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Live From The Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland, It's Episode 10 of AWA's Thursday Night Throwdown!

Image result for joseph conners

To open the show Joseph Conners reminds everybody of his victory of the inaugural Battle For Atlantis match, and warns AWA World Champion Kenny Omega to be aware at all times of him cashing in and taking the belt. Then out comes William Regal, who announces that he sees the Battle For Atlantis contract as a championship, and he likes fighting champions, so he is making Conners defend his contract against the winner of the first match tonight at Unsafe Working Conditions. Conners gets outrages at this as Regal just smiles and goes to the back.

Image result for jay lethal

In the opening match that is now for a shot at Conners' Battle For Atlantis Contract, Noam Dar went one on one with Jay Lethal as Joseph Conners bitterly watches from ringside, throwing jeers every now and again that this match was even occurring. In the finish, Jay Lethal would hit his famed "Lethal Injection" on Dar for the pin and the win. After the match Conners and Lethal would have a staredown before Conners spat in Lethal's face and stormed to the back.

Image result for kevin owens

Kevin Owens is walking backstage as he passes by AWA GM William Regal who stops Kevin to tell him about tonight's main event, which is The Elite vs Dalton Castle & The Boys vs Kevin Owens & Two Partners, and that Owens needs to find two partners or else it will be a 3 vs 3 vs 1 match. Owens gets mad he didn't get enough notice about this but Regal says that its Owens' fault he missed his call earlier in the day, Owens gets mad at this and just shouts out his angers before walking away to find potential partners.


In our next match we have a 4v4 matchup between the Alliance of Ego (Ethan Page, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, and Tomohiro Ishii) and CHAOS (Shinsuke Nakamura, Toru Yano, and Roppongi 3k). In the finish Yano would try to coerce his former partner Ishii to return to the faction and Ishii would seem to consider it before suddenly knocking out Yano with a viscous headbutt followed by a Brainbuster for the three count. It seems their friendship is no more.

Image result for matt striker

Owens asks The Class, who he teamed with and beat The Elite with two weeks ago to team with him tonight. but their manager and teacher Matt Striker says their in the middle of a class right now and he can talk to them after school ends if he wants to, Owens just flips off Striker before slamming the door shut and looking for different partners.

Image result for lorcan and burch

In this match, Bald World would go two on two with Jack Jester and Grado, representing The Pinky Party. Lorcan and Burch would look like they would lose from the start as they are still seen as weak from getting thrown around by Bad Bones at Battle For Atlantis in a match they should've won as it was a handicap match. But Lorcan and Burch would surprisingly dominate Jester and Grado and get the win quite easily, showing they do deserve to be #1 contenders to the AWA Tag Team Championships.


Kevin Owens is seen backstage paying off Micheal Bennett about 1000 dollars for the services of The Kingdom tonight. Owens has found his partners in TK O'Ryan and Vinny Marseglia tonight, and it seems he even gets the bonus of Mike Bennett and Maria at ringside as well.

Image result for dalton castle roh championship

In the match everything would be going as a normal 3v3v3 matchup until out would run the man carried out of the Roland E. Powell Convention Center by a stretcher last week, Matt Taven. Taven would wipe out The Kingdom and send them running away as fast as they could out of the building as he chased them down with a steel chair. Owens would scream at them to get back here and help finish the match, but he would be abruptly turned around by Dalton Castle and hit with a Bangarang for the three count, giving Dalton Castle and The Boys the win. After the match, Castle would hold up Omega's AWA World title, reminding him that he does not need to be pinned in the Triple Threat match at Unsafe Working Conditions to lose the title, like Castle did to Owens tonight. As Thursday Night Throwdown comes to a close.

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Live From The Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland, It's Episode 11 of AWA's Thursday Night Throwdown!

Image result for matt taven

To open the show out comes Matt Taven, who demands that at Unsafe Working Conditions he gets a match against Micheal Bennett, Bennett and the rest of The Kingdom walk out and decline saying "he already had his match at The New Beginning" but then out comes William Regal who agrees with Mike that he had his shot at Bennett already, but says that if over the next two weeks Taven can beat both Vinny Marseglia and TK O'Ryan, he'll get his match. And that the first match is now!

In the bout Matt Taven would face off with "The Horror King" Vinny Marseglia. Vinny and his Kingdom buds would try to cheat in every way possible until the referee noticed and ejected Mike, Maria, and TK from ringside. With those three out of the way Taven easily beat Marseglia with a "Climax" for the three count. He is now one step closer to getting his hands on Mike Bennett again.


AWA GM William Regal announces a great main event for tonight's Thursday Night Throwdown, being AWA World Champion Kenny Omega teaming up with Jay Lethal to face off with one of the men facing Omega at Unsafe Working Conditions in Kevin Owens and the man facing Jay Lethal at Unsafe Working Conditions, the Battle For Atlantis contract holder, Joseph Conners.

Image result for tomohiro ishii

In the second match of the night Roppongi 3k of CHAOS went 2 on 2 with Tomohiro Ishii and Ethan Page of the Alliance of Ego. In the match Page and Ishii would win after Ishii would hit a big brainbuster on SHO for the three count. After the match Toru Yano would beg Tomohiro Ishii to return to CHAOS only for Ethan to yell at Ishii to "kill him." So Ishii hit yano with a brainbuster. In response, the leader of CHAOS Shinsuke Nakamura would run out to the ring and scare off Ishii and Page before more harm could be done to Yano and would on behalf of the knocked out Yano, ask for a No Holds Barred match at Unsafe Working Conditions between the old partners and friends, Ishii and Yano. Ishii would accept and the match between "The Stone Pitbull" and "The Sublime Master Thief" was confirmed.

Image result for bad bones

In the third match of the night, Bad Bones would go one on one with Killian Dain. The match would be good and Dain would eventually win with an Ulster Plantation. After the match however, Dain and Wolfe of the Alliance of Ego would look to make an example out of Bad Bones, who had defeated their opponents at Unsafe Working Conditions at Battle For Atlantis. But out would run Bald World with weapons in hand, scaring away Dain and Wolfe so they couldn't hurt Bad Bones, whom wanted nothing to do with these two before, but probably loves that they came to save him now. Bad Bones seems to reluctantly thank Lorcan and Burch for saving him as AOE seems to go away to the back, allowing the show to continue.

