Carnage should be.  As it was pure carnage.  Thick steel bars,  weapons inside the cage with the only way to win is by keeping an opponet down for a ten count or making them submit.    And Hollow won in this structure.  The referees put a stop to save Kieron Black a further beating We won because they gave up for Kieron and we won.  Hollow won!   Just like what will happen at Redemption as Hollow will win."

Hollow climbs off of the Asylum Cage

Hollow, "We destroyed a former friend in a war at Emergence.  Echo Wilson we meet you at Redemption but if we destroyed a friend what do you think we will do to you Mister Wilson?    What will we do to you who is last in our way from claiming a title that is the grandest prize here in Carnage.   Mister Fourteen put five other men in our way not to long ago.   The chamber at Havoc of Halloween. They were in our way and we crushed them and you are the very last person in our way and you will soon know you should never get in the way of a madman when he is so close to grabbing his prize.   What we did in this cage was brutal but what we do to you Echo Wilson will be on a whole different level.   But in the end Wilson you will hear the whole world chanting and singing. 

'Echo Wilson is a fool, is a fool

Echo Wilson is a fool

And your new Universal Champion Hollow!"

Hollow begins to leave the arena but stops and looks back at the camera

Hollow, "We have one more stop before we get to Redemption one more place to go the last path.

The Prelude to the Chamber!"

The screen fades to black as Hollow leaves the arena.

The Carnage program will now begin as it was before it was interrupted. The third part of Path paved to Redemption's next part The Asylum's Path is done. As Redemption comes closer the other parts will come to light as Hollow's path to Redemption will be revealed.



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The following Carnage program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...

The screen cuts to the image of the Elimination Chamber at Halloween Havoc

Hollow, "Wasnt long ago was it when we were just a number within this chamber.  Six men were to compete in the chamber with the sole prize was to have a chance to compete or the biggest prize in Carnage.  A prize to fight someone for a bigger prize and a chance to get their names engraved into history.   To get a chance at that brass ring and walk into immortality.   While six did battle only Hollow remained the victor."

The camera goes around the inside of the chamber.  With broken chamber pods the results from the battle that took place in the chamber

Hollow, "Six men and what a battle it was.  The people hand picked by Fourteen were all unique.  One the biggest disgrace and waste of a first  round pick.  Prince was one of the first eliminated and rightfully so.   Along with him we eliminated our opponent from Emergence.  Kieron Black, he lost at Emergence and was granted an opportunity to lose again to Hollow and he did just that.  As along with Prince he was eliminated by Hollow in an instance.  Next was Yelich and Ropati turns to face Hollow's might.  Yelich and Ropati float under the radars in Carnage but are both dangerous when underestimated.   Yelich a former ally of decay.  Unlike Kieron he wasnt going to go without a whimper. The other was Ropati who could have been the most dangerous people in  the match if he applied himself and if Hollow wasnt there.  Hollow eliminated Yelich from the match but was robbed of the chance to eliminate Ropati by the last person to enter the match Angelo.  A man who alll the way up to this match acted  exactly like our opponent that will be at Redemption.   Believing in his own superiority  and own words of strength.  He disrespected Hollow and he paid for it by being defeated by the madman himself.  And turned into another victim left in the ring after a devastating loss to Hollow.  Echo is just like Angelo, he speaks and believes his own words and just like Angelo he will have the same fate.  He will go to Redemption and be defeated  by Hollow and the self-proclaimed new king will be turned into a lowly peasant in front of Hollow's insanity.  The Unsanctioned King!"

The screen fads to black then on the screen cuts to the Scottrade Center, the location of Redemption.  Fully set up for the event.  Hollow stands outside the ring setting up two chairs on the outside.

Hollow, "We are here finally aren't we.  This is the stage where Echo the champion will face Hollow.  Echo's most prized possession will be on the line and he is going to lose  his championship that he covets so much.  With this journey to Redemption we have heard you finally came out of the roc you hide under and gave your latest speech.   You talk about Hollow's biggest flaw being is Pride.  Once again just like everyone else you don't understand what Hollow is.   Hollow's pride is what led him here.   Greed and Envy is what seeks for that championship and once the match begins  you will face Hollow's wrath.   And the words 'Echo Wilson is a Fool' will ring out louder than ever before.  Julius may lie to you and say he believes you will win and will you retain your prize but everyone with eyes can see that isn't the truth.   The fact stands he wants you to fail as much as he knows you will.   Once you lose don't be surprised when they abandon you for this failure to defeat the madman."


Hollow walks over to the chairs he set up and points at them

Hollow,  "Just to prove this point.Hollow invites all of Kingdom to come ringside to watch with these front row seats to the demise of Echo Wilson.   Hollow wants everyone to see this, from your supposed allys and your future opponets to watch with glee as Hollow disposes of you Mr Wilson.   They will hear your final eulogy as the words will be said 'And your New Universal Champion  Hollow!'   Julius spoke of spoilers to you but Hollow will tell you the greatest undisputed truth.  You are going to lose!

The End!"

Hollow drops the microphone and proceeds to leave as the camera fades to black.

The Carnage program will now begin as it was before it was interrupted. The fourth an final part of Path paved to Redemption's next part The Asylum's Path is done. As Redemption quickly approaches.  The final part of the Path paved to Redemption is done.  Redemption now awaits.



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