Image result for jay lethal bald

In the main event Jay Lethal & Kenny Omega would face off with Joseph Conners & Kevin Owens. This match would be very hard hitting and show off the strengths of each man in the match. In the end Lethal would pin Owens after hitting the "Lethal Injection" onto him for the victory. After the match, Lethal would point to the Kenny Omega's AWA World Championship, signaling what he wants in the future, as Episode of 11 of AWA Thursday Night Throwdown ends.

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Live From The Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland, It's Episode 12 of AWA's Thursday Night Throwdown!

Image result for william regal

To start off the go home show to Unsafe Working Conditions we have AWA General Manager William Regal walk out and announce tonight's HUGE main event, as the leader of CHAOS Shinsuke Nakamura will go one on one with the Stone Pitbull of the Alliance of Ego and the man facing the "Sublime Master Thief" Toru Yano at Unsafe Working Conditions, Tomohiro Ishii.

Image result for matt taven

In the opening match we have Matt Taven go up against TK O'Ryan, if Taven were to win this match he would get his match against Michael Bennett at Unsafe Working Conditions, in the match however, TK O'Ryan would "accidentally" push Taven into the referee, allowing Michael Bennett to interfere in the match and hit a "Miracle In Progress" on Matt. Then TK would wake up the ref and pin Taven for the three count. But after the match, GM William Regal would come out and announce that because he saw what actually happened in that match, and that he is the General Manager, he is reversing the decision of the match, and that Matt Taven won by DQ. Meaning at Unsafe Working Conditions, Matt Taven will get a one on one match with the man who took his stable and his shot at the TV title just a few weeks ago, Michael Bennett.

Image result for dalton castle and the boys

Backstage we would see Dalton Castle promo on his upcoming triple threat match in which he has a chance to become the new AWA World Champion, The Boys seem to like this prospect as well.

Image result for oney lorcan and danny burch

In the second match of the night Oney Lorcan would go one on one with Alexander Wolfe. Lorcan would pull off a surprise win in the match after rolling up Wolfe for the three count. AOE would get angry at this and would look to try and hurt Lorcan and Burch but they would get away in the nick of time. As Lorcan and Burch stumbled away grinning Wolfe and Dain would hold up their belts, reminding them they are still the champs.

Image result for omega and young bucks

Backstage we would have Kenny Omega talk with The Young Bucks about his Triple Threat Title defense at Unsafe Working Conditions where he'll face not only Kevin Owens like he did at Battle For Atlantis, but "The Party Peacock" Dalton Castle as well. The Bucks say they'll be in Omega's corner if he wants for the match, and Omega says that would be great.

Image result for joseph conners

In the third match of the show Joseph Conners would go one on one with his former partner in crime, Joe Hendry. Conners would win the match easily, with a Righteous Kill DDT. After the match his opponent at Unsafe Working Conditions Jay Lethal would come out and the two would have a staredown, both saying they would win their match on Sunday, before Conners just had enough of it, and left the ring, hitting Lethal's shoulder with his as he leaves the ring.

Image result for kevin owens

Owens promo's for his match at Unsafe Working Conditions. He notes that both Dalton and Kenny will have two men in their corner while will have no one, he says he won't need them because he is that good, and he will win the AWA World Championship and finally cement himself as the top man in AWA.

Related image

In the main event, Shinsuke Nakamura would go one on one with Tomohiro Ishii, and in the end of the match Nakamura would come out on top with a beautiful Kinshasa. After the match, the former best friend of Tomohiro Ishii and his opponent in the No Holds Barred match at Unsafe Working Conditions Toru Yano would ask Ishii if the match could be called off, because he doesn't want to fight his friend. Ishii responds with a resounding "Fuck No!" Yano says "Okay.." and then kicks him in the nuts, Shinsuke slides a steel chair in the ring, and Yano beats him down with it. Before screaming "FUCK YOU!" at Ishii before leaving the ring, as the go home show to Unsafe Working Conditions comes to a close.

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Image result for Wrestling Australia logo

EP 14 (War Games)


The go home show before Faction Wars opens with a video package showing the journey to War Games between these two teams. It shows the formation of Villain Club and the havoc they have caused during their time on top of the company. We head to the ring where GM Goldust is stationed, he welcomes both teams to the ring however once again Brock Lesnar doesn't appear. Goldust makes them both sign contracts for the match before a brawl gets underway. The numbers advantage helps Villain Club when Brock Lesnar makes his arrival and clears the ring. He stars at Goldust as he signs the contract exiting the arena. Goldust then announces that in tonight's Main Event one member of Villain Club and one member of Team Rollins will do battle in order to determine the numbers advantage heading into War Games


Chris Jericho vs Joey Janela 


After securing a match with 6 States Championship Holder Elias last week, Chris Jericho took on Bad Boy Joey Janela this week. Jericho was able to pick up the decisive victory when he hit Janela with the codebreaker before transitioning into the Walls of Jericho for the victory. Post match Elias appeared on the ramp and sang a song about how he would defeat Jericho at Faction Wars

Result: Chris Jericho 


Image result for Eddie Edwards wrestler and Tommy Dreamer

We are once again shown a training vignette with Dreamer and Eddie Edwards. They continue to train with Dreamer urging Eddie to find his aggression and his Violent side. By the end Eddie had shown his violent side and Dreamer acknowledges that Eddie is ready to take on Killer Kross and Moose this Sunday 


Cibernetico and Scott Parker vs Los Psycho Circus 

Image result for los psycho circus

Los Psycho Circus have their own warmup match against Cibernetico and Scott Parker. Los Psycho Circus destroy their competition in mere seconds sending a message to TenCozy before their Circus Death Match 

Result: Los Psycho Circus



As seen last week with Braun Strowman rising out of the coffin that Mil Muertes kidnapped him in, Braun exited the room and beat up the Disciples of Death. He then faced the camera and said that this Sunday Mil Muertes would get these hands


Togi Makabe vs Bad Luck Fale 


In the Main Event of the evening, Bad Luck Fale was able to secure the numbers advantage after he defeated Togi Makabe via pinfall. The Villain Club head into Faction Wars with a full head of steam. Can they be stopped

Faction Wars Card

1. War Games: Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and Marty Scurll vs Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma

2. Killer Kross and Moose vs Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards

3. Los Psycho Circus vs TenCozy (Circus Death Match)

4. Elias vs Chris Jericho (6 States Championship)

5. Braun Strowman vs Mil Muertes (Death Match)



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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor elite pro wrestling

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Asuka

Asuka defeated Nia Jax by submission.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Pete Dunne backstage

Pete Dunne challenged Roman Reigns to match at the upcoming ppv. 

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Jeff Hardy defeteated Cheeseburger by pinfall. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Becky Lynch promo backstage

Becky Lynch cut a promo on Ember Moon and Charlotte Flair. 

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Sami Callihan and Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose and Pete Dunne when Callihan rolled up Ambrose for the 3 count. After the match, Ambrose and Callihan brawled till they were seperated by security.

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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor elite pro wrestling

Gerelateerde afbeelding

EC3 defeated The Velveteen Dream to become the Number One Contender for the Elite Championship 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor charlotte flair

In a non title match up, Charlotte Flair defeated Becky Lynch by roll up. She used the ropes for extra leverage which the ref didn't see. After the match, Becky was furious and chased after Charlotte, who escaped through the crowd. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Dean Ambrose heel promo

Dean Ambrose cut a promo on Sami Callihan, saying that the poor boy didn't know what he was walking into at Hard Destiny. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mundo johnny

Mundo won a match against Hiroshi Tanahashi by DQ. 20 minutes into the match, Dante Fox came out and attacked Mundo. Afterwards, he got a promo, saying that he was the new arrival that should get all the attention, not Mundo. 

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Live From The Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland, AWA Presents Unsafe Working Conditions

Unsafe Working Conditions.png

Image result for tomohiro ishii

To begin the show we have the No Holds Barred Match between former stablemates, tag partners, and best friends now turned rivals, Tomohiro Ishii and Toru Yano. Before the bell rang Yano would attack Ishii, as he uses his experience as the Sublime Master Thief to get the head up in this No Rules bout. But this would not last for long as Tomohiro Ishii would brawl his way back and would defeat Yano after hitting a huge brainbuster onto a steel chair for the win.

Image result for matt taven

In the next match we had Matt Taven go up against Micheal Bennett, Taven would start the match off hot but then once Maria, TK, and Vinny started making their presence ringside felt through distarctions and interference, Bennett began to assert his dominance over the match, but this wouldn't fly with the referee, who once he noticed what was going on, would send the trio to the back, levelling the playing field. This would make Bennett plead with the ref to let them back, but he would plead for a bit too long as Taven would surprise Bennett with a Climax for the pin and the victory. Taven finally getting his revenge on Bennett for taking his stable from him.

Image result for oney lorcan and danny burch

In our third match of the night the AWA Tag Team Championships would be on the line as the duo of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, Bald World, took on the reigning and defending tag champs, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe, who represent the Alliance of Ego. In the match Dain and Wolfe would use their size and power advantage to dominate the match, yet the speed and resilience of Bald World would be a thorn in their sides as they could never seem to put them away. And when Killian looked to finally put away Burch after Wolfe took out Lorcan with an Ulster Plantation, it seemed all was finally over, but then the lights in the arena would go out, and when they came back on the referee would be knocked out and standing across from Killian Dain would be Bad Bones, in a Bald World T-Shirt. Bad Bones would hit Dain with a huge lariat and follow it up with his finisher he calls the "Wrecking Ball Knees" Dain would fall to the ground and Bad Bones would drape Burch over Killian and wake up the ref to make the three count to give us new AWA Tag Team Champions.

Image result for ethan page

In our fourth match of the night current AWA Oceanic Champion, and man who must be disappointed by the result of that last match Ethan Page, defends his title for the third time in AWA's history as he faces his toughest challenge yet, the leader of CHAOS Shinsuke Nakamura. In the match Nakamura would seem to be winning when the match when the match was clean. But often this was not the case as Ethan Page had many tricks up his sleeves, he would pull the tights in roll ups, he would poke Nakamura in the eyes, and at one point, he'd try to hit Nakamura in the head with the title belt, but Shinsuke would duck and Page would hit the ref. Page would then get hit in the back of the head by a Kinshasa and Shinsuke would go for the pin. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Shinsuke had won but the ref was out. Shinsuke looked to wake him up but then out ran "The Stone Pitbull" Tomohiro Ishii, who would enter the ring and hit Shinsuke with a huge lariat, following it up with a brainbuster. Ishii would then wake up both Page and the ref before Page would notice what occurred, make sure Nakamura was put away by hitting him with a "Spinning Dwayne" before pinning him for the three count, and the retain.

Image result for joseph conners

Our fifth match of the night has the winner of the Battle For Atlantis contract Joseph Conners, putting his contract on the line up against one of the men who only just recently joined the AWA roster but have made a big impact in Jay Lethal. Conners would end up winning with his Righteous Kill DDT after a very good clean match.

Image result for kenny omega

In our main event of the evening Kenny Omega would defend his AWA World Championship against two men who are bitter rivals in Kevin Owens and Dalton Castle. In Omega's corner would be The Young Bucks and in Castle's corner would be The Boys. Now they would not interfere in the match but Owens would get distracted by them constantly. He even put both Boys through the announce table with one powerbomb. The triple threat rules would also prove to create more havoc, as Kenny Omega would go through a ladder, his body cracking it in half after a Pop Up Powerbomb. After that Castle and Owens would fight each other in another one of their hate filled battles until Castle finally hit a Bangarang and would go for a pin, but the count would only get to two until Omega somehow broke up the pin with what most thought was the last of his energy. But it would prove not to be the last of his energy as with a herculean comeback, he hit Castle and Owens both with multiple V-Triggers, going back and forth between the two. Before picking up Owens and hitting a One Winged Angel, and then attempting to hit one on Castle, but Castle would go for a roll up, resulting in a nearfall. Castle would then go for a Bangarang, which Omega would stunningly turn into a Canadian Destroyer. He would then follow that up with the One-Winged Angel and the three count victory. After the match Omega and The Bucks would pose in the ring with Omega holding up the AWA World Championship when Joseph Conners would walk out and would stand on the ramp, reminding Omega that at any moment, he could cash in his Battle For Atlantis contract and take away that championship, as Unsafe Working Conditions comes to a close.

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Image result for Faction Wars logo

EP 15 (Faction Wars)

Mil Muertes vs Braun Strowman (Death Match)

Image result for Braun strowman grapple gif

Braun Strowman and Mil Muertes would go through a Brutal Death Match with both men leaving bloodied after the finish. Braun Strowman was able to pick up the victory when he used a grappling hook to slam lighting rigs onto the unconscious body of Mil Muertes. Braun Strowman roared to end the match signalling the end to this brutal war between two of WWA's biggest stars 

Result: Braun Strowman

Chris Jericho vs Elias (6 states Championship Match)

Image result for Elias

In a solid match, Elias defeated Chris Jericho using the Drift Away to pin Jericho for the three count. After the match Jericho would look to attack Elias but changed his mind an instead shook his hand showing the respect he has for the young troubadour. Elias is destined for big things in this company and a win over Jericho proves that. It does leave us questioning, what's next for Chris Jericho 

Result: Elias

New Jack Coming Soon 

Image result for New Jack

A promo package is played hyping the debut of one of the most violent men on the planet. A hardcore pioneer he is New Jack and he debuts on WWA Soon!

Los Psycho Circus (Murder and Monster Clown) vs TenCozy (Circus Death Match)

Image result for los psycho circus

In another brutal war at the Faction Wars PPV, Murder and Monster Clown were able to come away with the victory over TenCozy. After the match Psycho Clown got on the mic and stated that Los Psycho Circus has the WWA Tag-Team Championships in their sights. This spells danger for The Villian Club, who knows what lengths these clowns will go to to get the win 

Result: Los Psycho Circus

Tommy Dreamer and Eddie Edwards vs Killer Kross and Moose

Image result for eddie edwards wrestler

In another fun Tag-Team Matchup, Eddie Edwards finally found the winning formula and defeated Moose via pinfall after hitting the Boston Knee Party. After the match Eddie Edwards wasn't done yet continuing the assault on Moose and Kross with Kendo Sticks. Seeing this Dreamer tried to get in his way but Edwards accidentally blasted Dreamer across the head with the Kendo Stick leaving him down and out, Edwards then left the ring looking emotionally distressed 

Result: Edwards and Dreamer

Villain Club (Marty Scurll, Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa and Bad Luck Fale) vs Seth Rollins, Togi Makabe, Tomoaki Honma and Brock Lesnar (WAR GAMES)

Image result for Brock Lesnar

In an incredible match that saw both teams go to war, Team Rollins picked up the win after Rollins hit the Curb Stomp on Bad Luck Fale to pick up the win. Because of the numbers advantage Villain Club had the momentum but that all changed when Brock Lesnar entered the match giving out Suplexes left right and centre. After the match Rollins, GBH and Lesnar looked to Celebrate but immediately Lesnar blindsided them all and left them laying with F-5's and German Suplexes. He even German Suplexed Seth Rollins through the cage door. The final image was Lesnar holding the WWA World Heavyweight Championship high above his head. A preview of what is to come

Result: Rollins, Honma, Makabe and Lesnar 




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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor PPV

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Tanahashi defeated EC3 to retain the Elite Championship.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Mundo johnny

Johnny Mundo defeated Dante Fox. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch retained the Women's Title by defeating Charlotte and Ember Moon when she made Ember Moon tap out. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns defeated Pete Dunne. After the match, Pete Dunne snapped and unleashed an brutal assault on Roman Reigns. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Dean Ambrose IC 2018

Dean Ambrose retained the World Heavyweight Title by defeating Sami Callihan in a NO DQ match.

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ICPW: The Forge 13


Sabre Gun came out and Zack Sabre JR challenged Mark Haskins to a World Championship match at Changing Winds.


Sabre Gun appeared after Hirooki Goto’s defeat at the hands of Mark Haskins but they overlooked this detail as Zack immediately challenged Mark Haskins, Mark Haskins appeared but before he could say anything MVP appeared and told Zack that he just lost to Jimmy Havoc and is in no place to be making challenges to the world champion. Zack retorted saying he has been the top star in ICPW since Day 1 and MVP should be treating him that way. MVP responded by stating that at Changing Winds Zack would not get a World Championship match but would get the opportunity to compete for one in a fatal four-way match… as long as he qualifies in tonight's main event as he takes on Cesaro.


BT Gunn defeated Ortiz with a Technodrome after a distraction from Renfrew



Post match: LAX and Eddie Kingston brawled with the NAK and Wolfgang

Post-match NAK tried to leave but Kingston stopped them throwing them back to LAX however Wolfgang would then sneak attack Kingston and the two groups would brawl until security came out and seperated the groups across the ring from each other, MVP would come out and state that this was getting out of control and that at Changing Winds the two six-man units would face off in a no disqualifications Tornado Tag Team Match but if anyone of those 6 attacked each other outside of a match before the match their entire group would be fired.


CCK said they would do anything to keep the tag team titles


In a backstage interview, CCK were asked about their actions at Power Play but they responded by simply saying that they would do anything to keep a hold of their tag team titles and they don’t regret what they did. They went on to say that if Moustache Mountain want a rematch they’re going to have to earn it but next week they would defend their tag team titles in an open challenge, Open for everyone EXCEPT Moustache Mountain.


Paul Robinson defeated Taichi With the Curb Stomp



Post Match Sabre Gun attempted a post match beatdown but..

After the match, Sabre Gun Members Hirooki Goto, Taka Michinoku,El Desperado & Yonosuke Kanemaru attempted to help Taichi attack Paul Robinson but they were stopped By Rampage Brown, Jimmy Havoc, Chase Owens & Adam Page. Zack Sabre Jr would come out and send his wrestlers to the back before the main event.


Main Event: Zack Sabre Jr Defeated Cesaro with The Zack Driver, before the Zack Driver Kassius Ohno came out and distracted Cesaro



Post Match: Zack Was Celebrating before….

After the match as Zack Sabre Jr was celebrating his victory, MVP came out and congratulated him but said that next would be another qualifying match for the four-way revealing that it would WRSTLING’s Jeff Cobb taking on Sabre Gun’s Hirooki Goto.

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ICPW: The Forge 14


CCK defeated The Anti Fun Police to Retain the ICPW Tag Team Championship after an Ink Bomb



Post Match: CCK were confronted by several teams

After the match, Moustache Mountain Appeared and said if they had to earn a shot at the ICPW Tag Team Championship then they would but before they could say how they were interrupted by The Rascalz who came out and said that they also wanted to earn a shot at the tag titles, Aussie Open then came out and said they also wanted to earn a shot. CCK then said if they all wanted a shot so bad they could fight each other for an opportunity next week.


Backstage: David Starr complains about the lack of competition


Backstage David Starr cut a promo stating that he had no competition when it came to contenders for his championship but before he could continue he was interrupted by Bandido and Flamita who said that Starr hasn’t beaten them. Starr just brushed them off and walked away with his title.


Kanemaru & Desperado defeated Jimmy Havoc & Rampage Brown after Desperado pinned Havoc with a crucifix, before this Kanemaru spat whiskey in the face of Havoc




Backstage: MVP Announces joint Event with WWA,  was about to make an announcement but…


As MVP had just announced the joint event with World Wrestling Australia Ironmen Down Under, he was about to make an announcement that as he stated would “Change ICPW moving forward” he was interrupted by ICPW Heavyweight Champion Mark Haskins who seemed slightly annoyed. Haskins stated that he needed a challenger for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship at Changing Winds. MVP then stated that Haskins would defend the ICPW Heavyweight Championship against… Yuji Nagata. Haskins would walk away but before MVP could make his announcement he was told that they had to move onto the main event.


Main Event: Jeff Cobb Defeated Hirooki Goto after a tour of the islands to qualify for the Number One Contenders match



Post Match: MVP would announce the third qualifier

After the match, Zack Sabre Jr would appear and confront Cobb who was backed by Ironman Champion David Starr but before anything crazy could happen MVP Would announce that next week the third qualifying match would be Kassius Ohno VSJimmy Havoc.

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Owner of KAIZEN Wrestling, Alex Shelley, begins the show in the ring with a microphone. He reminds everyone of the announcement made at KAIZEN Wrestling's TETSUJIN Elite pay-per-view about a special event coming soon. Shelley would elaborate on the Battle Of The Boulevard event that will be hosted by both KAIZEN Wrestling and Elite Pro Wrestling. Shelley explains how there will be a tournament over the following weeks with eight men from each promotion fighting for a title opportunity of their choice. The tournament will end in a fatal four-way match between two competitors from KAIZEN Wrestling and two competitors from Elite Pro Wrestling.



Related image

The two former tag team partners of Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and KUSHIDA, would continue to team up in KAIZEN Wrestling as they take on Axel Dieter Jr, who is joined by the debuting Volador Jr. The newest version of Time Splitters picks up the victory in tag team action.

Winner: Time Splitters



Image result for minoru suzuki microphone

Minoru Suzuki, followed by his fellow Suzuki-Gun members, Lance Archer and Akira Tozawa, makes his way to the ring with his newly won TETSUJIN Openweight Championship on his shoulder. Archer collects a microphone before putting the whole of KAIZEN Wrestling on notice. He mentions Suzuki's enormous win at TETSUJIN Elite as well as Akira Tozawa's opportunity in the Battle On The Boulevard tournament. It's clear that Suzuki-Gun is still a prominent and dominant force in KAIZEN Wrestling.




Shelley is now backstage in his office, joined by Johnny Gargano and Ilja Dragunov. He tells the two that he's been impressed with both of them and therefore has a special opportunity for them next week. He announces that they will face one on one for a championship shot against EPW's Elite Champion, Hiroshi Tanahashi. The two accept the match before David Finlay Jr appears and asks to be apart of the match. Shelley hesitates at first but eventually grants Finlay his wish, making the match a triple threat.




Image result for kota ibushi

BXC Uprising comes out for the first Battle On The Boulevard tournament match, joined by their masked companion. Woods grabs a microphone and announces that it's time for the masked man to be revealed as he is competing in the tournament. He is revealed as the son of all-time wrestling legend Scott Hall, Cody Hall, but sadly, he isn't able to pick up the victory against Kota Ibushi on his debut.

Winner: Kota Ibushi



Image result for lio rush blackheart

In an undisclosed location, Gargano hesitantly enters a dark room. A figure can be seen but the identity of it isn't clear. Nevertheless, Gargano approaches it before taking a knee and asking for a blessing. The figure begins to speak, revealing itself as Lio Rush as he warns Gargano that the dark powers aren't to be played with. Gargano insists that Lio helps him in earning the EPW Elite Championship shot next week. Rush slowly places his hand on Gargano's shoulder as the feed cuts out.




Related image

In the final match of the night, Samoa Joe takes on Suzuki-Gun's Lance Archer in a tough and brutal match. Joe is able to force Archer to tap out as he moves on to the next round of the Battle On The Boulevard tournament following an impressive win.

Winner: Samoa Joe

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ICPW: The Forge 15


Aussie Open defeated Moustache Mountain & The Rascalz via pinfall after a fidget spinner to become the number one contenders for the ICPW World Tag Team Championships



Post match: CCK attempted a sneak attack on Aussie Open but were stopped by the Rascalz and Moustache Mountain


Backstage: MVP Makes a Major announcement


MVP Would be seen backstage in his office and stated that he had a major announcement to make that would change the landscape of ICPW. He has noticed the impressive abilities of the JR Heavyweights on the ICPW roster and has decided that to honour them he would be creating a new championship to allow for them to compete in a way that fits their style, The ICPW World JR Heavyweight Championship. He said he would announce how the first champion would be crowned at Changing winds. As for Ironmen down under the WWA would be the ones to announce the match card once they’re ready.


Mexablood defeated The Anti Fun Police via pinfall after Bandido hit a Moonsault Slam on Damien Dunne



Postmatch: Flamita and Bandido challenged David Starr to a triple threat at Changing winds, Starr accepted under one condition…

2Post match Flamita and Bandido would challenge David Starr to a triple threat match at changing winds. Starr would accept under the condition that he got to pick the stipulation, Starr selected Elimination rules so that he couldn’t lose his title without getting pinned, Flamita and Bandido Accepted.


Main Event: Jimmy Havoc defeated Kassius Ohno to qualify for the Number One Contenders match at Changing Winds via pinfall after an acid rainmaker before the acid rainmaker Cesaro came out and distracted Ohno



Post match: MVP announced the final qualifying match for the four way.

To end off the show MVP would come out and announce that the final qualifier would see Taichi take on Shingo Takagi. Zack Sabre JR and Jeff Cobb would then appear to confront Jimmy Havoc. The three men would stare down to end off the show.

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Live From The Roland E. Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland, It's Episode 13 of AWA's Thursday Night Throwdown!

Image result for ethan page

To open the show, our AWA Oceanic Champion Ethan Page would come out with the rest of The Alliance of Ego and talk about what happened at Unsafe Working Conditions, he says that though Killian and Alexander lost the tag belts, they did do one thing correctly, and that was beat CHAOS's ass. CHAOS would not take too kindly to this and would storm down to the ring and make Page, Ishii, Dain, and Wolfe scurry to the outside where they'd be safe. William Regal would then walk out and announce tonight's main event being Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ethan Page for the AWA Oceanic Championship, a rematch of the match that occurred at Unsafe Working Conditions, much to the chagrin of the current champ.


The opening contest of the show would see the debut of "The Gentleman's Club." Drew Gulak, Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor, and The Swamp Monster. The foursome would take on The Pinky Party's Noam Dar, Grado, Sha Samuels, and Jack Jester in an Eight Man Tag Team Match. The Gentleman's Club would end up picking up the victory after "The Kentucky Gentleman" Chuck Taylor, the leader of the group it seems, hit a Piledriver onto Jack Jester for the victory. After the match Jackie Polo would walk out and ask Drew Gulak why he abandoned him, to which Chuck Taylor would just tell Polo to piss off, as they went to the back.

Image result for rockstar spud

In the next bout, the Battle For Atlantis contract holder Joseph Conners, would go one on one with Rockstar Spud. The match would come to a finish when Conners would seem to be going for the Righteous Kill DDT but Spud would weasel his way out of it and roll up Conners for a shocking victory. Spud would celebrate manically as Conners just sat in the ring shocked at his loss post match.

Image result for lorcan and burch

Bald World would have a celebration on the fact that they won the AWA Tag Team Championships at Unsafe Working Conditions. They would also thank Bad Bones, who would walk out and announce his official membership into Bald World! But the party wouldn't last long as out would come Candice LeRae and a debuting Joey Ryan of the World's Cutest Tag Team. They would proclaim that they should get title shots for the AWA Tag Team Championships, to which Oney Lorcan would reply that they haven't proven themselves worthy of an opportunity. So The World's Cutest Tag Team called out any tag team in the back, and if they won their match, they would get title shots, but if their opponents won, their opponents would. Bald World would agree to these terms.

Image result for worlds cutest tag team

The Class (Johnny Cockstrong and Mike Bailey) would answer the open challenge. In the match we'd see some cool spots, especially the battle between who's dick was mightier, Johnny Cockstrong's or Joey Ryan's. Joey's may not have been mightier, but we don't know that for sure since Bailey and LeRae somehow got the two to stop in the midst of their cock fight. But his team certainly was, as The World's Cutest Tag Team would defeat The Class, when Candice LeRae pinned Mike Bailey following a BallsPlex. The World's Cutest Tag Team are now the #1 contenders to the AWA Tag Team Championships, and will face Bald World at Meltdown.


Backstage, William Regal would bump into Joseph Conners. Regal first congratulate Joseph on successfully defending his Battle For Atlantis contract against Jay Lethal at Unsafe Working Conditions, but would then chastise him for losing to Rockstar Spud earlier tonight. He then tells Conners that at Meltdown, he will have to once again defend his contract, but this time, against Rockstar Spud. William then chuckles and leaves as Joseph seethed in anger from the news.

Image result for ethan page

In the main event, Ethan Page and Shinsuke Nakamura would have a match very reminicient of their bout at Unsafe Working Conditions. Ethan would try an cheat to no avail while Shinsuke outwrestled Page. Page would also at one point accidentally knock out the ref when going for a superkick that Nakamura ducked. Page and Nakamura would then run at each other and both would go for clotheslines, taking both of them out. Then out would come Tomohiro Ishii, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe of the Alliance of Ego. They would look to beat down Nakamura but before they could out would come Toru Yano, SHO, and YOH to even the odds. They would all fight it out in the ring, Page and Nakamura eventually joining in the brawl when they recovered from the clotheslines. This would continue until the referee got up from the Superkick and saw the havoc being wreaked, and threw out the match as a No Contest. CHAOS and The Alliance of go didn't seem to care much though, as they kept fighting as AWA Thursday Night Throwdown went off the air.

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ICPW: The Forge 16


WRSTLING defeated The Anti Fun Police via pinfall after David Starr hit Los Santos Jr with the Product Recall


Post Match: Starr called out Flamita and Bandido, Flamita and Bandido would come out to confront Starr but Starr would hide behind Cobb and escape.


Backstage: Jimmy Havoc Cut a promo on Zack Sabre JR and Jeff Cobb only to be blind sided by Sabre Gun Members El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Taka Michinoku


Jimmy Havoc addressed his currently known opponents for Changing Winds but as he was getting to Zack Sabre JR Sabre Gun members Desperado, Kanemaru and Michinoku showed up and began assaulting him beating him down into the ground. After the Assault, Zack would walk by and say “oh that’s unfortunate Jimmy”. Zack then picked up Jimmy and may have been about to go for a Zack Driver but he was stopped by Paul Robinson and ICPW Heavyweight Champion Mark Haskins.


Yuji Nagata defeated Wolfgang with The Backdrop Driver, Before this the Music Of LAX played distracting Wolfgang allowing for Nagata to get the win



Backstage: CCK addressed their opponents for Changing Winds


Backstage the ICPW Tag Team Champions addressed their challengers Aussie Open. Chris Brookes would state that they would walk right through Aussie Open, easily dropping them with not even one sick fucking tag move. Brookes would then state that CCK would be tag team champions forever.


Main Event: Shingo Takagi defeated Taichi With the Last Falconry



Post Match: Zack Sabre Jr and Jeff Cobb came down and stared down with Shingo then…

After the match, Zack Sabre Jr and Jeff Cobb came out and confronted Shingo Takagi before the four-way match but as Zack was about to start assaulting Shingo, Jimmy Havoc appeared and Nailed Zack with the Acid Rainmaker, Cobb would then grab Havoc and Nail him with the Tour of the Islands and finally Shingo would be left standing tall after a Pumping Bomber then the last falconry to Cobb to close the forge.

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Image result for Wrestling Australia logo

EP 16 (Fallout)

Faction Wars recap

Image result for War Games wrestling

The show is opened with a recap video package of last week's War Game's match where Villain Club took on The team of Great Bash Heel, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar. It shows the utter carnage that unfolded in the match a long with the ending in which  Lesnar picked up the win for his team and then proceeded to ambush both Rollins and Great Bash Heel with the lasting image of him holding the title above his head played over and over again

Goldust announces huge Main Event 

Image result for firing squad njpw Image result for great bash heel

As the video package ends we are sent to the ring where GM Goldust is standing in his trademark golden suit welcoming the crowd to tonight's episode. He says that a big Main Event is planned for the evening where Great Bash Heel will have their final chance to claim WWA Tag-Team Gold when they take on Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa. He also announces that Haku, Marty Scurll and Bad Luck Fale will be banned from ringside and if they make an appearance Tonga and Loa will be stripped of the belt 

Elias vs Joey Janela

Image result for joey janela

Fresh off his victory over Chris Jericho at Faction Wars, Elias marched down to the ring looking for his next challenger. The challenger was accepted by the "Bad Boy" Joey Janela much to the disdain of the 6 states champion. Elias seemed to have had the match won after a drift away but the ring smarts of Joey Janela paid off as his executed a perfect rollup to pick up the victory over Elias. As Janela was celebrating this crucial win, Elias smashed him in the back of the head with his guitar before raising the 6 states championship in the air

New Jack makes his WWA debut in a featured match at Ironmen Down Under

Image result for New Jack

It is announced that WWA's newest signee New Jack will make his debut in a featured match at Ironmen Down Under a joint PPV with ICPW

Keith Lee vs Moose 

Image result for keith lee

Keith Lee defeated Moose with a Supernova picking up some much needed momentum. Post-Match Chris Jericho made his way onto the stage and once again sarcastically clapped Keith Lee's victory. Jericho then spat in Lee's direction before walking to the back. Lee then picked up a mic and challenged Jericho to a match calling him a washed up Veteran. As Lee was speaking however he was rushed from behind by Moose's tag team partner Killer Kross who choked him out with a rear naked choke

The Firing Squad vs Great Bash Heel 

Image result for firing squad njpw

In an absolute war, The firing squad retained their championships over the veteran duo of Great Bash Heel. As they were celebrating post-match. Brock Lesnar attacked both men and laid them out with German Suplexes and an F-5 before closing the show with the Beast Incarnate in charge. Who will stop this man?





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ICPW Presents: Changing Winds



Opening Match: LAX (Santana, Ortiz & Eddie Kingston) defeated the New Age Kliq (BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew & Wolfgang) in a 6 man tornado tag team no disqualifications match after a street sweeper through a table on Chris Renfrew



Post Match: LAX layed out a challenge

After the match, LAX would make two declarations: A. Eddie Kingston should be the first man added into the Forge Briefcase match and B. Whoever wins the ICPW World Tag Team Championship match will be challenged By LAX.


CCK defeated Aussie Open to Retain the ICPW World Tag Team Championships after hitting Kyle Fletcher with the Ink Bomb, before they hit the ink bomb while Chris Brookes distracted the ref Lykos hit Fletcher with the Tag Titles



Post Match: CCK continued to attack Aussie Open but they were stopped

After the match, CCK continued to beat down Aussie Open but they were stopped by Moustache Mountain. LAX Would then appear and the three teams who had originally fought for the ICPW World Tag Team Championships all the way back at Clash Of The Titans would stare down.


MVP would announce how the ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship would be decided


MVP would come out and he would reveal the ICPW Junior Heavyweight Championship as well as he would state that the championship would be decided through a 16 man tournament with the champion being crowned at Heatwave. He would announce the tournament's matches would begin on the next episode of the forge.


David Starr defeated Flamita and Bandido in an elimination match to retain the ICPW Ironman Championship @27:43, the first elimination was Flamita who was eliminated after Small Package from Bandido, the second Elimination came when Starr hit Bandido with the Product Recall after he low blowed him when the refs back was turned



Post Match: Starr declared himself for the ICPW JR Heavyweight Championship Tournament


Kassius Ohno defeated Cesaro with a KO elbow



Post Match: Ohno assaualted Cesaro beating the living hell out of him


Mark Haskins defeated Yuji Nagata to Retain the ICPW Heavyweight Championship after hitting a Made in England on Nagata



Post Match: Nagata and Haskins Showed respect to each other only to be attacked by Sabre Gun, Rampage Brown, Paul Robinson, Chase Owens & Adam Page came out to stop them but by then Sabre Gun had already put Nagata threw the announce table.


Pre Match: MVP announced the main event would now be elimination and it would be no disqualifications


Main Event: Zack Sabre JR Defeated Shingo Takagi, Jeff Cobb & Jimmy Havoc to become Number One Contender for the ICPW Heavyweight Championship. Cobb was the first man eliminated after a Pumping Bomber from Shingo, An Acid Rainmaker from Havoc and a Zack Driver from Sabre JR, Shingo was the second Man Eliminated after an Acid Rainmaker onto thumbtacks, Havoc was the last man eliminated after the referee stopped the match while Zack had Havoc in Orientiering with Napalm death



Post Match: Sabre Gun celebrated by attempting to beat down Havoc but they were stopped by Haskins, Rampage, Robinson, Owens & Page. The show ends with a 6 on 6 stare down.

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Image result for daniel bryan world champ 2018

Daniel Bryan begins the show in the ring with the KAIZEN World Championship. He promises that in this war against EPW, he will lead KAIZEN to victory by defeating Dean Ambrose and proving that the KAIZEN World Championship is the number one title on the west coast, if not the whole world.




Image result for alberto el patron

First round action of the Battle On The Boulevard tournament sees Alberto El Patron go one on one with Buddy Murphy of the KAIZEN Trios Champions, BXC Uprising. El Patron picks up the victory via pinfall.

Winner: Alberto El Patron



Related image

In the lead up to the number one contender match later tonight to decide who will challenge for the EPW Elite Championship, Ilja Dragunov is backstage and makes it clear that he is set on proving why he is more than elite, why he is 'unbesiegbar'.




Image result for bobby lashley

Akira Tozawa of Suzuki-Gun takes on Team FAMOUS' lead athlete, Bobby Lashley, in the last first-round match on KAIZEN's side of the tournament. The much bigger Lashley's raw power proves superior to Tozawa's agility and striking as Lashley gets the pinfall.

Winner: Bobby Lashley



Image result for alex shelley and kushida

Backstage, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley are talking when one by one, KUSHIDA and Matt Sydal walk by and join the conversation. It ends with the team of Chris Sabin, KUSHIDA and Matt Sydal seemingly ready to team again as they did in the inaugural KAIZEN Trios Championship tournament.




A video package highlighting the great talents of EPW is played as we head towards the joint-PPV between KAIZEN and EPW, Battle On The Boulevard.




Image result for johnny gargano

In the main event of the night, David Finlay Jr, Johnny Gargano, and Ilja Dragunov face off in a triple threat match to decide who will face Hiroshi Tanahashi for the EPW Elite Championship at the Battle On The Boulevard PPV. Ultimately, Gargano is able to overcome the odds but doesn't act like his usual self, seemingly affected by his involvement with Lio Rush's darkness that we saw last week. Meanwhile, as David Finlay Jr walks to the back, the lights go out and when they come back on, the two masked men who have appeared over the previous weeks have replaced where Finlay was stood whilst Finlay is nowhere to be seen.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

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Image result for alex shelley and kushida

Kicking off the show, the KAIZEN Trios Champions, BXC Uprising, take to the ring with a couple of things to address. The three men proclaim that Daniel Bryan may like to think that he's leading the charge but it's truly the KAIZEN Trios Champs that will lead KAIZEN Wrestling to prove they are the superior Los Angeles promotion. They then announce that they will defend their titles against three of EPW's finest at Battle On The Boulevard but to their surprise, they are interrupted by the team of Chris Sabin, KUSHIDA & Matt Sydal, known as Air City Time Splitters. ACTS challenge BXC Uprising to a title match next week and Uprising accept.



Image result for NJPW championships

The owner and founder of KAIZEN Wrestling, Alex Shelley, is backstage in his office from where he announces that tonight's main event will see the KAIZEN World Champion, Daniel Bryan, go one on one with the EPW Elite Championship #1 Contender, Johnny Gargano. Furthermore, tonight will conclude KAIZEN's half of the Battle On The Boulevard tournament. Finally, Shelley announces that the KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Championship, the KAIZEN Trios Championship, and the TETSUJIN Openweight Championship will all be defended next week.




Related image

In an extremely brutal encounter to decide one of the four finalists of the Battle On The Boulevard tournament, Kota Ibushi and Samoa Joe go to war. In the end, Samoa Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch and wins via TKO as Ibushi refuses to tap out but instead is put to sleep.

Winner: Samoa Joe



Image result for lio rush blackheart

Johnny Gargano is by himself backstage preparing for his main event matchup later on tonight. Suddenly, the lights go out and from the darkness, Lio Rush emerges. He reminds Gargano that he has been given a blessing and shouldn't forget that he is therefore in debt to Rush.




Image result for alberto el patron

Two men who are both well-experienced in pro wrestling and MMA collide as Alberto El Patron and Bobby Lashley go one on one in KAIZEN Wrestling's second semi-final match of the Battle On The Boulevard tournament. Alberto El Patron picks up arguably his biggest victory in KAIZEN Wrestling as it's confirmed that he and Samoa Joe will represent KAIZEN Wrestling in the Battle On The Boulevard finals.

Winner: Alberto El Patron



Image result for jushin thunder liger

A video package is played, showcasing the illustrious, revolutionary and legendary career of the great Jushin Thunder Liger. It also highlights Jushin Thunder Liger's victory to become the first ever KAIZEN Junior Heavyweight Champion and how he has continued to successfully defend the title since then, proving that he does still have it.



Image result for johnny gargano

In the main event, the KAIZEN World Champion, Daniel Bryan, takes on the #1 contender to EPW's Elite Championship, Johnny Gargano, who continues to act out of character, still affected by his interaction with Lio Rush. However, it pays off for Gargano as this new found darkness leads him to defeating the KAIZEN World Champ!

Winner: Johnny Gargano

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